Monday, August 24, 2015

[Review] Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes by SkinSoul

Saw a lot of brand over market regarding Make Up Remover Towelettes nowadays, but recently I had tried SkinSoul's Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes, and tell you I'm super in love with it.

This special towelettes effectively clear away all the traces of dirt, oil and make up gently. You definitely will obtain fresh skin just by one simple step. Natural oil of this towelettes dissolved go deep into the pore to remove all clogging impurities without overdrying our skin, but soothing our skin but nutritive oil as well as secure hydration.

Specially thanks to SkinSoul for introducing this magical facial towelettes! Before this I'm going to let you know all their

Natural Active Ingredients:
- 4 types of Essential Oils
- 4 types of Antioxidants
- 3 types of Hydrating and Sooting Ingredients

- The ultimate in cleansing convenience - remove impurities and make up just in 1 step
- Cleanse skin without stripping away moisture effectively
- Freshens up our skin
- Enrich our skin with nourishing essential oil, and hydrating

After long long day outing, it's time for me to remove my make up!

I had applied CC cream, eyeliner, lip sticks, and eye brows. Previously I always use make up remover in oil form to remove the entire face, end up sometimes I will get few acne for the next day. Yeah make up remover in oil form can easily cause pores filled up with dirt and oil.

Let's see how's effective is this Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes work.

It is nicely sealed up. Yeah, it is very moist as well as soft. Love the feeling of touching this ultra-soft facial towelettes by SkinSoul.

For eye area full of water proof and mascara, I will place the towelettes for awhile by tapping on my eyes. After awhile, just wipe it gently at your eye area.

You will feel the softness and cleanness after towelettes wipes ;)

Can you see the different? My skin become super soft without make up *wee wee!* Let's see what's showing up on the towelettes?

After 1st and 2nd wipes, I did 3rd wipe to double confirm no more make up on my skin ;)

Okay now I had confirm that my skin is free of make up and dirts! No wonder I feel so fresh and moist as well after wipes with towelettes!

Comment: I love this towelettes so much. Definitely will kept it for my daily usage as it keep my skin away from acne (my fav skincare now :P), clear my make up easily (no need to scrub everytime after use oil make up remover), and I feel it works like MASK (make my skin condition better and better)! 

*This is the item that I will re-purchase again :P*

Before I end this post, GOOD NEWS I want to SURPRISE to all my readers:

- Free Trial Skincare set (worth RM100) with purchase above RM100 at SkinSoul outlet
- Purchase full set of SkinSoul SkinShield Traveling set only at RM388
- Purchase 2 SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes and walk away with a limited edition (not for sale) SkinSoul lip balm


More information:

60 Wipes
Price: RM58/-


  1. this Skin Soul wipes I read a lot every where... I really would like to try it out myself... got to wait till my current makeup remover finished... hehehe

  2. It was a really worth to buy and use! Still using it everyday and I love its smell and packaging so much!

  3. I love this sooooo much!
    I use it everyday and the result superb!

    Kolin zainal

  4. It is really good in removing makeup! Love it a lot.

  5. ur face looks shiny and clean dear! <3 seriously love this face wipes

  6. This face wipes is really a good product! Plan to buy it after this. haha

  7. love this facial towelettes very much, I went travel also bringing it along. Hope they can consider making 10pcs in a pack.

  8. Should get this one and add it into my stash. Seems pretty effective in removing make up :)

  9. I've heard so much about this, but haven't got the opportunity to try it myself. Huuhuuuu. :(

  10. now where did i see this.. i could have sworn I saw this product on at least 3 other places. hehe.

    Nevertheless, my comments are of almost similar line, that i'm highly impressed with the way it effortlessly removes makeup with easy swipes and wipes.

  11. Wow! This facial wipe very useful & convenience to use. It's much easier compared to make up remover. Worth to buy! Cheers,SiennyLovesDrawing

  12. Skinsoul seems to be trending recently ey? Read lots of good reviews on it, but it is not available at my side yet!

  13. Also using this! Current fav product!

  14. i love this towelettes too, ya more like small towel than wet wipes and even can use as mask ,that's really versatile.

  15. Oh my, the towelettes have been raved by many bloggers! I guess it's a superb item! <3

  16. Heard so much about this brand, it seems so easy and effortless to clean the face using their towelettes, will try it soon!

  17. These wipes are so easy to use ! I should get some for myself :D

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