Monday, August 31, 2015

[Review] Skin Shield™ Skincare Range by SkinSoul

Again, I'm going to introduce you guys a brand new brand - SkinSoul, their Skincare Range - Skin Shield™! Again, thanks for generous SkinSoul for letting us to try out them out :D

Here're them. Total of 5 bottles of travel set of this Skin Shield™ Skincare.

(i) Hydra-Purifying Cleanser
  • It comes with skin vitamins and minerals from Ashitaba which grown organically and enriched with daisy flower extracts, which is all-natural formulation cleanses thoroughly. 
  • It cleanse with gentle, white brightening as well as moisturizing skin for pearly and translucent glow.

(ii) Hydrating, Energizing & Pore Refining Lotion
  • Laden with skin calming, moisturizing and purifying benefits sourced from purest Ashitaba extracts. 
  • This lotion gently whisks away impurities and oils that clog inside the pores and lead to skin breakouts and blemishes.
  • It lets the skin stay moist after cleansing routine, and minimize pores, giving smooth and healthy skin! Add on restored skin's PH! :D

(iii) Lift & Bright Serum
  • This serum beneficial for ageing group and it is infusing nutrients into the deepest layers of the skin to help restoring skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Active substance - polyphenols and flavonoids in Ashitaba play a role in preventing the progression of damage from free radicals and environment aggressors - Sun UV. 
  • Natural ingredients combined with potent blends of bio actives, as well as peptides and essential collagen to replenish lost moisture for a supple, fair and firmly lifted skin.

(iv) 12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream (SPF50) - Contains of 12 types of benefits of skincare.
  1. Hydrates and protect skin
  2. Unifies complexion
  3. Brightens up skin
  4. Evens out skin tone
  5. Conceals and corrects blemishes
  6. Fights the signs of ageing
  7. Protects skin from UV rays
  8. Strengthens skin health
  9. Soothes skin irritation
  10. Fends off free radicals
  11. Stimulates skin rejuvnation
  12. Imparts radiant glow to facial countenance

(v) Night Cream
  • Known as renewal cream works overnight by depositing encapsulated retinol in precise concentration and timed-release to the innermost layers of the skin to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, refine enlarged pores, correct blemishes and improve damage skin condition.

I divided them to Day-Care and Night-Care. Let's start!


4 of them included hydra-purifying cleanser, hydrating energizing and pore-refining lotion, lifts and bright serum and lastly 12 in 1 suncare day cream.

Yeap, I will wash my face, next is applying lotion, then serum and lastly suncare. Suncare comes with SPF 50 which it will helps in blocking UV rays in day time.

Because sometimes we always forgot to applied on the sun block, so I will packed a small size sun block like this inside my bag! UV rays fasten skin's ageing process as well as darken it and killing all the good cells. 

This is the Before and After after applied the suncare by SkinSoul. Definitely more radiant and fairer compare to Before. (Remember to use make up remover to remove it at the end of the day ya!*)


Contain of hydra-purifying cleanser, hydrating energizing and pore-refining lotion and lastly night cream! Then lastly, have a beauty sleep! :D

Let's start! ;)

Seriously, I love their night cream because I felt my skin very bouncy after applied it on, it's told me that it's time for repairing your skin after whole day work! :')

It's time for BED.

Oops before I sleep, I'm still going to share the Good News of SkinSoul to my readers.

- Free Trial Skincare set (worth RM100) with purchase above RM100 at SkinSoul outlet
Purchase full set of SkinSoul SkinShield Traveling set only at RM388
Purchase 2 SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes and walk away with a limited edition (not for sale) SkinSoul lip balm


Grab Skin Shield™ Skincare Range now at SkinSoul Outlets, there's a brand new branch at Mid Valley now! As there's dramatic transformation proven within 1 hour of use!

Suitable for all types skin, except
lift & bright serum (Targeting Ageing skin, not suitable for acne skin as it will trigger all the pimples*)


  1. Wah, the radiance after you apply is wow!! Make me want to buy and try it out for myself!

  2. The skincare from Skin Soul really works on you. Just can't resist it

  3. Sounds like it's worth a try. Have been looking for the "perfect" skin care range but always let me down after using a few times.

  4. hehe.. yeah my favorite travel kit too. I am bring this for balik kampung also.

  5. nice outlet! look premium and classy. Oh! I have been commenting about this brand a lot few weeks ago. They really go all out to most bloggers. Love the travel size items.

  6. I'm loving this travelling set.. So nice and convinient to bring around..

  7. YOur skin really looks very radiant and bright after using it. I think their products are really becoming very popular these days.

  8. Your skin is so flawless my dear :D Love their day cream so much! :D

  9. Awh Jac you look so happy in the photos :) Heard a lot about the brand online, sounds like a worthwhile try :)

  10. Wow, heard a lot about skinsoul recently! Is it the most popular brand in msia right now?

  11. Nice classy outlet of Skinsoul : ) I am really tempting to buy a travel kit from them : )

  12. My favourite is the suncare! Its like instant fairer skin :D

  13. I tried out those products as well. Love the day cream.

  14. I haven't tried the brand but they sounds awesome!

    do drop by... GreenStory

  15. sounds like a great product, i think the day cream definitely is a must buy the fact it has so many benefits in 1 and really works

  16. I love this range of the product! Day Cream was the best! hehe

  17. So far I'm only using their cjello. Hmmm...this looks good too.

  18. If tak habis please bagi saya haha !

  19. Heard so much about this brand, would love to try it out also :)

  20. I love their products a lot. But the price range is not cheap eh.

  21. you look cute with that naked face :D


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