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How I Change Myself from TEENAGE to NOW

When talking about TEENAGE, it is kinda sad to mention about it, as I'm not looking nice AT ALL - dark skin, fat & my face full of pimples. Believe or not I am 78kg when I was 17 years old!

I've been bullied all the time during secondary school because I'm looking not nice, even they laugh on me when I sit like a man, scold by them when I'm eating a piece of chocolate? And the saddest part is I don't have real friends,  (none until Form 6 and University) maybe I'm too ugly?

Nah, story doesn't end here, until I went to National Service (NS) on 2006, I met a bunch of new friends from West Malaysia. They're so nice to me, as they teach me a lot of tips on how to take care of myself!

Try to guess which one is me? LOL

When I was 14 years old, I still have no idea of how to take care of my own skin, as maybe I grown up in rural area, and I'm the eldest sister among all siblings. I have NO elder sister who can teach me how to take care of my skin as how I teach my both younger sisters now. I still remembered I only use body soap to wash my face, without using a proper cleanser. I knew my face getting worse & my body size getting bigger, but I have no idea why I still can stand of it, perhaps I had give up on my own. Sobs.

Thanks to that bunch of NS friends that give me a lot a lot of tips on taking care of myself. Until now we still contact each other from Facebook, as technology damn high nowadays. Most importantly I decide to change myself to more pretty look! How? Here're the tips:

1. Use face & body sunblock

Because of National Service, we always exposed to heavy sunlight which can lead me to dark skin. So need avoid UV sunlight as it can actually cause skin cancer as UV light. However due to training purposes for NS, we all still need to marching and do outdoor activities under hot sun. T.T

Yeah, soon or later I got myself SUN-BLOCK for my body as well as for my face. You can get yourself by buying sunblock which come with SPF 30-50++ for protecting yourself from hot sun! Until today I still maintain this good habit, because once my skin become dark, it is so hard for me to get my skin back to normal skin tone.

Until now I still manage to maintain my habit for keeping a sunblock inside my bag! Thanks to dear SUN for not giving me any sunburn all these while.

2. Use proper skincare

They also teach me HOW TO SOLVE PIMPLES PROBLEM which bother me the most! Pimples make me lost confident and fall into depression. It almost happen to everyone of us during teenage period. Unless they're having very strong gene that wouldn't grow pimples from their family history :P

They're introducing me the famous teenager skincare product - Clean & Clear! On the weekend itself, I remembered I bought myself Clean & Clear cleanser only because of my limited budget. Yeah, I started my skincare daily routine with only cleanser. Soon or later, I bought myself a toner too, and yes my skin getting better and better!

Until today I notice there're a New Range of Clean & Clear, which are CleanseTone & Moisturize. Oops, I'm actually missed out the step of Moisturize when I was teenage! Never mind, I will share again on how to do a proper care on these:

Step 1: Cleanse
Step 2: Tone
Step 3: Moisturize

Felt so much refreshing after using my teenage skincare! And most importantly Bye Bye PIMPLES ;D

3. Proper diet

After skincare, they also teach me how to have proper diet, as on that time, I only know reducing rice and noodle intake can reduce weight indirectly. I have no idea on what need to eat on daily basic. BTW I manage cut from 78kg to 58kg, within 2 years.

However I gain back 5kg after that. Oops! >.<'' Some of them saying I'm gaining muscle actually. But I need to study on my diet plan over and over again.

Seriously I'm still learning how to have a proper meal everyday! For example I will had 1/4 on carbs intake, 1/4 on protein intake and 2/4 on vegetables intake for my lunch (I will reduce my carbs intake on night*). Fruits I will put it on morning as high glucose inside the fruits can give full energy to kickstart your day!

I will blog about my recent changes on my daily meal, pls stay tune!

It's gonna be a very long post if I want to type out each food I ate everyday. But do check out how I prepare my Healthy Oatmeal earlier!

So, let see BEFORE & AFTER. Shared this photo on FB last year and a lot people still cannot believe RIGHT photo was me! I will keep my effort on to inspire more people surrounding me :)

Without that bunch of buddies from NS,  I'm sure I won't be having such flawless skin & slim body today!

I'm totally blessed with what I have today! Thanks God for giving me such a meaningful teenage memories, without my past, I won't be a Beauty Blogger today, to share out that Everyone Can Be Beautiful as long you don't give up!


  1. so slim compared to last time!!! <3333 look much more better

  2. i was very dark also during my NS time. Hehe

  3. Wow... Your changes is so drastic... I bet those boys you knew back then would fall over themselves if they see you now... Hehehe

  4. Omg! So different of you before and after : ) Your great effort of taking good care of your life, pay you back with a great appearance : )
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  5. You looks prettier and prettier and prettier... So nice!!!~~

  6. You look lovelier now. :) like from a bud of flower to a full bloom.

  7. hehe. time fly yeah. You look the same just hair style :D

  8. from pretty to even prettier! :D

  9. Looking pretty. Great tips!
    Add in exercise a bit =)

  10. It's sad that you were bullied just because people didn't think you were pretty in high school, I think you perfect even back then!

  11. Hi dear! great transformation for the better you! You are look lovely even back then.

  12. good sharing on what it takes to be look good and feel good!

  13. WAH!! I actually guessed the one in center was u but I was still contemplating with the girl on the right side... But seriously major before & after! U look good back then and now too! Those who bullied u were jealous la ofcos... But hey, u're doing better without them now right!

  14. Wow!!!
    You have changed a lot!!!
    I just started to use moisturizer this year and I can see the huge difference for my face~~~
    Should start to apply moisturizer earlier ~

  15. Theres a lot of difference! You still look really pretty before, but now with proper care of your skin you look way better and younger too. (ironically) haha. i guess its really important to start taking care of our skin

  16. Wow!! When you are young, looked cute, and your now, looked gorgeous!! ^^

  17. Very slim now dear! Hehe. Good to hear you are taking care of your complexion now before it's too late. Keep it up! :)

  18. Great products! I have been using Clean & Clear quite some time also, and I like their toner :)

  19. Yay so much prettier now!! We girls really have to put in extra effort to improve our looks!

  20. pretty as always! I love clean & clear products is super great

  21. you know got chinese word 女大十八变! you are actually one of it! hehe Looks much prettier now with clean and clear <3

  22. No la, O don't believe you were 78kg... judging from the photo that you showed.


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