Saturday, August 15, 2015

[Review] éPure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser

Received éPure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser from MUFFIN last month. Check out them as they're Asia Largest Beauty Review Community! Do sign up now to earn your first 500 points (Can redeem free products yo! :P)

Actually I plan to review it last month but I got too much stuff need to do wtf T.T Working life is damn hectic but luckily I got my blog to be my stress reliever! 

Yeah, come back to éPure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser. I was quite sensitive to cleanser actually, but I kinda surprise I'm suitable for this product! Until now I'm still using it for my daily skin care routine. Let's seee!

This cleanser have a high performance SOAP-FREE cleanser derived from amino acid, hyaluronic acid, honey extract & XERADIN™, which is a highly active substance with a 24-hour lasting moisturizing effect on your skin! It also eliminates impurities and make up effectively!

Your skin definitely will become refreshing clean, soft without tightness feeling after washing it, as well as giving better absorption of skincare nutrients.

Benefits of éPure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser:

- Deep cleanse and remove make without stripping off the skin
- Non drying and irritating formulation
- Nourishes and refreshes skin
- Provide anti-oxidant and skin lightening
- Makes skin cell younger
- Suitable for ALL type of skin, including my SENSITIVE skin :P
- Soap + alcohol + fragrance FREE

The texture is milky and super soft. BTW just press a little bit (1 press) then it can create lots of bubbles that it is more than enough to wash whole face :)

After mix with water, it become bubbly.

Actually the bubble disappear quite fast, actual pic got a lot of bubble, but when I grabbed my camera, then half of the bubble gone -,-

My face in milky milky colour. Good news about this cleanser is it can balances the skin tissues moisture level by retaining its natural protective flim. That's make it suitable for young kids until elderly ppl (8 - 80 years old! woots!)*

Yeap, again, remember to give gentle massage in circulation motion on your face to make sure those dust or dirt on your face can be remove effectively! Then rinse it with water, until your face is clean. Apply your daily skincare products as usual.

Comment: I personally love this cleanser because it gives no irritation, less imbalance color spot, and most importantly it make my skin better! My bf also having less acne after using this awesome cleanser.

But sometimes I felt my skin secrete oil on the end of the day, might be due to skin over dryness. I would suggest to bring along your moisturizer spray all the time to keep our skin hydrated as most of us actually working under air con, like me :P

Volume: 100ml
Price: RM59.90

You can get it at major online skincare shop like Hermo, Lazada etc etc! Any questions just drop me comment ya! Happy reading ;)

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