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[Review] GP-28 & Detox System by Totalife

Introducing Totalife, a brand which can bring Live Life to the Fullest! As Mr. Frederick Ng, Executive Director of Totalife M'sia & S'pore, said that life is like a river, if you jump into the river of life without ever really deciding where you end up. So in a short period of time, get caught up in the 'current', which means current challenges of life!

Thanks Totalife for inviting us for Special Preview - Revolutionary Genetic Breakthrough in Weight Management for the past 2 weeks, attending with lifestyles & beauty bloggers.

Totalife having 5 type of systems, which is Top Star Products are - GP-28 known as GenePower-28 in Weight Management and another one is Detox Nutrition System which is expel toxins infuse nutrition to the key of ultimate health. 

Before we enter to the Special Review room, we will asked to check our weight and body fat! My weight is 63kg and fat is 26%. OMG I have decided to work harder on my diet and exercise plan! 

But first we enjoy our desserts before entering, having nice food then only got enough energy for slimming & detox lol, selfie with buddy Joelle Ng :D

After that, the Special Preview start with Mr Nic Lim speech.

As he mentioned, obesity nowadays is getting worse, especially on growing country. No matter from child, adult and also elderly. Report shows that in the year of 2014, there're 19 billion of people found to be overweight. 

As a lot of high technology which convenient us a lot, such as lift, elevator and hence not much people want to use stair case, except for emergency. Am I right? 

After telling us the fact of obesity and reports for the past few years by Mr Nic, next one presented by a Taiwan Nutritionist. She gonna let us know the details of product - GenePower-28 which is the most awaiting part of the Special Review of Totalife!

For example, actually toxic can cause heart attack, obesity, cancer, allergy, high blood pressure, joint pain and so on.

Yeah, but FIRST we need to clean our colon and internet organ by Detox, so that we can live free with radicals and toxin! Then, our body only can progress easily with slimming!

There're 2 types of program. Let's go into details :)

1. Detox Nutrition System
It gives your body a healthy start through intestinal cleansing and detoxification. 

Step 1 - Digest (Total Biozyme)
Infused with Botanical Beverage Mix Pineapple with Enzyme
Step 2 - Balance (Total Green Fiber)
Botanical Beverage Mix Lemon with Psyllium Husk
Step 3 - Detox (Total BioKind)
Cultured Beverage Mixed Yogurt with Corn Fiber Powder
Step 4 - Reduction (Total Drink)
Refreshing Orange Fruit Drinks

2. GenePower-28
Revolutionary Genetic Breakthrough in weight management.

Step 1: TDS (Fat Burning)
- Soy milk, mocha and apple flavors for satisfying your taste buds
- 58 types of balanced nutrition
- Whey amino acids
- Low GI
- Fat suppression polyphenols
- Fat elimination factors
- Metabolism factors

Step 2: GeneUp (Regulation)
- Roselle polyphenols
- Plant-based peptides

Step 3: Lipokleen A (Metabolism)
- Contain salmon fish oil, rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids: DHA & EPA
- Vitamin E acts as fat soluble antioxidant
- Energise cell, convert nutrition into energy as well as boost up body metabolism

Step 4: Fittache (Detoxification)
- Reduce 35% calories absorption from food sources
- High in Fiber
- Neutralise and eliminate excessive fat

They're also doing 2 experiments on Totalife Products. 

1.  Total BioKind - probiotics can live in hot temperature.

 2. Fittache and Total Green Fiber can eliminate oil effectively.

Pouring oil and fittache & green fiber together. Let's see after result!

The oil dropped!! Hence, it can eliminate excessive oil out from body! :D

Beside that, GP-28 stimulating the longevity gene to effectively to regulate 5 types of obesity people - Water Drop Body Shape, Doughnut Body Shape, Apple Body Shape - Carbohydrate Metabolic Obesity, Apple Body Shape - Fat Metabolic Obesity and lastly Pear Body Shape. It contain advance-4-step-bio-technology health management whereby Exercise - 20%, Food Intake - 40%, Detox 20% and Gene 20%.

Okay, now my turn to try out together with GP-28 + Detox program for 3 days trial!

After 10 mins for arrange all these products according to the plan given by Totalife consultant, here're they! Only 3 real meals for these 3 days!

Today is the 3rd day and I'm survived! Lost 1kg +- for these 3 days.

Comment: You need to drink a lot a lot of water because our body need water for detoxification! If not you will feel throat dry or even sore throat like me, but for 2nd day after I drank a lot of water, no more sore throat!

BTW the price is a bit pricey and you're still keen to try it out, then you can get their free sample to try it out first :P Have fun everyone!

Before I end this post, GOOD NEWS to my readers, just with 4 simple steps!

1. Submit Google Form (
2. Enter code (TOTALIFE010)
3. Totalife will email to you and come over Totalife Malaysia HQ to redeem the GP28 goodies bag and free to do OBG test.
4. You can walkaway GP28 goodies bag worth RM54!

Happy reading! Any question don't hesitate to comment below or email me :D

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  1. I wish to be diet! Thanks for your info on the products. I'll check it at their website!

  2. I need that so much! I think I getting fat with my eating habits.

    Kolin zainal

  3. Ohhhh i need this so much! Thanks for your sharing dear :)

  4. wah, kudos to you for trying this out and it actually works! haha. Is the taste of the drinks bearable? I know some detoxification drinks taste really bad :/

  5. desserts before detox, good sentence hehe :P

  6. Detox is a necessity especially with the amount of junk that we consume in the form of processed food. Coupled with our lack of sleep etc...detox is a must!

  7. Great event ya!! very Informative, thanks for sharing ^^

  8. Nice writeup on the detox product! Will search around on the info! :)

  9. Hi Jacqueline, I am looking for a detox though, your sharing is useful to me : ) Thanks!
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  10. omg you are very disciplined to follow this detox program! I can't keep to any diet at all..

  11. good sharing and product here.. we all need to detox :) i'm trying the good ol' fashion 'eat damn a lot of fruits' method.

  12. Im not the best person to commit with detox drinks, but i think its very good for people who are on the go. Who even has time to cut fruit nowadays?

  13. did you actually follow strictly and skip dinner too? got any weight loss? hard to tell in 3 days eh.

  14. Oh, my friend has this weight management problem, will definitely share your post with her, hopefully the products can help solve her problem :)

  15. I look good for weight management. I am finding ways to detox too except consuming FRESHCODE.

  16. Very interesting products ! Hopefully this really does help in weight management ;)

  17. I have register and hope to win and get to try.

  18. With your arrangement... Looks easier to understand how to consume the products..

  19. Ohhh...they checked the weight first before putting you on a detox program. Not bad. Some simply recommend.

  20. Nice session with u! Hope have more change to go events with u!=)


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