Thursday, July 22, 2010

All Red~xD

Yesterday was a great night!=D
Love is red right?
Seriously!I'm very happy. 

Long time i didn't SS already!!xD

Hahah~xD how is it?

A bit fat owh~u all can c rite?=(

Yesterday i watch movie with my dear, Vinc^^
so nice and romantic!
We watch with POPCORN and SOFT DRINKS..
OMG..Feel like Heaven!xD
love this feeling so much~


This movie really nice^^
It brings a lot of jokes and teach me some moral values~
Ya, Life is tough but it fill with many funny experience that we can't predicted!
heheh, thanks dear..xD
I won't be negative minded anymore..
(i try my best..=P)

Wow..Before we went to Cinema, we go take our dinner 1st~
but meals available there..a nice and quiet place for u to rest!
it is it!

Here most famous drinks is pearl's drinks..but we didn't order..xD
coz other drinks more attracted to me..
Weird right?haha~anyway..
i will try it next time^^

Pattya fried rice..mine is sweet chicken rice..
too hungry until i ate my food..
and forgot to take photo to show u all..
No wonder Vinc always said i'm 番薯!xD
is it?sometimes i really feel like that..hahahahahhahah

this is my dear..Vinc(eat with love*)=D

some SS photos here..
Not perfect..Another eye not in..xS

Love Love Love..xD

Ya..finally this one..nice! Love this photo..

Here is some other photos..xD
Just share here..wish all my friends can sweet s honey with ur lover~
All BLISSFUL..and with loves and cares~
Now u know why i named this post as ALL RED?hahaha
Extremely red..u know?
Look like Chinese New Year(CNY)
haha..go countdown below there..
Got countdown for 2011 CNY..

This morning i cook fried MAGGIE again..
guess what is Vinc's response?
hahahahah..At first i though he will shock and refuse me to cook..
Who knows?
Today my cooking is nice..YEAH!
My cooking LEVEL return normal~xD
tonight i will cook some other nice food for u..
After he took the breakfast..He said THANK YOU..
touch~i feel so happy with it..

Prepare meals for ur love one..actually is a very BLISSFUL thing^^
Finally in my life, i found my dear..
Appreciate it very much~xD

Thanks for reading this boring blog~
heheh..wish u all enjoy it and have a nice day~!! 
Happy Go Lucky~
Try to believe it..It's really work~
God bless ya~

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