Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eclipse-The Twilight Saga

Eclipse-The Twilight Saga

Woaa~i watched this movie at 12.45am in cinema this morning!
OMG~im so sleepy now..xD
but i still can wake up at 8.20am to prepare a loving breakfast to Vinc before he go working~

But i enjoy it^^this movie tell me how strong is the power of LOVE..
i like the story, awesome!
 it shows that nothing can stop and separate a couple as long they are loving each other..
even they are from different world..
What i feel is..If u love a man/woman, you can sacrifice anything for him/her.. is so powerful until can drunk and blind anyone~
and i realize that how Vinc sacrifice for me..i'd been so touch!T^T
I appreciate everything he done for me..
No 2nd chance for u if u lost the 1st chance!=)

Edward & Bella

tell u guys something..yesterday i watch all these 3 episodes for NON-STOP!!
Vinc tell me that it is continuous, if u dunno the beginning, then better don't watch~
MUST go to watch the previous 2 episodes~

Seriously..I thought Eclipse (3rd episode) is the final episode..
But i don't think so..the ending not yet made coz Bella not married to Edward yet..
Hahaha..But hor? Vinc hope Bella married to Jacob..
Anyone agree??dont forget to drop any comment here..xD
Hohoo..I think gals always hope Bella will choose Edward right?I think so~

Ya..This movie is never going to end~xP

I'm WAITING for next the EPISODE! 
It's really a romantic, sweet, fancy, and interesting movie~
However..I wish i can know the ending as soon as possible(ASAP)^^

Have a nice day to all my dear friends^^
Be thankful always~

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