Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Long hair..i dunno want to cut it or not!=(
too long and i'm kinda lazy to take care of it, hiah..any suggestion?
cut or curl or straighten?

here is some photos..xD
capture in bf's car..look fat rite?
Tell u all..he really take good care of me until i'm so fat now..
zzz, seriously..
i don't want to take any photos now~

my skin look so poor now!=(

Dear..stop my meal start from today..xP
i cant accept my fat body now..

love this photo shooting~xD
look sexy..
(self satisfaction)

 Day by day..My HOLIDAY gonna end soon!
26 July i need to go back to my university
I dun feel want to go back..
Stress, Tension and Frustrated life gonna HUNT me!

Hiah..Happy moment always going fast..=(
Agree?Human being always like that..
pity!gonna miss my sweet memory here..
ohya, currently im at bf's house..
Miss here..cause i felt here..exactly like a home!=D

until here only nah..
plan to study awhile..playing for few days already!
my mind rest enough..xD
study hard JACQUELINE..

Try ur best all my dear friends! Nothing can beat us!
Only ourselves can beat us!
Enemies? Always look upon urself^^
Gambateh neh~@@

Have a nice day!=D

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