Monday, July 12, 2010

Here is the PHOTO~xD

What i had promise u all before~
the LANCOME original photo..want to c?
Ahha..So FAT!=(

Help me vote when the competition begin ok?
I will link the website here~xD

Tomorrow is my 1st presentation in my whole life..OMG~
So nervous until i cant really concentrate on studies..
now i just try to relax myself..
That's only i can do..T-T

Wish me all the best ya~
and i will sleep very early tonight~
give my brain a good rest..
But im still worry weather i can do well in the presentation o not?

Singing and looking around..
i cant do the thing in last minute..
USELESS..for me lah~dunno for u~xD
How How How?
All my mind thinking about the same question..
may be i should sit down n pray to God..

Ya..i need a quiet place to PRAY n TALK to God..
Long time i don't pray through my sincere heart..
I know i did a lot of sins..
About the photo..just worry after the exam and presentation pass~

Wish me luck ya~
Jacqueline Khoo..U can do it~=)


  1. thanks Kahyee^^hehehe..i get 17/20 in my presentation.. thanks for ur supporting^^