Friday, July 16, 2010

Holiday at Kuantan now =)

Finally! Finally! Finally..!
My exam END! xD
Well..i wish my exam can PASS^^

Yahoooo..But yesterday was a very tired day..
My Bf drive car from Kuantan to KL..
U know? He dunno any road at KL and yet he can find my MAHSA University College without GPS & asking people.. !! Im so impress~ Seriously, he come to find me with his 6th sense..

I'm so happy..i never think it can happen..
He give me extremely big surprise that he decided to come to KL just for helping me MOVE my things to my currently rented room..Thank you dear Vinc..
No one can replace u in my heart!! Never ever!! xD

Then we went his boss to take some working stuff back to Kuantan.. 
AGAIN..we seek the place without GPS..
Miracle happen again..
We successfully found it~xP

On the way..Vinc keep on asking me want to go GENTING for a walk?
then i reject his coz im not feeling well..
However..He knew my desire!! xD 
Finally i went there with my Hubby-Vinc..
Few months already i didn't step to GENTING land..It always crowded with tourists!
all happy and memorable scene appear in my mind..
I love it!! How u can know what im thinking????

Vinc and me..

Muacck ^.^

Miss GENTING so much..

Then? We just walk around Genting and have a meal there^^cool..
I love the weather there..
Everyone shivering..xD coz it is raining day..

After that~We drive back to Kuantan..
What a romantic journey..
I love u, dear.. thank you for giving me so much surprise..

Sunset..Bye KL..and Hi Kuantan xD
Hahaha..Wish u all have a great day and enjoy reading my blog's post...

All the best!!=)