Sunday, July 11, 2010

Holiday is coming! =)

Wow~Only left few days to HOLIDAY~
however only holiday for a week..anyway..
is enough for me to clean up my study stuff~
HOHO..isn't?T-T  Kinda suffering!
coz my next half semester will study with another cohort..

A presentation and a exam are hunting me this week!
Before i enter HOLIDAY~
i need to get rid of it!means should take good result~
HIAH~it make me damn stress!
Even sometime throw a boom to my bf..

But he still always support me..T-T
If for other ppl im sure they run away already~
coz im a hot-tempered girl~
U will know if u are my FRIEND~xD

Recently i had resist my temptation to play FACEBOOK~
Amazing right?LOL..i also cant believe i can do it!
Ya..if u believe u can do it then surely u can do it very well..
EVEN i didn't go for CLUBBING~
i dunno how long im not stepping into the BAR, DISCO, PUB, NIGHT-CLUB?? u some clubbing photos..Few months ago~xD

Kent, me , Andy

Kent, Vinc (BF), Andy, Shawn

Kent, Andy, me, Shawn fun to club there..coz alcohol can relieve u from stress n depression!
anyway..everything sure got it's own compare and contrast!
Well..IS DANGEROUS if u go there alone..
GIRL..especially..!!It happen to me~and luckily IM save by my beloved JI MUi~
After that..i meet my bf~n finally i stop this^^

If u wan to relieve ur stress..there are many ways to let u do!
Go music instruments..
traveling!have a great night with ur own family,friends or even ur beloved one^^
Life means alot..not only the negative ways!
know?and don't let ur parents disappointed on u!!

Do something that is useful in ur life^^
and appreciate every chance in ur every second..Bear in mind always!
coz chances may be not coming back at second time!
OKAY?? Have a great day today~

Girl go clubbing sure ''ban leng leng'' one~xD right?

And wish me good luck in my coming presentation exam~xD

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