Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yesterday i having bad fever~
Shivering and felt myself so hot..Feeling ache anywhere in my body~
Cannot walk some more..=(
Luckily i'm with Vinc..He took good care of me~
And now can consider i'm fully recovered!
Thanks Vinc~(*Loves)

I know he worried me so much..
Soon i need to go back KL and start another half semester..
Feel so LAZY to study~
I know..NO ONE love study~xD

Anyway..i need to fight for my future..
In HOKKIEN: Boh Bian (No choice)
If not i need to go back kampung(Village) and plant vegetables..xD
study SMART + study HARD = success!!

Now i fall in LOVE with a song!=D
Means..MISS you not because of Loneliness..
Love this lyrics so much~!!
Sing by many singers~I love T.R.Y sing one!

No photos already~add some old photos~xP

That time is at KL..xD
He bring me go KL on the University Registration day~

That's all from today!=)
God bless you all and believe the POWER of prayer~
It's work~^^
Ohya! Thank you for help me VOTE~I wish i can win~
Thanks again..Appreciate it so much~

Have a Nice Day!!

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