Sunday, July 25, 2010

100 days!!=D

100days already!
I cant believe that TIME pass like light~
We just having a sweet dinner and watch movie together..
Seriously, it is so sweet for me!=)

My dear and me~xD

I'm appreciate what he done for me, as no one can replace him in my heart..
So scare to lost him one day~
then no people gonna take care and loves me~
I'm so lucky coz i met him..
and we become couple now..
I wish this can be continue until we get into marriage life!=)

Yummy..but i really dunno what is it~xD

The fantastic water~xD really funny!

SS here~
I love this photo, for more photo go FB and c~xP
I love you, Vinc! Only u~

Tomorrow begin my new life~
Yeah! Wish me luck ya~all the best for u all~
and again, help me vote~xD

Have a nice day!!

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