Friday, July 2, 2010

Unpleasant Day~T.T


What a busy day~T.T
Today woke up at 8smth, then rush directly to the class~
when i was reaching there,no students are there!!

Then i just realize, time table there is written 10am class~
Forget about it..then i went to library and reading story book..
OMG~my 1st time in my life--reading ENGLISH novel~
Big challenge ever!!haha~

I was reading the KEEPING FAITH which wrote by JODI PICOULT
Interesting!!but quite a thick book~

After that, buddy-->LYNN and me went to library to complete our research paper!!
It is really a tough time to cope with it~
Everything going so fast and im hoping that we could have more than 24 hours in our daily life!!haha~!!
Want to see the sunset scene at MAHSA University College?
I dunno why i will capture it down~
maybe it look nice and romantic once i saw it^^

How is it??gorgeous!!

but i really dislike the life over here due to my rude and dunno what is respect with immoral roommates!!
But soon i will move out~WOWOW~

cant really wait for it!!
Haha~then i will able to cook, study with my ah soh even my jie jie~
SISTERS!~im going to meet and with u soon~

Nah~this is Teck Haw and Zhi Yun Wedding!~ that i mention in my previous post..extremely nice~i wish one day it could be my turn~
all the best for them~God bless~

for my dear~
Im so sorry that i cant make my time with you..
after 16 JULY~all my time only for u k?

I miss you alot also~seriously..
Wish me luck and pray for me~im always there for you..

OMG~my dear and me..i dun make up at all~
my hubby said..
seriously..i love to make ugly if i dun cover my face with mask~LOL
but he said nvm~thanks hubby~
No1 ever say this to me..only you~
I love you~xD

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