Friday, July 16, 2010

Joey's Birthday~xD

Wooaa~Joey's birthday^^
CCJJJ group celebrate Joey's birthday at THE GARDEN-Sushi Zanmai~
J-Jacqueline (Me)
--> That's how our group name created~xD

Many delicious SUSHI available there!!

OMG~ Saliva Dropps*

This pea?? Don't look it so common..It taste so nice~!!xP Must try~

Sakura XXX?? Sorry~ Forgot the name already~xD

LOL~small sushi with eggs roll inside..

Yummy.. but hor? i dunno how to enjoy Japan food..ZzzzZ~
Coz i don't eat seafood unless u can take the 'sea smell' away~xD then i want to eat~That's why my dear always suffer with me..cant eat SEAFOOD!

That's why..everytime go to SUSHI XXXXX shop...Im always order Japan Chicken Rice! =(

Food show END..=)
Now let us check out what funny photos when celebrating Joey's birthday..
That days was a awesome day!
Everyone so nice and we got make up~xD
but except for guy lah..

This is Chris..Funny face..xD

Left- Joey, Right-Christy..
Yum Yum..their face damn cute..=D

Hahah..Who is behind u Christy? Look like American Guy..LOL

Left-Jocelyn, right- Me..Do u all feel im getting fater?

Play with chopstick..xS

I dunno y Chris name s owner and Jocelyn name s pet..??
so i help them take a snap shot..LOL
this photo kindly name as OWNER-PET..

Cutie Christy..Yum Yum xD

Yaa!! Here is leng lui..JOEY!! today is her 19th birthday~

Hahahahhaa~ So funny..
Jocelyn and me..xD SS by us..

After that we walk around Mid Velly again^^What a great DAY!!

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