Sunday, August 15, 2010

Darsh's 21 years old birthday~

Yesterday was Darsh's 21 years old birthday~
It is fun and memorable!

Standing from left: Me, Kelvinah, Ai Yean, Prema, Michelle, Darshi(Princess of the day) Sania, Joycelyn
Squat from left: Li Luan, Christy, Chris, Ian, Andrew~
We all from Cohort 4, April intake~xD

Some group photos here~
All look so happy! =) 
All look nice here!xD

Friend photo shoot!xD
Christy and me~xD

Ai Yean and Michelle~

Li Luan and Kelvinah~

Again~is Christy and me myself~
Michelle and the princess, Darsh..

Ai Yean and me~xD

Andrew and Ian..

What r they doing? Tackle indian guys is it?LOL

See 2 funny face?LOL..xD

Darsh and me~=D
She is the star, so pretty!

Random photos here~
Aiks~what im doing now?

Ai Yean is selling bags!! LOL


Look nice rite?

The present we gave to Darsh yesterday~xD

Going back finally~
Enjoy the indian food~xD
All tasty!! Yummy~ but i still bear in mind what my dear had told me before..
Must control my diet and drinks~
Coz i'm kinda dunno control myself one~

See?so nice~anyway, i need to control~
No cold food and drinks~
It will affect my health badly~

Okay~that's all from today~
Long time didn't snap leng leng photos le~hahahha
Have a nice day all my friends~!!xD

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