Friday, August 13, 2010

Orientation with Senior Cohort 3 tired today!
Being played by my Senior Physiotherapy Cohort 3..xD
At first i really dun wan to participate coz im not really feeling well..
Anyway..U know?
My name has been called at very FIRST~
OMG..I need to although it is tired..

I cannot leave my team and no team work..right?
We have 5 stations to go..
and finally we get 1st runner up~
LOL..we win a bottle of PEPSI soft drink and also sweets..
This is not important lah for me..
What i learn today is..

Cooperation within the team will get good result!
and actually everyone is nice to talk..
Just maybe they physically look fierce but in actual..
They are so nice and talk-active!
Glad to meet them all..
INCLUDE memorizing all the senior's name..
It is fun and interesting!

Okay lah..u know i painted with water colour on my face..
some more pouring the water~
and we need to guess the colour and remember many things..
it is the greatest orientation i ever been!

Thanks all my seniors!
Have a nice day and weekend~
yesterday i found my old pic..nice?taken last year dec..xD

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