Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life in Uni~

We need to regconize where is our bones, muscle and ligaments..
What to do?i choose this profession~T-T

Jocelyn with her cute PEACE..

Christy is enjoying her Choki Choki~

LOL~same to Joey~xD original face really cannot see so i dun put my face here~
LOL~sorry about that~
Ya~!! Here is the Choki Choki~xD
damn nice and cheapest chocolate among all also~
It make me think back of childhood~

After class we normally gossiping at the canteen..
Although not much varieties for me to choose..but i can said that my canteen's food consider good already consider to other cafe~

Up to here for this topic..
Hope my Uni life is full of memories!

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