Thursday, August 5, 2010

Days with my beloved^^'s been long time i didn't update for my blog...
Too busy with my studies..
YES!! I had dedicate to discipline myself successfully!!
Really appreciate the support from my dear, and all my lovely friends that give a lot of good advice~xD

Actually this is last week photo shooting!x{
But really don't have enough time to extract out~xD
Hehe~this 2 photos look similar~xD

This photo look sexy~

I love this photo the most..but hor? the stuff behind the back sit..
MESSY lo~Dear..u didn't clean ur car??

With my lovely hubby~^^
MISS HIM a lot..hope can meet him soon!
Muacks~ dress too sexy and short..
And night time we go shopping at Mega Mall..and bought a cute teddy bear t-shirt!
I love it so much..
Seriously, hehehe..Thanks dear~xD
Change jor le..xD
Pink colour shirt~Hehe,actually that night we are going to Datuk's house for His Celebration~
Unfortunately..i ate and drink too much alcohol and end with sleep in car..
Again, he worried till dunno what to do.
Love his funny action..
Feel so caring~

Haha..Tiger beer promoter keep on fill my glass until drunk~@@
Now i only know i dunno how to control myself~ ware when u are drinking alone..It is dangerous!
Some insane or maybe mad man might spot u for the all the time..
Thanks for my hubby, for his non-stop caring~xD

Some random photos here~
Taken at Datuk's house~

Nice?pretty??xD all from Kuantan itself~

Bah Kut Teh~Very famous at Kuantan..
Miss it so much~so tasty~babe!

Famous Amos!!
not 1 pack nia..2 pack with other junk food that i love~
U know? I take it as my breakfast!!
Dear..u cannot treat me like pig lah..
Will fat one..anyway..thanks^^
Feel so blissful~Loves and Hugs for u dear~

Have a nice day all my babe friends~!!


  1. so envy... me n my bb cant like tat.... family family... haiz.... dear dun drink 2 much alcohol la.... letter ur belly hehehehe......

  2. thanks. =)
    I wish everyday i can be with him. Wish you happy always ya! with your honey. God bless babe!