Monday, August 9, 2010

Day with F&N

Last Weekend..
I have a awesome day with Christy, Jocelyn and also my Honey, Vinc..
hehehe..we went Bukit Bintang..
Unpredicted, some events are organize there..
Place is fully crowded..

let u all see the every scene there..
it is so nice!! All ORANGE..
the colour that give happiness to people~xD

All these capture by Vinc~xD

Playing around~it is nice!

Christy with frighten face~

Cutie Jocelyn..

Crowded with orange nice..

See the people there pump the balloon? Pity them.

Nice poses given by CJJ~xD

LOL..dunno how to describe ~xD
All look nice..HOHO~

Love these photos so much..~^^

Really a great day..and we all get free soft drinks there~All different funny games available there..
Enjoy reading my blog~
Thank you^^

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