Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pasar Ramadan..=(

I spent this wonderful weekend at Kuala Terengganu with my Vinc and his family..
Yesterday i went Ramadan with him..
Was a extremely hot day!
Hot until i dun dare and dun want to capture the scene of Ramadan under the hot sun!=(
My skin having sun burn and getting darker already..
I want whitening lotion!!

But i left it at KL hostel..>.<''
so lun zhun..
Never mind lah, as long he dun mind, i also dun care so much..
but JI MUI's wedding is near..
I need to ban leng leng also..ARH....

Every time Vinc slept until 12pm just wake up..
So normally this time i always sit in front his laptop..


Meaningless lea~hahahaha
Coz if at KL normally i wake up at 7am everyday...
Here i sleep until 8am i also cant~
I dun want my sleeping habit hunt back on me~~

I need to sing a song during my JI MUI's wedding lea~
Any suggestion?
Taylor Swift- Love Story?
Aiks, it is quite tough for me..=(
Joey, Christy & Jocelyn..
They know my singing skills..cannot reach the highest volume during singing..
especially chorus..

Loves* Sweet* With my lao gong beside me~=D

 Going back to Kuantan tomorrow morning!
Heheh..Go Ramadan later..=)
VINC..Control my food..
If not hor~ Tommorrow you will see a giant pig beside you!

Have a nice day and enjoy during PUASA season!
There are many YUMMY food available at Ramadan there..
But dun forget to drink water coz if not you will get sick easily!



  1. hehe, ur laogong car oso got de red n black devil ar.. suupaawanpaku.. =D

  2. LOL..sorry for late reply..ya! Hahha.. He love it!xD