Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unpredictable Day..

I dunno why today i felt like so LAZY..
Even i go to class also late..
Maybe i really need a good time to rest!
But my time was fully packed..=(

Who say University Life is like Honey Moon?
No..Never for me..I think~
So tough..and I really scare i'm not manage to complete this tough course!
Anyway..Believe yourself!
Nothing is impossible..

Today actually got IT test and i just noticed it 5minutes before the class start!
OMG..i thought i'm really gonna DIE today~
Perhaps i'm too lazy to do my own revision!Gosh..
However, miracle occurs!
The happiest moment i felt today..
By the way..i still left lots of presentation work haven't done yet..

It gonna make me suffer!
My class now is increase to 60 people..sure lots of competition happen!
It motivate us indirectly actually~
so is a good thing~
Ohya, point of view always be positive sure will bring lucks to u!
Pls believe it..It is real..=)

Okay..pls manage ur time properly..
U know what happen to me this morning?LOL..
i cook the Bi Hun soup at 10.55 and my class at 11.30am..
How could i finish it?
That's why im late for class today~
Luckily nothing is missed!
I meant the lecture..xD

That's all from today..Always be self-dicipline^^
You will find that life is very EASY actually~
Have a nice day my friends!
attach here with some old photos~XD

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