Monday, August 9, 2010


Days with him really sweet..
i hope it never end~
He come from Kuantan to KL to meet me up~
When he went back tears really cannot be control..
It drops..I miss him..=(

Night view of pavilion..


See what im doing?LOL
Vinc ask me go hug that tiang enough~

See what Vinc do? Bek Cek..LOL
i keep on make him angry actually..sorry my dear..
Just wanna make jokes with u..
Forgive me k?

Holding all my phones and purse..Thanks^^
Only he can do this for me..

We go eat pan mee yesterday..LOVE it!!


Dunno what face made by Vinc..Bleekk


Finish already, dear...mine lea??

SS some~Blekk..
Clean face, love it~~

Got fat jor??

With my beloved~xD

Love it^^

Capture with MY FM DJ..she is so pretty!!

Some different SS photos..
PLS give some comments here..i want to know~xD
thanks ya~
Which one nice??

LOL..thanks for reading this boring blog ya! 
Have a great day all my beloved friends~
Miss ya!

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