Friday, August 6, 2010


Now i dunno what to do~seem to be so lazy~
Gym?Facebook?Blogging?Photo shooting?Dating?Shopping?
Sleeping?or last choice..Study?Aiks..impossible for me to study one,lazy bugs all around me now..some more tomorrow is weekend~!!
i think is the best way is SLEEPING,LOL..

Now the students in my class increase to 60!! OMG..
How to study with this huge number?
I think we need a lot of cooperation and tolerance in order to have a harmony and excellent physiotherapy class..right? Many foreigners in my class~xD
Let us fight and struggle harder to become a best Physiotherapist!!
All the best..

Today we experience a different thing..Palpation! It means u need to make sure where is our bones and muscles located on which part of our body my using our hand..
Seriously, i dunno this course involved this kind of activities..Anyway,i love it!
If guys then need to take off all the clothes exclude the underwear..
in front of STUDENTS..
For me sure very shy one..but what to do?
this is the only way we use to learn..and remember something..
Only u use ur hand to palpate then u can really memorize which and where is the bones, joints, muscles locates in our body..

Ohya..for girls..Same to us..
We need to take off all the things except bra and panty~xD
But lecturer give more benefits on girls..We only need to take off in front of girls~
nice right?but i dun really want to expose my tummy to u guys to c~hahahah
coz im very fat..tummy looks like tayar u know?
so shy and distinguish..and big elephant legs~
It is the time for me to diet..

If in hydrotherapy..then we need to wear swimming suit to swimming pool to learn how the treatment process under water..actually is very interesting if you study this course~!!
After i own a flt tummy then can buy pretty and nice bikini and panty~
but for other purpose la..
-----> GO BEACH~

Okay..that's all from today...
have a blessed and peaceful day!!
Use ur time properly coz IT never wait for u~
Thank you~!!

Sunset in Pulau Perhentian, Kuala Terengganu

Some random photos here..nice scene!!

Here is some unique things we found here~xD


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