Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hiah..Tiring day!

Today im feeling so tired!
WOMEN sickness is hunting me..Feel so ill and weak..
Some more today is my IT presentation and test..
ONE word describe it--> BAD

I dun think im satisfy with this..
But what to do?
I cannot manage the period right?
Anyway..It happened already~become fact! history!
cannot be change anymore..however..
God do this sure got it's reasons..

My books always filled with billions of words..@@
It gonna be crazy if i study everyday..If not i think im gonna get mad soon!
LOL..feeling body ache and headache too..
Sleeping Fairy is calling me now..

Take good care and drink more water in this hot weather~
Night Market is available at SS2 tonight but im really lazy to get there..

Miss u all!xD
thanks for ur caring and concern, VINC~Loves*

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