Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I think most of University students hate Presentation!
OMG..I had spent days to complete a impressive Power Point..
Sigh..However, it never satisfied me!
So sad~why human being always greedy one?

Anyway..Physiotherapist Cohort 4 Go Go Go!
We can cope it!xD
Mr. Chandra will LOVE our presentation??
Sobs..Hate this unknown feeling!

Nah..This is my naked face..

NO Contact Lens..
No Make up..

I capture this morning before i went to University..
Who know evening class cancel~Sigh
Have to carry back those heavy books..
Never mind! Exercise~
Can diet..(syok sendiri)xP

Okay..Tll here enough lah..
Need to correct some power point sheets!
Wish me luck ya tomorrow~=)
Wish lecturer will impress it..

BuBye~and have a nice day buddies~