Monday, August 23, 2010

Study mode not ON..=(

I had been feeling so lazy since yesterday..
I also dunno what is happen to me..Hiah..~some more gain weight!
I increase my diet lea..T-T

SEI lor..Need diet again..
I really hate myself not motivated or having a good self-discipline..
How lea?need going for MOTIVATION TALK?
LOL..what is happening?

Damn lazy!!=(
I really hope someone can kill all the lazy bugs in my body..
Hahaha..RISET is recommended..
Lame lea, this joke always played by Vinc and Christy..
Anyway..i think the most important is ourselves need to be discipline..
And pray hard so that we will really get what we want or aim..
Believe the power of PRAYER..
It's works..=)

LOL..i get from my foster sister's FB..xD
She did went to LEE HOM's small concert..

LEE HOM..He is handsome!! 
but not my favorite idol lah..but his songs all nice~xD

Okay lah, time to sleep baby!!

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