Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miss him..Vinc

Hiaz..Everytime get back from Kuantan..
I really felt sad and not comfortable..
I really wish i can be with him 24 hours!!! But dunno when just can realize this dream!

My mouth really look like Pig~ZzzZ
Miss u,honey...cant stop my feeling from missing you so much!

SS-Syok Sendiri..Vinc dislike this hair style..
I also dunno y~hahahha

Hahahha~i upload this photo as primary photo of Vinc's Facebook~
LOL~later my phone sure ring one..
We enjoy a lot at Kuantan..
I miss the ramadan there..
full of food but KL i dunno where is the place..
I know is damn far..=(

He is waiting the bus moving and i was in the bus just now..
My tears drop everytime im leaving there..
Miss him alot..
Felt like HOME..!!=(

I will reply the comment as soon as possible~
sorry for the late ya!
Sleep lo~Night^^