Thursday, August 5, 2010

University Life~

Class started 1 week already..
from 19 increase to 59..
such a huge amount!!
Cant actually accept this at first~
What to do?Life is so reality~xD

This is my Uni library..xD

See my friends?All sleeping in Library~
Lecturer Madhavan said if sleep on book..
We can absorb the information and facts easily~hahahhaha


Study hard and smart all my friends!! Be the best and beat the rest~
On Tuesday..We all went Sing K..
We sing from 1pm till 9pm at night~
such a long time..
I myself also cant believe i sing so long with all my beloved friends~
Joey, Me, Jocelyn and Christy~xD

Actually this is old photo~xD but love this shoot!

Cute? Where to buy?
i also dunno..I love it's cute design~LOL
Ask Joey..coz she own it~xD

This is my last SS..
Hope u all enjoy reading my blog~
Have a great and blessed day~

P/s: I will reply ur msg at CHAT BOX as soon as possible~
Thank you!!

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