Saturday, April 28, 2012

428 @ Bersih

Actually i was wondering want to go for 428 event since my friends almost went to it!! @@

Kinki support it as well!
Hope nothing will be happen, pray for them :)"

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bad Girl

Well here is my latest album - BAD GIRL
BTW kinda enjoying this shooting but im notice that my body size is bigger than usual.

Hmm, my ex photographer poked me and said 1st time i saw u wasn't look like this, wth.
I must keep my effort to keep fit but not on those nice food!


Iko and me!

I like this photo! LOL! BTW my face look weird wth! 
Guess what we're throwing?
Well, u never get it! Of cos not drug. :P

Am i consider bad girl? Yah i drew the tatoo myself! It took me 15 mins! That's why im late that day, sorry photographers~ Hehe btw i like the ring! It's JOEY one. <3333

Yeah most of my friends like this photo! I wish im sexy always but sometimes i want to be cute also! Well really hope im flexible enough to be anything i want. After married/get into career u never got chance!

Unless u r single! LOL

Act like gaduh =_____________=

Like this photo! <3
I edit the colour, put words and modified certain place haha!
Actually im quite addicted to edit photos!

Joey went back home, and spot me, christy and iko! Seriously i cant really remember their name, i meant photographers! :P

This is my sexy Christy!

This is my wild Joey!

This is super Iko!

Well lastly it's me! :)
Pls like my page to support me! Thanks! <3333

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