Saturday, October 31, 2015

JEJU Horse Placenta & Oil Cream by MAGI MAXX CREAM from ALTHEA

Ever heard about Horse Oil? It is now very famous in Korea, which it is a moisturizing cream that promises to rejuvenate, smooth as well as soften skin. It also makes skin pigmentation lighter and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Received a brand new product JEJU Horse Placenta & Oil Cream by MAGI MAXX CREAM by ALTHEA all the way from Korea. It takes less than 1 week to arrive on my door step!

Yeap, introducing MAGI MAXX CREAM, the premium facial cream made by combination of Jeju horse-oil and Jeju horse-placenta.

MAGI MAXX Cream is a natural moisturizing cream which is enriched with Jeju Horse placenta fermented ingredients and Horse-oil.

It is known to be most similar ingredient with Human Skin, it is fully contains all the energies which our human skin needs. Other than that, they also use cutting edge fermentation technology to forward Horse-placenta from clean Jeju into your skin deepest layer.

Main Function?
  • Anti-Wrinkles 
  • Whitening Effects 

What's so SPECIAL?
  • Co-developed by the professional specialized research team from Medical School in Jeju University
  • The FIRST singer origin (ranch) horse-placenta produced in the clean Jeju ranch (Jeju Pony Town - Pyoseon ranch)
  • 8 kinds of Jeju Botanic Extracts


How to USE?
  1. Clean your face with your daily skincare routine
  2. Apply your daily skincare products
  3. Apply suitable amount and spread the Magi Maxx Cream smoothly on face and neck.

Silky and smooth Jeju Horse Placenta & Oil cream, with natural fragrant come from inside out!

You can see the big different for BEFORE and AFTER application. Shinier & less dry skin after application of Jeju Horse Placenta & Oil Cream.

Comment: I will apply this cream on my whole face but MORE on my eye tail & my nose area because my wrinkles very obvious when I smile, laugh or angry, maybe? Personally like the texture of application on my face as it is really soft and not so oily (But if apply it on your hand, it might feel a little bit oily). It is also absorbed easily just by circular motion on massaging over your face.

After 5 days application, I can feel my skin fairer & shinier, as told by one of my client yesterday. I also can feel my face less dry & tight feeling but moist enough to reduce my wrinkles over my face! Likey likey!

Price: RM 276 RM150
Link: HERE

Althea always my favorite KOREA SKINCARE WEBSITE

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Monday, October 26, 2015

[Review] Purifying Yuan Soap by Natta Cosme

Today I'm going to introduce Purifying Yuan Soap production of Taiwan. Nature corresponds to our mind, body and spirit. And Purifying Yuan Soap recognizes different types of skin, and use ''nature'' as basis in finding the right natural compositions in flowers, plants, roots, leaves, stems as well as creating soap to suit every specific needs.

There're 5 types of series:
  1. Sacrifice (Flower Series)
  2. Compassion (Herb Series)
  3. Faith (Seed Series)
  4. Strength (Tree Series)
  5. Diligence (Special Series)
However, today I'm going to review Deliciously Radiant Skin Set [Combination of Seed, Tree and Herb series of soap] which can brighten and whitening our skin, as well as make your skin younger effectively!

Tadaaa~ They're Yuan Mung Bean & Job's Tear Soap, Yuan Patchouli Soap & Yuan Lemon Soap (from top to bottom).

1. Yuan Mung Bean & Job's Tear Soap (阿原绿豆薏仁皂)

  • Both mung beans and Job's tears are rich in vitamin contents and gives perfect nourishment for a healthy skin glow.
  • Effectively in removing make up and prevent pigmentation from excessive sun exposure. 
  • Famous with not giving any skin feeling tight but reveal a cleaner as well as clearer skin.

Comment: Smooth & very light smell from this Yuan soap, and it gives a lot of smoothness of my skin after application. It gives my skin a lot of nourishment. 

2. Yuan Patchouli Soap (阿原左手香皂)

  • Patchouli known to have natural antiseptics values which is used to soothe inflammations traditionally. 
  • It helps to relieve eczema and athlete's foot (or smelly foot :P)
  • Patchouli belongs to mint family, and it helps to dissipate heat and thus giving you a refreshing feeling after shower!

Comment: Love this type of Yuan soap give peppermint type of fragrant which makes me feel physically & mentally relaxed. It gives less bubble compared to other soap! Definitely soothe the skin that's having inflammation, especially my stubborn acne that visit me every month!

3. Yuan Lemon Soap (阿原柠檬皂)

  • Lemon rich in Vitamin C which can helps in removing old cells and repair broken capillaries.
  • Effective in tightening facial pores.
  • Proved to improve one's complexion and skin condition.
  • Recommended for normal to oily skin users.

Comment: Like this soap the most as LEMON gives a lot of benefit to our skin! It helps to eliminate the old death skin and repair our broken skin effectively. My skin stayed NO OIL secretion from my face for whole day long after using this Yuan Lemon soap! Likey likey~*

After using Yuan Soap, I will make sure the container is dry & place my soaps inside after shower/wash my face. Overall, I love these series of Yuan Soap as it can repairing my skin from broken to making my skin fairer! I will use them alternatively btw, or according to my skin condition ya since it gives different function according to their nature. They're ''Deliciously Radiant Skin Set'', my favorite natural soaps since few years back actually!

Previously I'm bought Compassion Herb Series - Yuan Wild Mugwort Soap (艾草) for my mum, as it's the BEST SELLER. It helps to relieve skin problems such as eczema, ringworm, body acne and also other dermatitis or fungal infection.

Anyway, if you like to have more info, you can visit:


Monday, October 19, 2015

Dry food as Treat for your PET by Sit & Stay

Talking about TREAT FOOD for your pets, always giving biscuit type of treat food? Today I'm going to introduce NEW type of treat food for your beloved pets.

Bet you they gonna fall in love with it so so much!

Treating my house owner's pet, Harpy as I forgot to bring my snacks back to my 2 beloved baby puppies - Jocky & Lucky. Harpy super camera shy & and even bark on my camera -.-

She is Harpy
(Breed: Golden Retriever)

Okay there're few types of dry treat food for your pets :D





All of them look so delicious right? Harpy cannot resist any one of them! For her, it is super tasty and she just can't wait to finish all of them :D

So why dogs or pets need TREAT?
  • Training purposes
  • Sign of you sayang him/her
  • Have fun with your pets
  • Etc etc ...

They actually like human, need some snacks or junk food to make their life more interesting! So gonna treat her what? How about ikan bilis & beef fillet? I'm going to ask Harpy STAY!

Aww, how innocent is her. After stay and I'm going to give all my snack to her. :P

House owner's son, Kanny is putting on snacks on her nose until the order of EAT, then Harpy only eat! How smart is Harpy. If you're interested to try out all these dry food for your pets, you can check out their FB! Let's treat our pets with healthy snacks! :D

Had my mix type of Treats :D
1 PACK (70-100g) of Each Type of Treat: RM15/-
(Can last for 1 month, after unsealed & stored in airtight container)

More information:

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Natural Cooked Food for your PET by Sit & Stay

Blogging up this post gonna make me miss my 2 baby puppies so so much - Jocky & Lucky. But before introducing them to you all, I'm gonna share my recent Natural Cooked Food by Sit & Stay.

PS: It is cooked food & need to store in FREEZER in order to keep it fresh!


  • Have you ever think about why all the dog food from shops normally in biscuit form?
  • Have you ever think why it can store for a whole year long?
  • Have you ever think what's inside the dog biscuit?

Seriously these questions come to me when I knew that Dog Biscuit can actually store for a year, or 1-2 months open space without any damaging on the biscuit. Confirm got pr*serv*tiv* inside T.T

Thanks to Sit & Stay for introducing us ''Natural Ingredient Cooked Food'' for our baby puppies! Now I felt like I'm having detox & clean diet with them LOL (My Clean Diet Album: HERE)

Left is Jocky & Right is Lucky
(Breed: Mini Pinscher)

There're total of 5 flavors of Natural Cooked Food by Sit & Stay! All of them looks damn yummy!

  • Chickie Boo (Chicken)
  • Quack Quack (Duck)
  • Oink Oink (Pork)
  • Moo Moo Cow (Beef)
  • Lambiekins (Lamb)

Jocky & Lucky are super hyper-active btw due to their gene. Their natural behavior only got 1 word to describe - JUMP, jump & JUMP! (They never felt tired one, while I'm tired max to play with them -.-)

Let's testing them with Beef Food first, they're super curious because they only had pork before but never tried other meat & vegetables for their meal.

Jocky & Lucky kept licking it, I know they can't wait to try them out!

Another very funny picture on Jocky! Hold it & don't let Lucky get it and keep licking it LOL


But HOW to calculate their food intake?

Pet body weight x 0.03 = ____g of their natural cooked food

  • Jocky - 5.7kg x 0.03 = 171 gram (But actually he is overweight, so I need to reduced it to 100g)
  • Lucky - 4.3kg x 0.03 = 129 gram (Still slightly overweight, reduced it to 80g)

For your information, dogs actually must kept themselves fit, other than gain so much of weight. This might increase the risk of bone disease like osteoarthritis, heart disease etc etc that can bring harm to them.

Thaw it before giving to your pet
(NO heating, NO microwave as it will kill all the nutrients)
Before giving to my baby puppies, I'm gonna thaw or unfrozen it first, until it is not cold then I give it to them. I know they can't wait actually! :P

Jocky & Lucky love it a lot, especially for Beef Natural Cooked Food. They're finishing all of the food! Kinda surprise, as this is their very first time makan vegetables :P

Overall, they love all of the Natural Cooked Food from Sit & Stay, 1 box of Chicken Food can let them eat for whole day long, 3 times (morning, lunch & dinner) for 2 of them.


What's actually inside all the Natural Cooked Food? Let's check it out, attached with their food benefits too! ;)

Jocky & Lucky like Chicken & Pork the most. Felt they're like me. LOL, as I love both of these meat too!

PRICE for all these 5 Natural Cooked Food are listed below ;)

There're no salt, oil or sugar added into this Natural Cooked Food, instead of using their special homemade sauce (vegetables combo blend). It is safe for your pet to consume!

It is quite worth & you can buy it and let your pet to eat clean for few days! You will see they're getting more active. Remember to keep all the frozen food FRESH!

*Hello Everyone* (Luckily the gate blocked their shy shy parts LOL)

More information:

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

[Review] TimeWise® Microdermabrasion‏ Plus 配套 - 玫琳凯 Mary Kay

说到年纪,话说回来我还真的一把年纪了。哈哈,开玩笑,当女人踏入30岁之前一定要‘抗老’!别让皱纹找上门了才开始抗老哦,那时肯定是迟了哦。今天将为大家介绍最近你超爱的护肤品 - 玫琳凯 Mary Kay 的 TimeWise® Microdermabrasion‏ Plus 配套

您知道吗?我们每个人的脸上都有20,000个渺小的毛孔,而且大小毛孔都会存在。不过,因为种种因素例如灰尘般小物体每天会无意中停留在肌肤上,年纪增长让肌肤老化等等... 都会造成毛孔粗大。

这两支护肤品证明了有效于抗防细纹, 收缩毛孔, 使皮肤恢活力, 而且还可以让肌肤柔滑娇嫩!而且一个星期就可以见效了哦~偷偷的告诉你哦,实验证明了使用 TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set 仅一周后,女性使用者的肤质获得改善-细纹减少了,毛孔也变得更小哦!





它可以让你有外至内补充 Mary Kay 专利三大茶叶复合精华,有效于滋润肌肤和让肌肤更加完美哦~



STEP 1: 清洗脸部

STEP 2: 收紧
Microdermabrasion Refine有效于去角质。使用后悔让肌肤重现活力,荣光焕发,恢复靓丽的神采。这最新的如白霜含有去角质磨砂晶体,而且非常细小哦。


  • 可以促进皮肤内层的微循环,由内至外滋养肌肤。而且还把氧气输送至皮肤表层,好让脸色看起来更加健康以及焕发自然光彩哦!
  • 可以去除堆积以及隐藏在毛孔深处和外缘部分的死皮细胞,浩然毛孔更加细致哦!

STEP 3: 滋润
清洗那些磨砂晶体后,我会使用Pore Minimizer。它可以直接渗透皮肤,瞬间发挥软化和柔嫩作用哦。

淡淡的香味,滑滑的滋润霜让我粗大的毛孔,说BYE BYE咯!

这Pore Minimizer含有轻质半透明熏衣草精华素,包括:
  • Mary Kay®专利三大茶叶复合精华,可以由外至内补充养分以及滋养皮肤
  • 让肌肤的拥有重生的过程,而且还可以抗防周围环境的污染物
  • 呵护肌肤,有效恢复皮肤的内在平衡
  • 使肌肤准备好进行下一个护肤修补步骤哦


  1. 这TimeWise® Microdermabrasion‏ Plus 配套只能每两天进行2-3次护理,每次护理必须相隔两天哦!
  2. 不宜接着使用抗粉刺或抗“痘”产品。
  3.  皮肤较薄或敏感性皮肤不应经常做去角质护理。

这次的REVIEW中,我也想强调说Pore Minimizer是最值得推荐的,为什么呢?
  • 适合所有肌肤以及全部肤色的人哦
  • 拥有Mary Kay®专利三大茶叶复合精华(Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract & Soybean Extract给予肌肤丰富的蛋白质,Sea Whip Extract & Evodia Fruit Extract可以舒缓肌肤)
  • 收缩无数的毛孔。实验已证明,只要每天使用一次,而且持续三个星期,8/10的女生都说毛孔神奇的缩小,非常满意呢!(实验于25名女生使用了一天两次的Pore Minimizer
  • 让肌肤更加光滑。这精华是皮肤的防护层,也防止毛孔粗大。另外,它也有收缩毛孔的功能哦
  • 滋润肌肤,让你的肌肤更加健康,让所有的护肤品更加容易吸收。给予你焕然一新的感觉哦

Before & After:

感言:使用了一星期后,深深感受毛孔变小些,还有肌肤没那么黯淡了。人看起来也比较有气色和精神哦!个人非常喜欢Pore Minimizer因为非常有光泽和让肌肤更加柔嫩!


Microdermabrasion Refine - 70g - RM175
Pore Minimizer - 29ml - RM175

电话: 03-77117500

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