Monday, July 30, 2012

30/7/2012 - 2nd last day of July

I guess quite a lot of ppl hate GAIN WEIGHT this matter right?

OK, well. Actually is quite easy, just see how determine are you. I myself sometimes lost determination and get into food temptation. #hateit.

Now finally i drop two kg, another few kg to go. It will success! :D

Yes, i can do it!

Hope i wont lost my mindset lah. Haha, that's why i din take picture recently. I myself also cant accept the fact that i gain soooou much :'(
5KG weiii TF

*Photo edited here! Awesome website!

Maybe u cant see through photo but =_______________='' so obviously i fatter than my boyfiee

Well, put this topic aside 1st, next i want to talk about air pollution at KL. This is horrible, when i was still at Klang last night, i cant even see the night of Klang, and i can smell the smoke. 

Now i back to PJ already, still cant see the view outside my condo @@

If now raining i think it is the miracle of the month, opps! should be miracle of the day 30 july!
I nearly fall sick due to this poor and dirty air!

Not much to blog, my new sem just begin. Pray for me so that i can pass everything this semester! A tough semester @@

Lastly, edited another fansy photo!

Soooou sexy! Bye then! :D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

26/7/2012- Dell is bought

Such a long time i din touch my blog already. 
FRIENDS, how're u?

I lost my lappie last year December. I cry like hell. So many stuffs inside there, some more is dad's present me for entering university. 

Again, i bought DELL :)
Aww love my baby DELL so much. I will take good k of it. 

Thanks to my Boyfieee Vinc and David for helping me to choose it!
Previously i was just using Vinc's lappiee to finish my assignment works, sound sad huh?

Yeah, dad just bought a car so i din ask $$ from him. How stupid is me :(

BTW waiting always come better chance and choice for u! :D

Well, i dont hv any recent photo, due to my heavy weight. LOL boyfiee always said my face look like balloon @@

Anyway, im trying hard to lose weight, give me some energy!!! XOXO!!!

Here i want to give u guys see my balloon face, was took with my sexy boyfieeee :D
BYE and stay turn for my new pic!

How cute we are!

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