Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ALTHEA 1st Birthday! #AltheaTurns1

OMG OMG Althea turning 1 year old! 

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu,
Happy Birthday to Althea!

So what is Althea actually?
Althea is a ONLINE Korea Shopping Website - which sells lots of skincare and make up products all the way from Korea!

Now I can get my favorite skincare and make up stuffs from Althea, other than searching all their Korean Retail shop in order to get the things I want :)

Althea turns 1 year old Birthday celebration start from 20th until 31st July 2016! What's going to happen on these days?

1. Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit
Only available for order placed on 20th July 2016 onward. Im so exited to create my birthday hat, balloon & stick my favorite sticker onto my birthday hat!

While stock last!



2. Free Goodies for the FIRST 1500 Shoppers! 
Yes, FULL SIZE beauty products given! OMG where got a such awesome website which can give full size products to customers?

While stock last!

3. Birthday GIVEAWAY by 3 Top Seller for 100% REBATE! 
Do check out their website for further details on which products is giving away! All the rebate will be credited into your account & can use it for 2nd purchase.

Wish my favorite product is GIVING AWAY! Then I can get my favorite skincare for FREE!

4. #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest

Wish your Althea party kit, you can join #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest! OMG

With super easy step, just wish Althea HAPPY BIRTHDAY with #AltheaTurns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

DIY your own Party Hat :P

And selfie with them! Remember to wish them Happy Birthday!!

Now I got my Althea order! Can't wait to join this AMAZING CONTEST! No idea how to join? Just go to your instagram & search the hashtag of #AltheaTurns1 & you will see lots of amazing photos by Althea Users!

Place order TODAY & grabs your chance to win this cool prizes ever at Althea!

More details only at


Good Luck Everyone!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tanah Lot Temple 海神庙 | Bali Indonesia

Tanah Lot Temple, a place MUST visit when you travel to Bali, Indonesia. This temple located at coastal side of Beraban countryside, Kendiri sub district and Tabanan Regency. It tooks 45 mins from Ubud town. I know super long but you won't regret if you catch up their sunset :D

BUT too bad the day I visited, seawater rises on the day itself, and you will see the temple floated on the sea, and you're not able to approach it.

What so special about this temple is you only can go nearby this temple when the sea water go down during sunset. My bf manage to catch few super nice shoots last year October when the sea water all go down, till you can see the seaweed everywhere over your feet! 

Let's start my journey to Tanah Lot Temple! Reaching on 2nd day of Bali tour, super super HOT weather, and can't wait to 

Before entering Tanah Lot Temple, you will need to pay entrance fee, but ours included in Bali Tour. After entered, you will see Tanah Lot small market, which our tour guard didn't tell us that things over here actually cheaper than Ubud Art Market, till one of my colleague went to explore.

Although the variety not much, but for me actually that's more than enough LOL, too bad I didn't explore it out on the day itself :(

I got take few other pictures while walking into the Tanah Lot Temple.

There're quite a lot of coffee shops & small small stalls selling clothes, scarf and other local stuffs. which can get it cheaper here!

After a short short distance, then you will see this sign board before seeing Tanah Lot Temple from far away.

It is so far far away from us. You have to walk down to the Tanah Lot Temple, quite a distance. So if you travel at Bali, remember to wear a more comfortable shoes :D

That's really full of PEOPLE. BTW left side is all the way to some small small stores that sell slipper, clothes & some local things, while right side is all the way to the Tanah Lot Temple, if the water didn't raised.

Let's moved to left first, what's so special is, I noticed there's a musang! Then I only notice they're actually selling Civet/musang/luwak coffee! Means the musang (that's I normally call them :P) eat the coffee beans first, then after the bean will come out from the stool, and people retake it to produce become Lawak Coffee!

Yes, a bit disgusting but surprisingly it taste so GOOD. Sorry to say, I can't resist it! If you missed out this place, don't worry because most of the shopping mall, they got sell as well!

Other than that, I notice someone - BADMAN.

You will see Tanah Lot Temple if you moving to your right way. Too bad the water raised on the day itself. So you can't crossover and take nice picture with Tanah Lot Temple.

Also a short video on how strong is the sea water wave & safety guard called us to stay away from there! 2 of the tourists fell down from the sea water wave.

And my selfie with Tanah Lot Temple.

Yeah, I didn't see any SUNSET & can't approach the Tanah Lot Temple also. So sad T________T

But while my bf visited Bali last year together with his company trip & he took really nice scenes over Tanah Lot Temple!

Yes, when the sea water level go down, you can even see the SEAWEED!! Oh my cute bf toes :P

Also, you can even catch up with pretty sunset picture! So so nice right? Watching together with your loved one, going to be super romantic.

Ohya, personally like this place so much, although I don't have fate with sunset on the day itself, but hopefully I can go there once again together with my bf & enjoy our dinner while watching this amazing sunset scene!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Uluwatu Temple 乌鲁瓦图寺 | Bali Indonesia

First day of Bali trip, very first location we visited was Uluwatu Temple (乌鲁瓦图寺). It is known as Bali mysterious holly ancient temple. But but but you will need to take a 20-30 mins ride from Ngurah Rai Airport to the destination.

Also, you will need to walk a distance to reach (cannot see from outside) & need to wear a sarung (orange/purple colour) to cover your waist area in order to show respect to temple :)

After 5 mins walking, then you will see the temple located at the level of 250 feet above the sea level on the southern point of pura luhur. 

It is super HOT and remember to apply sun block to prevent sun burn T____T

From above 250 feet, this place definitely famous for perfect view of sea! But we are not able to go down, as there's no way to get down there. 

But first, selfie!

Yes, can see the sunshine never have mercy on us! 

You will walk a distance to the top hill under hot hot sun, then you can see lots of nice views while walking up and after reaching the top :D

Ohya, once u reach the hill top, remember to take nice picture! Although I will still say HOT, no other words can describe. Here's our group photo :D

Also the mint colour beach!

BTW I just noticed that I didn't take any picture of the temple. So sorry about that. But I did capture the famous egg flower tree of Bali - Bunga Telur, our tour guard mentioned that this flowers give nice fragrant and loved by local ppl there!

Then, you will walk down the hill again, in order back to the entrance. It is just like walking a big round of this Uluwatu Hill.

People mountain people sea, oops actually it means lots of people in chinese LOL. Quite hard to take very nice picture, unless u wait all the people moved away then you only can.

Let's see what on other side, after walking the staircase. First, you will see the sign board of Uluwatu Temple.

Next, you will still see a lot of bunga telur, here and there. Time for photos again!

Yes, after walking down the staircase, you have to beware of MONKEYS. They will grab your bag, sun-glasses, food, hand phone or even ur camera anytime, anywhere. So, have to be extra careful. We packed everything inside our bag & cover with the sarung, like this. 

Right after that, we observed a monkey steal a tourist's sun-glasses, with super fast speed. Then the tour guard have to find something else to exchange with the monkey in order to get back the sun-glasses lol. 

After this, you will just walk back to the entrance. Before I end my post, remember to take more creative photos with those special building like this!


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