Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Surprise for Hubby's Birthday!

Hello everyone. I plan to change my blog writing style, since long long time ago. However, i never have that kind of motivation to do it. Some more i always simply write and then post. 

Today, yay, finally.

Now i really know how meaningless on past two years, what a waste. Waste all my previous post and now i need to re-write it over again! Never mind, human always learn from mistake they had done right? But they never correct it.

Hopefully i can make a new change on this blog! Hope guys really enjoy reading this blog! Do remember to LIKE my page as well as FOLLOW me at this blog. I do appreciate everyone who give effort on supporting me! Thanks. 


Finally the date i was waiting -- 23 Sept 2012, it will be my hubby 27th birthday. I had screwing my mind for the past few months and finally i get something special for him. I guess he still dunno what is it, since i hide it at my hostel. (my jimui - Joey actually strongly mention that birthday present should be given on birthday that day, not earlier than that. ) lol kinda agree if give already means birthday that day wont have any surprise, isn't? Reasonable*

Previously when i was on secondary school, normally we celebrate earlier since my birthday always located on weekend. =.= Poor girl, until now my birthday seldom falls on weekdays! 
Ohya before i show you guys the present, here i bought a very cute card for him.
Never found such a cute card before! It represent my heart for him, for now and forever! I love you Hubby!

For my wonderful HUSBAND, on your birthday, I give you all my love! 
Forgive me cos my poor mind cant think such pretty quote!

I want to buy something useful or something he lack of but after discussing with my jimui, LOL. I finalize with this. Guest what?! PORTABLE CHARGER!

Happy Birthday Hubby! Here is my present for you! Hope really it's a big surprise for you. 27 years old and this show you big boy already! I dont expect something else from you, i just want YOUR LOVE, that is more than enough. 

Another thing screwing my mind was what i'm going to cook for him? Recently i cook various dishes for him but he seems like not really enjoy it! Damn, is it my cooking skills so poor? Sigh i really need to improve alot seems his mouth is so selective. 

Again, i discuss with my jimui and we really create some special and nice recipes, then we do SHARING. Well maybe i will tell you all on next post! Stay tuned.

Opps! Im not a creative housewife but im really nice cooking housewife! lol. I cooked some of his favorite food and gave him last Friday. His Birthday was at 23 Sept and we don't really celebrate it cos I'm sick on that day. How dare. However, he not blaming me after that cos I also don't want it to happen right?
We just went to Setia Alam Mall for HAVING HIS BIRTHDAY MEAL.

And we don't buy the whole cake cos we cant finish it. We just share share, as he don't really loves cake. He only eat the cake slides by this shop, at RT PASTRY HOUSE, just right in front of Jusco Bukit Raja! Again, he is so selective in choosing food. =_='' The next day after his birthday, his colleagues bought a big fruit cake for him, lol. Luckily our decision is correct!

Okays! Enjoy reading this post ya. Hope Vinc Ong have a blessed and awesome birthday, and all his dreams come true soon! God bless ya ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Malaysia Day ;)

HOW ur Malaysia DAY Holiday?
Oh well, early morning of 16/9/2012, i went to eat most crowded BahKutTeh at Bukit Raja.

Total RM26++
for 2 ppl, with one dry bkt and soup bkt.
OMG, i really dunno the pork is so so so much. Actually i just want to tell u guys i ate too much that day.

DAMN, never try this again & say NO to BKT.
whole day i eat what and i vomit what.


Good news is i get back my WEIGHT already. Thanks God.
But bad news is im sick =___________________________________='''

Just see a doctor and she prescribe me some medication and i felt better and relieve right now. No worries!

Yah u can see through this picture! I'm OKAY!

Saw some lanterns at centro mall, which is opposite bf's condo. #pretty

Just bought any above RM60 at Centro mall u can claim ur lantern at customer service!

On Sunday, we went to Petaling Street to meet bf's friend from Terengganu! and I meet sweet couples from Sarawak! <3 p="p">

But when actually i reach there WE miss the moment to watch them DANCE cos i was at WC.
Bf keep on complaint ><''

Not much photos from this post! Cos i was sick and i will do it better on next post! :D

Have a nice day!

#photo by AHKIET

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Awesome Weekend 9/9 & 10/9

Last weekend was totally PACKED.
Until yesterday i just fully rest :')

Even my mind today not in the class. LOL. Next time dont play too much*

OHYA, last Saturday i went to HENNESSY ARTISTRY 2012 :3
I cant believe that i won the ticket from DEAR LINORA.
RED FM announcer ;)

But too bad that night they wrote my name JENNIFER YIP. 
*how big is the different with JACQUELINE KHOO.
WTH and this cause me i nearly leave KWC. BTW finally it settled with my bf's name written correctly =.='' #troublesome

Yeah, there are 4 long drinks available :)
I love apple the most. Taste awesome!

Summary of that night. LOL

my make up

*I love my front camera! SUPER CLeAR

BTW my boy boy was a little bit drunk that night HEHE.


Next day, We're going to Malacca. Un-plan trip :)

We got makan the chicken rice ball which introduced by so many ppl ><
BUT too bad my bf dislike it so much. @@

I still like the original chicken rice ><'' or maybe i went wrong shop? 

Then night time i went to makan satay celup!
Introduced by my friends too.

*copy from google

Hmmm cos too tired and i forgot to take picture @@
BTW Malacca really a great place to go! 
I will go again!!

Last but not least!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

31/8, 1/9 & 2/9 Holiday!!

Yeah, i was doing my presentation. -_-
Again, last minute job. I RUSH, and RUSH and RUSH.
Luckily course-mates willing to help me in doing research. If not i think i couldn't present at all. 

Everytime presentation or exam or whatever that can stimulate ur nervous system, Im sure im having insomnia the day before. Even roommate asking why i woke up so many time last night. =.=''


Whatsoever lah! 

31/8 was holiday! That's the point.

I went to Berjaya Time Square with my love one, lots of young teenagers will hang out over there, but still got some of the HUMAN think that place are cheap ppl going one =.=''

Hmm, i still love this place, cos can get a lot of cheap and nais cloth ^^

Recently really dont make up, cos some ppl complaint i look too much different when i make up. So i be natural lor. Hmm, but now im having a big problem with my hair.


My hair really alang-alang long. ><''

NAH, here is my pichas.

*try to act cute but failed. ><''

BTW i walk for hours but i din buy dao anything from there. Too many choices will lead to confusing.
end up with nothing home.


YEAH finally 1 SEPT came.
Bf told me that his wish to JAM's concert.

He try to ask who want to sell their tickets at fb, but i told him try to search at google but he refuse.
and finally the early morning i woke up and

GOOGLE SEARCH : JAM's 1st Sept Genting Concert 2012

YEAH, i found a lot. Lots of them sold out. ==''
Kinda disappointed. Until i saw a last link. A pretty girl want to sell her friend's ticket, with half price to me. OMG, nvr think of IM SO LUCKY.
*she is so kind to me T-T

*my bf so surprise that day.


Source from : Lee Ping :)

Leng zai right? Yesterday bf share a link to me, about JAM's past history. Kinda touching.

Hope u like the sharing*
and the longer i watch him, the deeper i fall in love with him. wth

The concert end at 11pm and bf n i decided to stay on. LOL, we visit all the casino and i tried to play, i lost a lot. NO NEXT TIME. Luckily bf get it back for me.

The next day i went to Genting theme park. Such a long time i din go into there. LOL, have a lot of fun. Even JAM mention he did play the roarer coaster. LOL.

The high jump one really terrible. ><''
I play most of the games and really relaxed. But dunno why i get back depressed so easy.

OK, i will cool down again and hope i can manage my stress :)

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