Friday, July 30, 2010

Great day with Christy!!=)

Christy and me~!!xD

We went to Time Square, Low Yat and Sg Weng shopping~
Extremely tired and having body ache now..
Actually i'm very sleepy but i still want to update my blog~
hehe..want share everything with u all..

Beside that we also went to sing RED BOX..
sing until voice break down..
even when BF call me, he ask what happen to my voice..
haha, shout too much in singing~xD
damn funny and enjoy singing~~
BECOME a MEMBERSHIP only RM5 and will granted back~
on birthday and some big events~^^

Then i bought alot of clothes~will show u when i wear it..
hehehe..spent a lot yesterday..
really bankrupt soon~T-T
but already months i didn't enjoy shopping!!
my roommate said something funny and interesting yesterday..
Shopping NO harms! Only Shopping Can Shows U is A Girl~!!

Some SS photos here~^^
Hope u all have a nice day~xD

Monday, July 26, 2010












1. 绰号:Jacqueline

2. 星座:双鱼公主

3. 生日:020389

4. 兴趣:和老公信息聊天,上网,睡觉,读书

5. 血型:A

6. 最宝贵的东西书本,还有老公咯~


1. 有喜欢的人吗

2. 有交往吗:有

3. 幸福吗:超幸福

4. 他很爱你吗:很爱

5. 如果你有勇气最想做什么:健健康康,白头偕老


1. 你被谁点:YOKE CHEN

2. 他是你的谁:部落格的姐妹

3. 他的个性是:好谈,友善

4. 他长得怎样:超可爱

5. 跟他认识多久:几个星期?xD

6. 你想跟他说什么:你一定要幸福哦~

7. 如果他变成你的情人:在打算,哈哈


1. 最爱的音乐:抒情,HIP-POP

2. 最爱的季节:雪天

3. 最爱的卡通:美少女战士

4. 最爱的颜色:粉色,紫色,黑白色

5. 最想去的国家:都想去~xP

6. 最爱的水果:蜜瓜,番石榴

7. 最爱的人:我老公大人~因为他,才有我~


1. 你很爱哭吗:超爱

2. 你很爱笑吗:少许

3. 你是很有信心的人吗:不是,超弱

4. 你想要怎样的生活:简简单单,幸福健康的日子

5. 你喜欢自己吗:还可以(不完美)

6. 你喜欢睡觉吗:超爱

7. 你喜欢唱歌吗:超喜欢






如果你有三个愿望 , Tell me your wish :





Sunday, July 25, 2010

100 days!!=D

100days already!
I cant believe that TIME pass like light~
We just having a sweet dinner and watch movie together..
Seriously, it is so sweet for me!=)

My dear and me~xD

I'm appreciate what he done for me, as no one can replace him in my heart..
So scare to lost him one day~
then no people gonna take care and loves me~
I'm so lucky coz i met him..
and we become couple now..
I wish this can be continue until we get into marriage life!=)

Yummy..but i really dunno what is it~xD

The fantastic water~xD really funny!

SS here~
I love this photo, for more photo go FB and c~xP
I love you, Vinc! Only u~

Tomorrow begin my new life~
Yeah! Wish me luck ya~all the best for u all~
and again, help me vote~xD

Have a nice day!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yesterday i having bad fever~
Shivering and felt myself so hot..Feeling ache anywhere in my body~
Cannot walk some more..=(
Luckily i'm with Vinc..He took good care of me~
And now can consider i'm fully recovered!
Thanks Vinc~(*Loves)

I know he worried me so much..
Soon i need to go back KL and start another half semester..
Feel so LAZY to study~
I know..NO ONE love study~xD

Anyway..i need to fight for my future..
In HOKKIEN: Boh Bian (No choice)
If not i need to go back kampung(Village) and plant vegetables..xD
study SMART + study HARD = success!!

Now i fall in LOVE with a song!=D
Means..MISS you not because of Loneliness..
Love this lyrics so much~!!
Sing by many singers~I love T.R.Y sing one!

No photos already~add some old photos~xP

That time is at KL..xD
He bring me go KL on the University Registration day~

That's all from today!=)
God bless you all and believe the POWER of prayer~
It's work~^^
Ohya! Thank you for help me VOTE~I wish i can win~
Thanks again..Appreciate it so much~

Have a Nice Day!!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Before that..i need help from u all..
Hiah~votes until so tired~
even Vinc so worried me! He scare i will fall sick coz of this VOTES~
anyway,i try my best~
coz once i start! there is no way to return..
must try ur best to complete ur favor~xD

Here is me~Thanks alot~

I appreciate it very much^^

1st step: Click Like on

Thank you and I really appreciate it~xD

Have a Great day!!

DUE DATE: 31 JULY 2010


Now let's move into..SATAY~
Love it so much~ nice and tasty~yummy!! miss it~
But for me..i only eat chicken~
Beef exclude..My dear too^^
so only chicken satay we took yesterday~

Satay~Yum Yum~xD

Cannot see the store's name..
But i know is near Kuantan's beach~
Double store and it's name include SATAY this word~
Must try~
it is nice~and u gonna miss it one~xD

Hahhahaha~~With Vinc~xD

Horrey~100 days with him is coming~I Love You!
Have a nice day all my frenz~


1st Link!=P



2nd Link!=D





Thursday, July 22, 2010

I need ur help! Pls vote for me! =)

 Pls help me Click LIKE~

I appreciate it very much^^

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Thank you and I really appreciate it~xD
Have a Great day!!

All Red~xD

Yesterday was a great night!=D
Love is red right?
Seriously!I'm very happy. 

Long time i didn't SS already!!xD

Hahah~xD how is it?

A bit fat owh~u all can c rite?=(

Yesterday i watch movie with my dear, Vinc^^
so nice and romantic!
We watch with POPCORN and SOFT DRINKS..
OMG..Feel like Heaven!xD
love this feeling so much~


This movie really nice^^
It brings a lot of jokes and teach me some moral values~
Ya, Life is tough but it fill with many funny experience that we can't predicted!
heheh, thanks dear..xD
I won't be negative minded anymore..
(i try my best..=P)

Wow..Before we went to Cinema, we go take our dinner 1st~
but meals available there..a nice and quiet place for u to rest!
it is it!

Here most famous drinks is pearl's drinks..but we didn't order..xD
coz other drinks more attracted to me..
Weird right?haha~anyway..
i will try it next time^^

Pattya fried rice..mine is sweet chicken rice..
too hungry until i ate my food..
and forgot to take photo to show u all..
No wonder Vinc always said i'm 番薯!xD
is it?sometimes i really feel like that..hahahahahhahah

this is my dear..Vinc(eat with love*)=D

some SS photos here..
Not perfect..Another eye not in..xS

Love Love Love..xD

Ya..finally this one..nice! Love this photo..

Here is some other photos..xD
Just share here..wish all my friends can sweet s honey with ur lover~
All BLISSFUL..and with loves and cares~
Now u know why i named this post as ALL RED?hahaha
Extremely red..u know?
Look like Chinese New Year(CNY)
haha..go countdown below there..
Got countdown for 2011 CNY..

This morning i cook fried MAGGIE again..
guess what is Vinc's response?
hahahahah..At first i though he will shock and refuse me to cook..
Who knows?
Today my cooking is nice..YEAH!
My cooking LEVEL return normal~xD
tonight i will cook some other nice food for u..
After he took the breakfast..He said THANK YOU..
touch~i feel so happy with it..

Prepare meals for ur love one..actually is a very BLISSFUL thing^^
Finally in my life, i found my dear..
Appreciate it very much~xD

Thanks for reading this boring blog~
heheh..wish u all enjoy it and have a nice day~!! 
Happy Go Lucky~
Try to believe it..It's really work~
God bless ya~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Long hair..i dunno want to cut it or not!=(
too long and i'm kinda lazy to take care of it, hiah..any suggestion?
cut or curl or straighten?

here is some photos..xD
capture in bf's car..look fat rite?
Tell u all..he really take good care of me until i'm so fat now..
zzz, seriously..
i don't want to take any photos now~

my skin look so poor now!=(

Dear..stop my meal start from today..xP
i cant accept my fat body now..

love this photo shooting~xD
look sexy..
(self satisfaction)

 Day by day..My HOLIDAY gonna end soon!
26 July i need to go back to my university
I dun feel want to go back..
Stress, Tension and Frustrated life gonna HUNT me!

Hiah..Happy moment always going fast..=(
Agree?Human being always like that..
pity!gonna miss my sweet memory here..
ohya, currently im at bf's house..
Miss here..cause i felt here..exactly like a home!=D

until here only nah..
plan to study awhile..playing for few days already!
my mind rest enough..xD
study hard JACQUELINE..

Try ur best all my dear friends! Nothing can beat us!
Only ourselves can beat us!
Enemies? Always look upon urself^^
Gambateh neh~@@

Have a nice day!=D

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