Monday, May 26, 2014

Nikko + Nikki Product Launch + [Review] Nikko

Nikko + Nikki Product Launch

Thank you HiShop again, I was invited to Nikko + Nikki Product Launch at Hard Rock Hotel, Kuala Lumpur!

So this is Nikko - Breast Firming Cream.
Every girls like to have sexy and firm enough ... BREAST right?

It make up by natural ingredients like

1. Aqua/Propanediol/Ornithine/Phospholipids/Glycolipids 
A lipo-filling like alternative

2. Aqua/Glycerin/Alcohol denat./Chlorella Vulgaris/Lupinus Albus Protein Fermet, Garcinia Mangostana Peel Extract/Pyrus Cydonia Seed Extract
Skin firming & breast volume enlargement

3. Hydoxypropyl Methylcellulose/Pullulan/Porphyridium Creuntum Extract
Instant tightening/lifting effect

This is Nikki - Marine Collagen Tri-stem cell

Natural ingredients include:

1. PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica

2. PhytoCellTec Argan

3. PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis

4. Mix Berry Powder

5. Tremella Fuciformis

6. Orange Vitamin C Powder

7. Soy Isoflavones

8. Grape Seed Extract

Yeap, total up got 8 luxury ingredients Of cos, it will got a lot of benefits after drinking of it. LOL.

Benefits: Uterus Contraction, Breast & Hip Firming, Skin Firming & Elastic, UV Protection & Prevent Melanin Formation, Prevent Osteoarthritis, Skin Whitening & Smoothing, Antioxidant & Anti-Aging, Moisturizers Skin Up to 24 Hours, Lightening of Age Spots & Wrinkle Reduction.


Basically this is Nikko and Nikki Products.
So now I'm going to blog back Product Launch last few weeks as I need time for my Nikko Product Review, that's why ter-delayed lol

On the day it self, Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur is packed with media and bloggers, and also guests.

Thanks for the door gift and it really looks cute!

First performance was with pretty girls dancing on the floor!

Pretty right?
Event followed by opening of Nikko Nikki Product Ceremony.

Appreciation to Ambassador by Nikko Nikki.
Then explanation by organizer. Basically he explain what is the ingredients and benefits, that I mentioned earlier above.

After that followed by sharing session for those who already try on Nikko Nikki.

She claim Nikko Nikki Product help her to gain back her confident. Aww. After being a mother really not easy, proud of you!

Can see the changes of her skin. Become smoother and smoother.
During this happening event, of cos, we will enjoy MAKAN. Girls cannot live without food and also sexy body wth.

You gonna believe your EYES. LOL, no lah, I'm sharing this 3 plates with Joey and BingXinn.

After that we go playing around jor XD

Our happy FACES. LOL

And I also met Alan Hayashi, my previous photographer, when I was still a freelance model. Now cannot fight with other young pretty girls already, better guai guai become blogger. XD

There's also photobooth session!

Here's my picture! Taken by photographer on the day! Likey! :D

Yeahhhh. After that followed by calling MAY Babies! They are May Babies, so they going to have most special cake - Woman Breast Cake!

Looks a bit creepy but I like cake so much, wish I can cut the cake too! Too bad I am March Baby :(

Anyway, If you are purchasing any Nikko and Nikki product, you can do your own business with them. There's a business corner there! BTW let me try on the product first!

Yeap, I'm gonna do a review on next few days!

My hand super smooth and elastic after applied Nikki! :D

Nikki and Nikko business plan.

After purchasing any product you might get a SAMSUNG S5.

Nikko and Nikki Product Display!
3 of us! Bing Xin, Joey and Me! First time met Bing Xin and she is super talkactive and cute! Is our gang! XD Hope to attend more events with you and Joey!

Have a lot of fun and thankiuuu for the treat and goodies bag!

Again, thank you Joey for fetching me back using UBER. Treat me LIKEABOSS.

Love you JOEY!


REVIEW on Nikki

Yeahhh thanks to Hishop for sponsoring this awesome Nikko product.

Now I got chance to enhance my breast already. Opps thou now I'm quite satisfy with my breast size jor, but I think still can gain a little bit to make it look more *beautiful* XD

Yeap, the design I was quite surprise as you need to press down the pump, as the cream will come out, in this special way! HYGIENE enough for girls XD



Tadaaa~~** You can see that my hand become more firm and plump XD
*For me, I will test any product on my hand first before apply on sensitive area like my face and breast as well*

Yeap, the effect is long lasting! If you want to enhance your breast you can try this out because it is natural enough XD

Like it! BTW applying at Bangkok too!

Likey likey!! XD


More information & exiting updates on:


Or you can get it here!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let's Lifehack with MALTA

After my hectic exam, FINALLY I am graduate! Thanks God for everything, 4 years isn't that easy to go through. BUT I manage to pass all my exam! T___________T

Well, few weeks exam preparation without any workout and some cardio exercise like swimming, treadmill etc etc, my flabby tummy say HI to me again. Paling beh tahan is my tummy not firm enough! Now is time for me to turn on my cardio and strength workout. Get back what I should have! XD


She's always my inspiration!
If you strengthen your abdominal (tummy) muscles, next time after deliver your baby, you can get back you flat tummy in super short period!*

Here's we start!
OKAY, now im gonna share you guys about HOWS MY WORKOUT DONE?

1. Workout Routine
I will warming up by cardio aerobic or run on treadmill, or run inside the park for 20-30 minutes.

Before start to work out, remember to do WARMING UP by some stretching, without stretching before and after exercise can cause extreme body ache if you seldom workout and suddenly work back out! XD

Or sometimes I feel my knees not feeling well or just want to burn more fat (because aerobic always burn more calories compare to pure running!) Then I will be doing cardio aerobic by my inspiration Jung Da Yeon.

Yeap, after 30 mins run or aerobic! If you are out of energy, of cos you need this!

MALTA, my favorite can drink since when I was a children. Until now, it still in my favorite drink list! As it really help me energized all of my body to continue other strengthening exercises.

After MALTA, of cos, continue my workout, strength training!

I will do PUSH UP first, then Sexy Leg Workout!

You can repeat 1 set first, then slowly increasing your intensity.

Then I will progress to some abs exercise!

Or more videos here! Blogilates -
*Basically after abs exercise I'm really super fatigue and you gonna have a very nice sleep that night LOL*

So keep your pace! 3-4 times per week, each time; 60 mins (30 mins cardio, 30 mins muscle strengthening! That's my pace!)
After workout, you may drink MALTA to recharge your energy!


Let me tell you smth interesting about MALTA:

Malta is Malaysia’s No. 1 malt drink.
It always great for active lifestyle. 
Malta is packed with the natural goodness of malt and high in Vitamins B1, B3 and B6, are all needed for the release of energy (Vitamin  B, supply your muscle nutrient so that they won't get fatigue easily!*)

Whenever you feel tired after exercise, KEEP CALM & DRINK MALTA. lol

*Remember, strengthening exercise will just tone up your muscles, it won't lead you to look like a strong man, women born naturally that we won't and we cant build big muscles like men did!*

2. Commitment for yourself
Drinking Malta after exercise just a mini tiny small start, but congratulation because you have stepped out 1 big step of 100 steps, left 99 steps to go! 

Yeap, you must remember that, the first day the first month is crucial to stick with it because you will need to start discipline yourself, commit yourself to your schedule, tell you it is the hardest! BUT.. once you get use to it, just keep it go! 

This quote is my favorite quote that's motivate me since few years back!

Once you start to build and keep your strength and endurance; again, you will see the results as well as be motivated to keep going!

3. Keep yourself in pace!
Of cos, if you're a newbie, you can start with 10 mins cardio, 10 mins strength training, then going to 20 mins 20 mins, you got me? x)
or maybe just start your running routine 1 min per day, then each day adding on another 1 min, sound quite challenging right?

4. Never give up!
Improve your ability to run by proper breathing (breath in through your mouth and blow out through your mouth*) while running, of course you can try to talk, singing (in higher level*). By doing this, it will regulates your breath, ensure that you are not overexerting yourself, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, keeps your mind off the pain you're enduring.

Add on, THINK of EFFECT after WORKOUT - you sexy body! Everything gonna be worth after what you had go through. Keep it on and never give up!

Yeap, my abs still hiding itself because I ignore her for a month because of exam, I'm gonna get you back baby! But still happy because it is still FLAT xD

5. Stay Hydrated!
LAST, keep yourself hydrated. WATER is your body principal chemical component as it makes up about 60% of your body weight. Ever heard lady are make by WATER?

Yeap, remember to drink more water on day times, because it will keep yourself hydrated and make sure your skin fair and moist enough. You can DRINK up to 4-5 litres of water dairy, drink less at night time to prevent water retention after you wake up the next morning!

Let's Lifehack with MALTA!
Let's MALTA keep you energized to do more important things in life!

Do let me know after trying out MALTA, I love it so much as it really taste so different with other energy drink, and it is ALCOHOL-FREE. You can get it at any supermarket, I bought mine at 99 speedmart! :)


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[Review] HiShop Meng Meng Eyelid Tap

Hi, again, I'm back for Beauty Product Review! Thanks for HiShop for this opportunity to let me review this Wide type of Meng Meng Eyelid Tap! There's 2 types, NARROW & WIDE; as my eyes are wide in shape (spot me inside the blog), so you can choose this, but if your eyes shape is narrow, then you can choose narrow one :)

Actually I was using a lot of other brand eyelid tap but found out that this Meng Meng Eyelid tap is kinda different with others as it can stand quite a long time, after applied glue, MOST IMPORTANTLY it can be reuse, and also look natural!

Yeap, This is the Meng Meng Eyelid Tap, Wide type.

I'm a double eyelid girl but it always hide itself once I put on my make up.
Btw my double eyelid are quite deep one. But what I dont like is after make up, then I look like don't have double eyelid wtf. Refer here.

Or here. LOL

My double eyelid gone if I smile LOL


Okay, today I'm gonna teach you all how I'm gonna apply Meng Meng tap on eyelid and look natural!

Okay, 1st get the glue inside the box, and 2nd is 1 piece of Meng Meng eyelid tap together with the lace.

First, you can close or open half of your eyes to find your fold-able line, I will find by open half of my eyes as easy to get it and stick your Meng Meng Eyelid Lace Tap on your fold-able line.

Get ready with your Meng Meng Eyelid Lace Tap.

Ready to apply with the glue.

After applying the glue, yeap paiseh my hand look a bit dark, lol I born in natural.
Then faster stick your Meng Meng Eyelid Lace tap on the fold-able line. If it is not sticky enough, you can use the glue to apply over your eyelid area.

Tadaa! I'm done ;)
See, how natural is it.

After apply on both of my eyes.

Okay, this is after I applied a little bit of make up on my face. Now whenever I smile, my double eyelid won't shy and hide itself already! AND It's really look like I had done my eyelid surgery lol

*You can put it before or after make up!*

If still no idea, you can watch the video below!
I will take my effort to do video next month. Still shy on camera btw XD

Meng Meng Eyelid tap you can found at:

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READERS! Another good news!

Exclusive RM20 rebate: MENG14
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 30 June 2014*

So you don't scare you waste one and another eyelid tap, or worrying what if it is not sticky anymore? LOL Good luck! x)
Thank you for spending time with me! Get one today and try it out today!

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