Monday, August 27, 2012

Commitment for myself

Since May 2012, i stayed at my hometown for approximately 3 months. And, i gain weight. That's really terrible. Always i neglected and do not want to admit it at all. 


Until today lecturer said: Jacqualin! Eh, ur face so ...#round  *acting on his face. T^T
Cant denied that my parents over sayang me! Cos at KL i always save cost cos due to high expenses. 

Now i want to give commitment to myself that i really want to go back to normal. Bf also agreed that i gain a lot weight, but he still love me so much. I promise i will diet. *cos most of the cloths i din wear cos it is too fit for me. 

#gambateh #gambateh

I myself also cant believe that's me! #OMG

BTW i will go to gym frequently so that i can be more fit. Really cannot accept the truth that im getting fatter. Lecturer did ask me check for T3 T4 which is the thyroid level of the body but some how i just check last year and it stated it is normal. 


Ohya i went back to Terengganu with bf and then again, to Setiawan and Cameron Highland. Really pack and have a lot of fun with bf. :)

Not much photos was taken as too rush. T___________T
But still got photos can post and let u guys see lah!
RM2.50 with big volume of noodles, this two plate cut volume already! LOL

This is Kampua, from Setiawan. Taste quite nice but it really different from my hometown one. ><''
My kampung one look like this <3 p="p">

Woots, RM2.50 too! BUT the noodles really taste sooooooo different. 
Setiawan really similar to Sibu Sarawak ><''

Yeah, gong piah. Hmmm, normal gong piah without pork is RM0.80 and with pork is RM1.80. Never miss it when i went to Setiawan. Something i really dont understand why they went Setiawan must eat SEAFOOD. *perhaps seafood really cheap at there. ><"

Then night time bf's family and his relative go makan here. Very nice and cheap instead. 

Too bad i din take down those delicious food. T________________________T
*wont repeat the same mistake again. 

Then bf's dad bring me go see elephant owh!
1st time in my life see the real elephants. It is so strong until i quite scare of it. Btw they're quite friendly if u dont hurt them. Oops, i meant elephants.

They're everywhere all the way from Terengganu to Tasik Kenyir. 
So be careful if u drive on that road. :)

Yeah, i guess everyone drink Tan Ngan Lou before right? This is tin pack. #OMG 1st time i saw this but why i din see any at 7 11 KL? hmmm, if got i can drink and no need boil it so hardly. 


I want to buy so many things, after i hit my weight target then i will go for it! Wait for me! <3 p="p">


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