Monday, April 25, 2011

Gyaru Random Picha ♥

Hmm, I miss Lai and Maiko. T-T
After watching Xiaxue on Tokyo Kawaii TV, im waiting Kawaii TV on Malaysia! :D
*waiting for my episode, wtf*

Well, as everyone know, which girl dun prefer make up when they go out? U must know that make up gives confident to every girls! I don't really remember when is my 1st time to make up on my own face, i think is on my 19 years old's CNY. Followed by.. when I worked at KL on the age of 20. All my KL friends having nice make up skills, but i only have pen eye liner in my bag. How pity is me. ToT

Non of us born in pro skills, all of us need to learn from beginning, isn't? I try to learn from very beginning. Ohya, nowadays make up without CONTACT LENS is not so nice! So, buy yourself a pair of lens (at least 16mm) that can enlarge ur both eyes. Im mad of lens btw, just i was damn lazy to put on, wtf. Lastly i learn Gyaru make up skills! :) I damn love it, even friends and loves one around me. Thanks! I will keep it up, especially FORUCHIZU boss! ♥


Oopps! It is my normal make up that i had done before, i know without fake eye lashes, brushes, lip stick and shading are kinda weird, YAHH! but it look like me. 

Now i almost complete my make up stuffs, it take me half year to collect all the appropriate and suitable brand for me. Some more now never have CHEAP make up brand, particularly Japan Brand :((

Something sad here, i lost my bracelet, heart shape some more. T0T Presented by my ex colleagues in Sarikei. Damn sad, I want it back! :'(

Woots! I love this photo, but i only show it now. Snapped using Vinc's Samsung Galaxy. Yahh, it is gyaru make up, now i love my hair so much, it make me look fashion. LOL! O.o

Another 2 gyaru pichas :))
I think i love this picha the most! I dunno why i cant capture any cute photos like this. Sobs!

This is the lasted picha that i snapped last night. TUTORIAL? I think i need more than 1 year to complete my tutorial, i keep on try and try but FAILED especially in video one. T-T 

OKays, after express my feeling, i feel damn nice now. I will stay pretty always and gain confident from it wtf. LOL. Getting older nowadays and i need to take nice n quality skin care instead of good diet. :)) 

Tata~~ ♥♥♥
Good Night and Baii :DD

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Playboy Women's Fragrances Launch‏

I just came back from Mid Velly for Playboy Women's Fragrances Launch‏. Thanks Nuffnang for giving such nice opportunity to attend this event and also grab a goodies bag from PlayBoy :)

1st, i met XinXian from Nuffnang, finally i met her there. 
*cos only saw her name at Nuffnang during updating news in our email* isn't?
 She is pretty and nice to talk! Moreover, i met a lot of leng leng bloggers! BTW, knew a new friend, Sandy. Well, cos i din have camera so i dun take picha at all. wtf

Wondering when i just can own my DIGITAL CAMERA?! Hoho, perhaps after i graduate. :P
I dun mind lah, unless i got my HP to help me in snapping every moment in my life.

Just edit this photo to put in my facebook's primary photo. Hehe, sorry cos it is BLUR. :O

Hmm, seriously, this event give me a great experience for my life. Even the speaker also said im damn nervous, LOL. I will try to do more practise on Cat Walk, Speaking in crowded area and try to think rationally before i answer any Questions that shoot on the spot! :'(((

My lucky number- 6!!
Below is my clearer picha. Today i want to put on fake eye lashes but fml! My fake eye lashes was?! spoiled! so i dun k lah, I hate to put on mascara due to hard to remove T-T

I know this is my 1st time! Wait for me! Next event i will put MORE effort on it! :)
However confident is not so easy to get and stay long lasting in our heart, what i had done wrongly i will REMEMBER forever! wtf

Goodies Bag! Love the PlayBoy's Play it LOVELY sooou much! :))
Have an awesome day girls! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cohort 4 --- Arca Arca Fighting! :)

Well, i found that clinical placement is much more stress compare to uni's examination and practical. Deal to REAL patients wor! This is stress enough. ><''

LOL, this picha is funny ><

Yahh, my placement partner is Joycelin, class rip of my cohort. She is damn nice and help me a lot when i face any difficulties there, so do she motivate me. Thanks dear! U're so nice to me. Happy clinical placement every of my friend! Hope u guys enjoy it. 

For my 1st day clinical placement?! Well, it quite surprising that there is a senior from MAHSA (early batch) working at that hospital. Only 3 physiotherapists are working there, another 2 are from Masterskill and KKM respectively. All are damn awesome, always put patient's safety on 1st. Ohya, they're leng zai leng lui(s) LOL. Most of the patients love them a lot. :))

Until now i still OTW to learn assessment. It is not easy to memorize all, wth. 
Good Luck and all the bestto all my whole coursemates!

I miss u all badly!! T-T

Sunday, April 17, 2011

1st Anniversary with Vinc Ong ♥

Yahh, already 1 year i was in relationship with Vinc Ong :)
The feeling was amazing, my love for him getting deeper day by day ♥ Today he scarify his time to accompany me back to KL, *touch* Now i think he still on the way back to Kuantan, perhaps Terengganu. Kinda sad and feel damn lonely cos dunno when i will meet up with him again. T-T

SO DO..I..

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Here i made a sweet video for my dear 

Well, the feeling that being cared by the love one is awesome. Thanks for giving so much cares and loves for me. TOUCH and this make me miss u even more from now onwards. T-T

Thanks for fill lots of amazing colours in my life. You brighten my world, make my life even wonderful and always cheers me up when i was down and emo. ONLY you can understand what i want, what im looking for. :)

Although sometimes we still quarrellings but i knew that it never break us up. Cos i believe the power of LOVE. :) Thanks Dar Dar

Hope this will never END. So do all the couples, husband-wifes in this WORLD. Stay blissful and grateful with your loves one. Appreciate everything before it is too late. God bless ya!

Stay turn and found that i love make up nowadays *SEI LOR*
Gyaru make up*

with Christy (we look like sista isn't?)
 BTW show u Joey leng leng Gyaru picha! :)
That day Joey was escape from gyaru make up! Need to hit pet pet liao! @@

Was outing with beloved Joey and Christy last week for Sing K! Damn miss them. NO ENTERTAINMENT at KL nao due to... their clinical placement placed in Penang. :'(

WE only can meet up at 3rd Semester. Same to meet up with my dearest Vinc! D:

Good Night and will update my blog more often from now! Sorry for the delay due to my crazy study in the early of this month, do apologize about this. 

Sweet Dream!! Baii 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Again? O.o
Random post. Seriously i dunno what i can blog, i can do and i think right after exam. Yahh, finally i finish my 2nd semester. My next semester start at end of July, such a long holiday. D:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

University Tower for rent from Mid May-June 2011 (URGENT)


Looking for 3 Chinese FEMALE roommates to share a Master Bedroom in University Tower Condominium.
Room available from Mid May 2011.
Monthly rental: RM212 not including electricity, water bills and internet fee.
If interested, email to or just drop a comment by clicking the COMMENT.  ASAP. Thanks!
Master Bedroom attached with bathroom, allow to cook, fridge and heater available. Amenities provided as swimming pool, gym, squash courts, laundry, mini market, kid's playground etc.
Close to UM hospital, UM, Mahsa, near to UM LRT.


  • Cooking is allowed.
  • Near to a KTM / LRT station.
  • Internet is available.


Chinese Female

Monthly Rental

RM 212


To Know More...

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