Tuesday, December 30, 2014

[Review] Order and Eat with Food Panda

Had you follow my Instagram? - @jacjackhoo

If yes, you definitely will know what I had ordered via Food Panda! You can either order via web page - https://www.foodpanda.my/ or download Food Panda into your mobile!

For me I prefer to use app because it is so easy, fast and reliable! But first you need to get yourself a registered account, then choose your LOCATION. :D

If you're not sure where're you, just open your GPS button, then press YOUR LOCATION (the compass icon ;))

After that, just press GET STARTED. For my location, total of 12 Open Restaurant available for me to order.

Because I love TGIF so much, so finally I decided to order TGIF, because their food always make us feel like Friday :D

Just press inside, and a lot of nice food waiting you ;)

After view all of them, finally I decided to take 2 Tennessee & 1 Friday Favorite, and a drink. Then they will calculate for you how much is the total ;)

If you got voucher, do not forget to redeem ya! :D

After CHECK OUT, lastly remember PLACE ORDER. You can either choose Cash On Delivery (Pay on the spot) or online payment via Debit/Credit Card.

They will send MSG or EMAIL to you! 60 minutes to go!

How easy is it! :)

But take note:
- Because on the day itself, due to raining season, the rider delayed the meal for 1 hour ++ (total of 2 hour plus plus my meal just arrive). Kinda upset because we all order during hungry mode. So, if you want to order via Food Panda, pls order 2 hours earlier before your lunch/dinner time. Do not my repeat my mistake!

- Do call customer service line at 1300-800-262 if the food is delayed or they missed out any order!

Thank God Is Friday - TGIF, it always meant to be, I really wish everyday is FRIDAY!

They actually forgot my Mountain Dew soft drinks, but they replaced me with other order, so it is still acceptable for me ;)

Enjoy your meal! 

Food Panda available on 30,000 restaurants and over 35 countries! Check them out if it is available in your country! ;)

More information:
Customer service: 1300-800-262

Monday, December 29, 2014

[Review] X-Detoxx from HiShop

Merry Merry Christmas!!

I still got myself in Christmas MOOD. Kept eating these few days because just cant stop eating! Nice food everywhere! But tell you smth, that CONSTIPATION say HI to me T___________T

Thanks to HiShop for their great product, X-Detoxx which help me to relief my bloated stomach, constipation, big tummy etc etc!!

X-Detoxx gently boosts metabolism, cleansing and aids digestion to promote sustainable weight loss without side effects! For me, I use it as my natural colon cleanser. It's made from all natural vitamins, aloe vera, chlorophyll, fiber, minerals and enzymes which is clinically proven!

Main Ingredients:
Physllium Husk 
- Rich in either soluble and insoluble fiber, which act as natural colon cleanser
- A potent fat burner which responsible for the transportation fats into the cells and to generate energy. 
- A freshwater alga that contains vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and proteins which are useful to help reduce weight. 
Wheat Grass 
- A plant that high in iron, magnesium, calcium which can rid the digestive system of harmful bacteria and cleanse the body of toxins.
- Contains a compound that help to suppress appetite to reduce the intake of food, as well as balance up your body hormone. 
Aloe Vera 
- Well known to stop constipation and keep the stomach healthy.

Benefits  of X-Detoxx:
- Inhibit over release of glucose in the body
- Speed up metabolism
- Natural colon cleanser
- Reduce total body fat and increases lean body mass
- Supports the body's detoxification process
- Helps relieve and treat constipation
- Promotes healthy intestinal function
- Can be taken daily
- Curb overeating
- No side effects

For better effect, you can add on EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL into the X-Detoxx which product with superb effect! Do you know what's the benefit of it?

Benefit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
- Anti-inflammatory agent
- Improve cardiovascular function
- Improve digestive system
- Increase born formation
- Improve cognitive 
- Anti-cancer

After add on extra virgin olive oil (I put 1 table spoon) together with 1 sachet of X-Detoxx :)

How it taste ahh? 
- Hmm,it taste a bit greenish, but smell a bit fragrant. At first you might not be get use to the smell, but after a few try, you will feel it become more tasty and tasty! :D

Thanks HiShop, for making me more pretty day by day, slimmer day by day as well (even I didn't exercise & control my meal sometimes :P) ! In short word, make my life so much EASIER, no need to limit my life!

Buy together with Max Passion for better SLIMMING effect!
RM329 RM213.85
Purchase: HERE

Too expensive? Don't worry! I'm gonna give 15% discount to all my readers! Don't miss this chance!


More information:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hishopmy
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hishop.my
Subscribe: HiShop for exclusive updates: http://www.hishop.my/subscribe

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Butterfly Christmas Dinner - The Apartment Curve

Hey hey! How's ur Christmas?

I'm celebrating my Christmas together with 99 butterflies (or maybe more than that :P) at The Apartment Curve on 23th December night! It was a really amazing party that I ever attend so so far!

Butterflies all start register themselves at the counter, and each of us will get a very awesome beauty box!

Ohya on the night itself, you will assigned to be someone Secret Santa, to fulfill her wishlist! So I prepared her wishlist and bungkus into gold white box, so the girl who took that box, I'm your secret santa! :P

After that, Tammy Mamasan (with mint colour hair*) give announcement that there're gonna few contest of the night itself. Best dress, Best instagram food selfie pictures, and Best group selfie! 
Tell you I'm always not in luck to won any contest, how sad is it T_______________T

Beloved Tammy announced that The Apartment gonna prepare us 2 big roasted turkeys! How cool is it. This is my very first time to taste TURKEY, and it is during Christmas!

And also The Apartment also prepare a lot of nice food for us! All these photos I took after they refill the food, because we all standby until almost 8pm just had our dinner >.<''

Cannot miss the dessert of cos! Teehee, but too bad that time left 2 types of cakes only. Opps*

I eat a lot actually, hehe. You can from what I take. LOL *tak takut gemuk*

Overall I love their roasted turkey the most, so so delicious compared to roasted chicken! Secondly is their cheesy broccoli! My fav protein booster!

After had our dinner, a special singing performance from talented butterflies. Nvr know that their singing is damn good!

Frozen Song of the night! We all really enjoying it, got the sudden feeling of caroling together with other bloggers. The joy of being together is so precious!

After singing session, we all busy take pictures with long lost bloggers, and of cos new bloggers!

With Li Chuen, a very very nice friend!
With Tenshi, we always gossip behind :P
With Rina, met her during last Himalaya Event
With Cindy, we only at FB and blog. Now finally we can take SELFIE! 
With my new friend - Izzah, we got so much of similarity after a long chat! Nice to meet you babe!
My long lost friends - Jennifer, Bendan, Janice! We should take more selfie during the night itself ><''
Also Kelly and Geozo! Nice to meet all of you!

Also not forget about The Apartment, friendly customer service, which I mostly prefer! If the food is nice but service not nice, I rather dont makan on the spot. Whenever I want water, refill, they will give fast service :P

Also romantic and comfortable environment. Just able to capture part of the The Apartment. No place to hang out? Can try it out here!

After selfie, FINALLY the most exited moment, take present from Secret Santa! OMG OMG tell you that this is my very first time take gift from santa, and she fulfill my wishlist! She bought my favorite colour purse and wallet! 

TQ Sherry! For being my Secret Santa! Appreciate it so much. May God bless you and your family all the time! XOXO


Also, not forget about the BEAUTY BOX! I cant wait to review it! Wondering what's inside? Stay tuned for my blog, I gonna review them soon! ;)

Again, TQ The Butterfly Project for this most amazing Christmas Party of 2014! Let us got a unforgettable night before we step into 2015. TQ Tammy, TQ all the volunteers, TQ all the butterflies, and not forget all the sponsors!

Merry Merry Christmas to all of you! Do enjoy this big day! Ho Ho Ho!

Monday, December 22, 2014

[Review] Annie's Way Paper Mask - Anti Acne

It's been long long time I didn't touch with paper mask already since after I finished my KOSE mask last few months. My face turns so terrible (pimple say HI to me!) one week before menstrual T_________T

AND I'm so lucky that I win 3 Annie's Way Paper Masks from Annie's Way Malaysia! Such a lucky girl *hehehehe*

2 Anti Acne Annie's Way Paper Masks and 1 Whitening Annie's Way Paper Mask! Can't wait to try them all! ;) 

Before I apply this paper mask, I use my Aloe Vera Anti Acne Jelly Mask to make a full cleanse of my bad skin recently! 

I reviewed it before and I really really love it lah. Here's my link - http://mylove-jacqueline.blogspot.com/2014/07/review-annies-way-jelly-mask-giveway.html (Hope you guys enjoy it, and know how to differentiate the real and fake one*)

After used Annie's Jelly Mask my face will look a bit red due to all the dirt are forcefully cleaned by it, wondering how is it? CHECK MY BLOG out ;)

After that, I must need some mask to calm/repair my face! ---> Anti Acne Annie's Way Paper Mask! 

Can see how thin is the paper mask layer! And very watery, not like other mask! I feel so so comfortable after applied this mask, and no alcohol contain, which gives you uncomfortable feelings.

Maybe my facial organ too wide (as always complaint by my bf due to uneven size LOL), and causing the mask not fixing my face perfectly. T__________________T I saw other bloggers they can fix the paper mask nicely on their face! Or actually my own problem?

During applying mask, you also can MASSAGE your on your face to give better absorption ;)


Yeahh, finally I'm done! Total for making these whole treatment took me around 1 hour, which also give saloon effect at the end! ;)

Super thin layer and easy absorbed by my skin. Feel so much moisture and doi doi :D

And the great news is the next day my pimples all gone, and it undergo scars building! No more acne popping which I hate the most! Yayyy!

Buy 10 free 1 | Buy 20 free 4

Anything you can WECHAT the seller or drop me a comment! I will reply you ASAP! Have fun!

More information:
Wechat : msvivian0209
Instagram : @annieswaymalaysia
Instagram : @levvhouse
FB : Annie's Way Msia Levvhouse
FB Page : Annie's Way Malaysia

Monday, December 15, 2014

Youth United Fest 2014

Hey how's ur weekend?

Yesterday was the day of Youth Fest 2014, which is happening at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam! Seriously the day itself over exited and didn't sleep well the next day -.-


First station I stopped at IM4U, which is a very meaningful session whereby ppl share their experience how they overcome their obstacles to reach their goals! Lots of ppl sit there and listen, some even jot down the important note! What a cool session ;)

If you feel bored about SHARING session, I bet you gonna like CAR Drift right? Yeah, I miss the chance to watch it because I was in the sharing session T________________T

Next, moving to ARTs, whereby all the students present their arts! Damn cool, as I love art too! Can see from the booth itself their title so creative! Dunno they took how long to complete this task?

Total of 3 groups of arts! Each of us vote our favorite pictures by jotting down their number in that pieces of paper ;)

A lot of other booths as well. Lots of fun from games art work and free gift just for you!

They also have LUCKY DRAW, but too bad I'm not lucky enough to win Honor 6 on the day itself. Congratulation to all the lucky girl and boy! :D

Other than that, they also having car racing using Honor 6! Okay, the winner at last can won a Honor 6 too! It is so real and exiting enough :D

Everyone r so serious and waiting to the last winner! ;)

Beside that, my buddies and I open a booth on this bazaar! You know what, since after our graduation trip - Bangkok, we only meet up at our last month convo and this is our 2nd time to meet up! Seriously I really miss them so much because in my working life I will never ever found such good besties/buddies!

House of Humerus is our online shop! Will rebrand again it soon, and relaunch it again! Wait our good news ya ;)

Almost forgot our food of the day! Until now I still cannot get rid of the tasty beef! Yums Yums!

Lastly, I felt that quite a lot of fun for this kind of bazaar, but maybe organiser can make the location more strategic, more vendors so that the bazaar more crowded and fun! Or maybe find more famous artists in :D

Face Painting just only RM10! Where to get this price? Only at bazaar! Don't miss Youth United Fest 2015 next year! See you all again ;)

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