Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lets Stay Unite as 1 Malaysia - Happy Deepavali by Petronas

When I was a kid, seriously I don't really see Indian races in my school, until I knew that TV1 always have lots of Indian movies going on, and got awhile I'm so addicted to their story, romantic yet funny!


Until I start to study and work in West Malaysia, I only start to knew Indian friends, other than Chinese and Malay friends! So yeah, these 3 main races actually built up this country, Malaysia! Without them, we won't be enjoying so much of nice food, culture, respect each other's' differences, as well as having HOLIDAY together!

Deepavali Day is reaching soon, let the light shines within us and continue to respect each other, before that let us have a watch on this meaningful video done by PETRONAS!

Yes, DO NOT suspecting/judging each other just by APPEARANCE! Races/Religions itself won't do bad things but individual attitude and behavior YES. Tell you guys a short story, although I saw a lot of people doing bad things, but I'm always pray to God that hope they can know their mistake one day and stop doing it, also become a good person.


Why I say so? One day Vinc and I having our late lunch at 1 shop at Klang, and Vinc left his Samsung Galaxy S4 (on that time, S4 was the latest Samsung phone!) on table and we already want to get in to our car. Meanwhile, an Indian guy with full body tattoos with his friends called us: Abang! Your Phone la, dekat meja ni, you lupa ambik! And immediately we get back to get our phone, and plan to treat him a meal but he rejected.

Until today I still remember this incident very clearly. THANK YOU ABANG, and I'm proud to be Malaysian. Government should take action to help the poor, so that the country criminal can be minimized. 
Greater harmony can be achieved through greater understanding and compassion!


Thursday, October 27, 2016

[Review + Giveaway] Mask Time with LINE Friends by MEDIHEAL

It's MASK time, for myself and readers! Yayyy~*

Today I'm going to introduce you all a new set of LINE MASK by MEDIHEAL!! It designed with LINE FRIENDS! So, if you are one of their fans, pls don't miss this post out! :D

Before we go into MASK, have you all heard about MEDIHEAL?

MEDIHEAL founded in 2008, by a group of prestigious medical beauty school in Soeul University, Korea. It is one of the TOP sheet mask brand in the K-beauty industry.

Beautiful skin is attainable and dedicated team of experts and dermatologists has been developing a wide range of innovative sheet masks as well as other skincare products. It is more than 10 million sheet of masks have been sold worldwide, included Malaysia. Proved that their products really undeniable and unbeatable!

There're total of 4 types of LINE MASK by MEDIHEAL:
  • E.G.T - TimeTox Ampole Mask (yellow)
  • N.M.F - Aquaring Ampoule Mask (blue)
  • I.P.I - LightMax Ampoule Mask (pink)
  • P.D.F - A.C. Dressing Ampoule Mask (mint)
But I only got 3 of these masks, which is Pink, Mint and Blue! Is okay, I still love all of them ;)

RM13.90 per piece
Grab it at AEON Wellness, SASA and Watsons Store

I've been using MEDIHEAL MASK for quite awhile, and I read a lot of good reviews by oversea youtubers or beauty bloggers. They stated that this brand of masks really give instant repair onto our skin on the next day! So do I think :P

1. I.P.I LightMax Ampoule Mask

Suitable and ideal for FIRST AID MASK after sun.

Ascorbyl Glucoside (Stable Vitamin C-AA2G) and arbutin gives excellent whitening effect as well as Morus Alba Bark Extract brighten and whiten the dark pigmentation caused by sunburn as well as dull skin.

2. P.D.F A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask


Centella Asiatica, Protulaca Oleracea Extract and Salicylic acid concentrate works well on skin problem areas by giving rapid and relief effect, as well as control oil secretion to your skin cleaniness.

3. N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask

Suitable for DRY SKIN.

Sodium hyaluronate, Ceramide NP and Natural Moisturizing Factor (N.M.F) gives moisturizing effect and keep your skin hydrated by locking in the water while Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Extract, Fomes Officinalis (Muschroom) Extract gives the effect of adjusting sebum and tightening our pores.

1. After done with the cleansing part, apply your skincare routine - toner as usual.  Pimples say HI to me again, you know menstrual coming soon!

2. Take the mask out with your clean hand, unfold and place the sheet on your face.

3. Wait for 15 minutes, and remove the mask. Gently massage onto your skin until the essence fully absorbed by your skin.

PS: For optimum result, you can use consecutively 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks.

Personally like their masks since quite long ago, as their masks really give instant repair on our skin. For example, today I'm having super dry skin, and after this mask application, I felt that my skin more moisture, I don't feel the dry skin crack, as well as my pores so much smaller!

Also, their mask is breathable, the essence not sticky at all and easy absorbed by our skin. Likey likey! Their design on each mask really makes my day after a bad/hectic/tired day! Other than their goodness, the only thing that's make this mask lower in rate because of their price, RM13.90 per piece! So, you know :P

RATE: 4.5/5

Before I end this post, GOOD NEWS coming! 
I'm going to giveaway these 3 masks to ONE LUCKY READER just with 3 simple steps ;)

Two Simple Steps:
  1. FOLLOW my blog - Google plus or Google friend connect
  2. Tell me why you want to WIN.
  3. Comment at below with your answer, name & email to prove that you're DONE
Terms and Condition:
  • Only for Malaysian resident.
  • Contest end on: 10th November 2016.

Price: RM13.90 per piece
Stores: AEON Wellness, SASA or Watsons Store

Good luck to my READER, and I will pick it up randomly! TQ and all the best ya!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Penang Island Road Trip - Nice Place & Food Hunting

Yayyy, finally I got my time to blog about my personal stuff, while skincare products all put behind first. Shhhh. I've been living in West Malaysia for almost 7 years, and I still never been to Penang, until my beloved bf make my dream come true! TQ and LOVE you so so much dear, for bringing me to such a wonderful place, Penang, Malaysia!

We travel from Klang to Penang, and it took us 4 hours to go and 6 hours to come back cos we travel on weekend holiday, and need to spend roughly RM200++ for toll and fuel!

Check Your Toll and Fuel Expenses - HERE

Every time my bf travel for a new place, he will be super energetic while I seems to be super lazy because I need to prepare well especially my stamina, for the next whole day activities cos my bf can sacrifice his sleeping for travel!

 DAY 1:
First day we went to few famous place which recommended by GOOGLE, lol. And because of last minute planing, so yeah forgot to take note from Penang friends, pls don't scold me if I introduced not famous place and food LOL

We went to try out  TEOCHEW CENDOL and PENANG CHAR KUEH TIAW nearby Komtar Walk.

And look at their QUEUE.

So after waited for 30 minutes and finally my FOOD come! Thanks to my bf and his friend - Akiet for helping us, ladies :P

Yes, the TEOCHEW CENDUL is the franchise that you always see in KL shopping mall, and this is very very first shop own by them in Penang! Taste quite good, but bf complaint they put too much of sugar inside, and end up I finish 2 bowls of them >.<''

After that, we went to PENANG ART STREET. Tell you it was super hot on the day itself. Ohya, if you are a pokemon catcher, here lots of great pokemon waiting you!

Akiet and my man, Vinc!

Yeap, remember to put on ur SUN-BLOCK because I get my sunburn after that. Also, you can enjoy lots of cold drinks while walking around that area. BTW if found difficult to find this art pic, you can actually ask local people (those who sell food/drinks) for help, some even pass you the map of Penang! They're really kind and nice!!!

2nd place we went on the day itself was PENANG HILL 升旗山, or BUKIT BENDERA in Malay. Wow, after super hot day, it's time for enjoy cold weather on the top of Penang Hill.

Here's the price!

BUT LOOK AT THE QUEUE T______________T

It actually took us more than 45 minutes to reach our turn. If you got time, then it's okay, but if it is not, then just go for FAST LANE, which 3 x price of normal ticket :P

Yeap, you going to sit a railway transit up to the top of Penang Hill.

This is how you look when you reach on the TOP! Yayyy! Feels I'm at Genting now btw, cold wind blows and super relax!

You can enjoy their local artist to draw comic type of you, souvenir, food, massage and so on!

You can pay to enjoy the LOVE photography with your loved one.

For me, YOU must wait until night time & capture the night view of whole Penang!

So pretty right?

Before we end our day 1, remember to dine in their Restaurant at Top of Penang Hill. Seriously we're so regret because we missed out this nice place cos we had our dinner at Penang Hill food court T______T

DAY 2:
Okay, again today we hunt for a better taste of PENANG CHAR KUEH TIAW. Today we choose the one at Kafe Heng Huat 兴发/興發. Seriously it is so crowded and hardly to find a seat to sit down!

Ohya, this place introduced by Vinc's friend while he travel to Penang for outstation for the past few months. I love their food btw, especially their ABC and Char Kueh Tiaw!

You also can order their O-A-Jian/AU-Jian and Loh-Bak. Love all of them but we couldn't finish all them, too much of FOOD! Ohya, you will need to order a drink for yourself, or else you going to pay service charge of RM0.50 per people (stated on the wall >.<'')!

Next after breakfast, we're heading to KEK LO SHI TEMPLE.

Ohya, we park at the back side of Kek Loh Shi Temple. So we use the back door to go up, whereby you can passby a lot of shops ;)

While you walk to the top, you will see lots of TURTLE. Kinda sad of seeing all of them just live inside a small pool, and wait human to feed. Aih.

Thanks God I got such a lovely Vinc, which own a very good heart to me and also animals! Love you so much!!

Let's have a look on this temple!

Okay, to enter this temple, you would need to pay few RM to enter, if not mistaken RM2-3 only. They're actually expanding, so they need a lot of donation to built, so yeah if you don't mind, remember to give them some donation ya!

Before reaching this temple, you'll see them praying.

So, total of 5 levels, view from the top of this temple, you can actually take a really nice pic!

And remember to do selfie, like Akiet! Single and available, anyone?!

Okay, next we going to another part of Kek Loh Shi Temple, which is Kuan Yin Statue. We didn't drive up, but using incline lift, somehow like a small train?

Yeah, quite a cute incline lift! So, basically you will getting this 2 gorgeous views!

Ohya, we also manage capture our chinese zodiac, he is cow and I'm a snake :P

After Kek Loh Shi Temple, again we went for FOOD HUNTING again, looking for PENANG ASAM LAKSA! So this famous Peanang Asam Laksa located nearby Kek Loh Shi Temple, and you can reach by walking distance, called Ayer Item Asam Laksa!

Personally think that this Penang Laksa is better than KL Penang Laksa and I manage to finish it all! You can add on chili, vege or don't want the black source, order according to your taste! Yums <3

Next, we're going to Chew Jetty 姓周桥. Actually not only Chew Jetty but also Lee and other chinese sir name too! You must go on NIGHT time because it is so pretty at night! Love it so much cos it is so romantic!

So you all going to enjoy lots of amazing and colorful night view, and they're selling some homemade ice cream, snacks as well as famous Big Bowl Noodle! But because we ate before we came, so we didn't try it out, reserve for next visit!

A must for us to selfie at this romantic place!! Love you love you!! After that we head back home and sleep. Super tired btw T.T

DAY 3:
Day 3 basically we woke up quite late because we r so tired, and have to get ready to drive long journey back to KL, with super heavy traffic!

End up we head to Batu Ferringhi Penang, it's near to the beach btw, and it is so crowded as well >.<" No place to go so visit Starbucks!

So they got their beach! But too bad we didn't bring extra clothes for swimming! They got some simple beach activities too, such as banana boat, rent a speed boat and so on!

So, the last place I went is LOCAL FOOD STORE, to buy Penang Tau Sar Piah (Biscut Kacang Hijau). Then I accidentally saw this shop - HAMEEDIYAH Restaurant packed with human! So we decided to try them out before we leave Penang!

Okay, that's all about my trip to PENANG, for the first time!

Anything NICE PLACE, FOOD & ACTIVITIES that I missed out and must do at PENANG, just comment below and let me know ya! Definitely will visit PENANG again!


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