Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recent of ME

Hiah. AGAIN~  Stress come I run T_______________T

Cannot continue like this leh. Felt so hopeless on myself.
After I watch this video, I wont give up my life! And stay positive! :)

He is my idol now. Never give up on your own, your dream and HOPE just waiting right in front of YOU. #lawofattraction

Anyway, just a short update. .
lol was super busy until i neglected my blog again and again. BTW tq to all my readers, that's my statistic never drop after i stay active my blog.

Went out with buddies last week after class! Now only got time for blog! Working on weekends, my assignment and my future planning. Busy till die.

Using my camera for almost one year but i still staring at wrong place. lol

Yeah, we went out to makan and shopping!
See our face also know we are damn happy lar~~
We went to Petaling street to makan our fav beef noodles. Never have such delicious noodle in this world jor. Best beef noodle only found in Petaling street! lol

*This shop off on wednesday*
Quite weird but AH XIAN ASTRO went to this shop before and recommended in Astro AEC too!

After that we actually wanna go Brickfield because we wanted to buy indian costumes! But that day was a raining day. Not a day for us. :(
So we decided to go Mid Valley to continue our shopping!

Our OOTD. 
Quite love it! Really long time we didn't hang out together. :(

We went to cotton on and bought our outfit that day. BTW so sorry cos forgot to take picture because was too hurry and over exited. lol

After shopping we makan at SUSHI TIE.

Joey and Christy's fav! Btw no matter how many times I try I still cannot makan the raw salmon fish. Too raw and geli T_____________________T

A day just finish like that. Totally relaxed after that.
Wish we can go out everyday like that. 

Anyway, hope my dream will come true one day! Awesome outing. 


Gonna continue my work now! All the best Jacqueline! Pray for me too x)

*Happy Reading guys*

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