Tuesday, June 25, 2013

G design!

OMG, first time I'm so mad with bags!
My fav bag!

If I dont get it in this contest, I guess I'm gonna fly back KL and buy one! So pretty! T__________T

BTW here is the contest!

*DO read their T&C :)
And stay turn for their next Guess bag contest!

Pretty right?
Oh my, I was aiming a *Coach bag but some how a bit too expensive for me.
As a novice, I think any hand bags will do, as long can carry stuffs, especially heavy stuffs. lol

In this contest, they required us to make a creative G.
Screw my brain actually.

I love drawing a lot. But it was almost ..N.. years i didn't DRAW jor.

Actually I was using G design for the girl face, and the guy face was the reflection.
lol but end up with nothing look like G.

A bit upset.
Then imma trying another software to play around.


And a heart shape coming out. lol
So i turn it up side down.

Unbelievable this software can give such a perfect effects. lol

Next is double reflection.

And I found out the girl's hair look like G actually!
So I decided to use this pic.

Unexpected outcome.
Anyway, there are more creative G at Instagram! Search the tag #GUESSMYBAG and u will see it.

lol boh hope already!

*my bf said i was copying any comic pic!
No it was not! I draw it from my brain.
Somehow i only draw comics, other than that, all drawing i draw really sucks.

Short update from my blog!
Gonna work hard a bit for my abs. :P

Don't wanna gain weight because for HOLIDAY. Gosh, don't give uppppppppppppppppp!

*Happy Reading*

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Holiday at Hometown

Coming back to hometown since 1st of June! I'm HOME, Sarawak.
Kinda miss KL, events, freelances etc etc...

Especially my boyfiee, Vinc. :'(

Damn miss him.
Really wondering how they can stand for long distance relationship.
I can't. I can't.

Love sick damn killing me. T____________________________T

Bang! Thanks God bf is staying at KL with me. Really appreciate and REALLY Love to be with him. Makes my life so wonderful, colourful and awesome.

Cried like hell when the moment he sent me to airport. He answered me that I'm not going back Sarawak forever, only for one and half months, then will fly back KL again.

The ppl who miss me a lot is my family.
Ya, perhaps. Have to make them equivalence.


OK, today is the actual day for DUMPLING day! Have your dumpling already?

Yeap! We ate our dumpling for twice since last few weeks.
Today everyone is working and my brother otw back to KL now.

He only start his class on 1st of July, now he went back to KL for what also dunno -.-

The production. Lol dumpling!!

Woots, I know it's not pyramid but it is pillow shape. lol
These are cantonese dumpling you can only found in Sarawak. I guess I didn't see any pillow dumpling at KL. Anyone?

Didn't manage to took a pic and share with you all after it cooked.

Tell you, taste damn nice!

lol don't kill me.


Another interest thing happen to me is I start to love exercise dance!

by Jung Da Yeon.
I bought her book and CD last month if you followed my instagram then you will know.

She is a 47 years old mum, but look like 20+ years old.
She practice healthy lifestyle and exercise at least 30 minutes per day to maintain her sexy  body!

She shared her every experience with us! Amazing!
Now my sisters and me practice it everyday.

I almost have flat tummy! I can do it babeh. 

Wish after im given birth, I'm still that sexy! :P

Visit her website for more details. Tadaa~~~~~~~ http://www.jungdayeon.com/

One day while we all doing exercise aerobic dance with all my siblings, my mum's old classmate who migrates to Melbourne comes back to Malaysia and visit my mum.

She is a trainer as well. Cool :)

We all gonna slim down.
Gonna gahyao.

Mum said she lost contact with her since kinder-garden. Luckily got FB, now only find back each other.
Next time can go Melbourne jor.

Okays! Till then.

*Happy Reading*

I will flying back to KL on 20 July ;)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Acer & Intel “PLAYsure Redefined” Party - Poppy Garden KL


Acer & Intel ''PLAYsure Redefined'' Party happened last week!
Packed and crowded.
Somehow i forgot to capture the crowded pic of bloggers!! But i did manage to capture their cool design for the Acer & Intel Party at Poppy Garden, KL.

They are introducing Acer Redefines the Computer with the Aspire P3 and R7!
Tadaa here is the Aspired P3.

No idea with this?
Here im gonna tell you all what is it.

- It built to be the ideal mobile computing device for users who create and consume content.
- The Aspire P3 is a new form Ultrabook powerful enough to be their primary PC!

Weight of Aspire P3 only 0.79kg and measuring 0.77inches thin. Cool, right?
My lappy is 2kg heavier than this. -.-

Model: Aspire               P3-171-3322Y2G06 / Aspire P3-131-21292G06
Processor:                    Core i3 / Intel Pentium Processor 2129Y
Operating systems:        Windows 8 (64-bit)
Screen:                         11.6''
Resolution:                    HD 1366 x 768
Memory:                       2GB DDR3 RAM
Graphics:                      Intel HD Graphics 4000 / Intel HD Graphics
Storage:                        60GB SSD
Thickness:                     9.95 / 10.15mm
Weight:                         0.79kg *without keyboard*
Battery life:                    6 Hours
Price:                            RM1,999 / RM1,799
Advantage:                   - Powerful
                                    - Convertible & Portable
                                    - Personal HD pleasure

Visit: Aspired P3!

It gives productivity powerhouse like customers can use it as their main PC for handling everything from everyday computing taskes to more demanding ones such as creating presentation and sharing multimedia content.

Mobile entertainment On-the-Go as it is 11.6-inche HD display with IPS technology highlights video, photos and other multimedia in brilliant and accurate colour and clarity. The wide screen  design beautifully highlights movie, and multiple people can enjoy entertainment on the go, THANKS to the display's wide 170-degree viewing angles!

He is explaining and demo Aspire P3 for us. So cool.

Another one will be Acer Defines Touch and Type Experience with New Aspire R7.

Model: Aspire               Aspire R7-571-53338G1T
Processor:                     3rd Generation Intel Core i5-3337U Processor
Operating systems:        Windows 8 (64-bit)
Screen:                         15.6'' display with IPS technology
Resolution:                    Full HD 1920 x 1080
Memory:                       8GB DDR3 RAM
Graphics:                      Intel HD Graphics 4000
Storage:                        1 TB SATA HDD
Size:                              376.8 (W) x 254.5 (D) x 20.6/28.5 (H) mm
Weight:                         2.4kg
Battery life:                    4.5 hours
Price:                            RM2,999
Advantage:                    - The Ezel hinge
                                     - Brilliant audio
                                     - Personal HD pleasure

Visit: Aspired V7 for the super cool design and animation!

There are four-in-one design lets users have it their way.
1. Ezel mode - Reach out and pull the display closer, eliminating the need to reach across the palm rest and keyboard to use to touch screen.

2. Notebook mode - Slide the display back behind the keyboard, and you have a powerful, full featured window 8 notebook compute with a 15.6-inche Full HD 1920 x 1080 touch screen display, an Intel Core i5, 8GB DDR3 memory, a 1TB hard drive and full-size backlit keyboard.

3. Display mode - Flip the screen over and it is positioned perfectly for watching a movie, showing photos or giving a presentation.

4. Pad Mode - Simply pull down the touch screen and lay it on top of the keyboard with the face up and the As[ore R7 morphs into a pad, without giving up the robust performance of a notebook.

Demo and explaining. Woots! It is so tempted to have one! :P

Our funny MC and pretty DJ Vera C.
There are many games ongoing the whole night as everyone is so enjoy with the games and funny MC as well. So cool! Without him PARTY won't be so perfect.

DJ Vera C gonna demonstrate how to Aspire Ultrabook P3, playing DJ music with it! Super cool.

Girl looks super gorgeous while she is so serious in doing smth / working perhaps? lol

There are two pretty DJ in the house at Poppy Garden.

I'm so lucky cos i grab the chance to take picture with DJ Vera C, super pretty and slim. *wish i was like her* lol perhaps im thinking too much.

My partner always be Vinc, my baby boy. After he finish work he said he stuck in 1 hour traffic jam just for 6km. He said KL's traffic was horrible but gladly he arrive safely. 
Thanks baby.
Thanks for accompanied me whole night.

He is cutest and most handsome man in my heart. lol

Our memorable picture, thanks for coming into my life.
Here are the pic i took it with my beloved cam.

Here is the only outfit pic i took in toilet. lol kinda cool right?

Actually this my CNY dress presented by bf but didn't manage to wear it because i was too fat that time. Now i can wear it and show to my bf.

It was also my luckiest day in my life.
LUCKY DRAW, first lucky draw in my life i won a SMARTPHONE. 
Thanks Acer!! Thanks for presented me a Acer Liquid Smartphone. Was too happy that night and i forgot to take picture with the phone until Jason blogger reminded me. lol

For more information about Acer Aspired P3 and R7, kindly visit:

Website: www.acer.com.my
Acer Product Infoline :  1800-88-1288 (9am-6pm, Mondays to Fridays)

Last picture! Presented by ACER.

Happy Reading! :)

Thank You ACER for leading me a better life and explore beyond limits! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Self Shoot Session

Try to figure out how to take a nice photo with my new camera.

Tried so many times, and i consult my photographers as well. 
Not easy to take a good angle pic with camera, with flip over screen.


I took this pic just because i wanna show my abs. sweat.
Flat jor but still dont have shape. -.-
My trainer said need more than 3 months to built it up, since i dont have determination. FAILED.

Better take pic in this way. lol

My instagram profile pic - JacJacKhoo 
Follow me if you haven't! I will follow you back :)

Love this picture the most, guess most natural pic ever. Good angle as well. :P

Following few pic im really lazy to put watermark. lol
Angle really important to make u look slim lol

lol syok sendiri.
I think every girls love take picture by their own, only they know themselves damn well.

It is better fit yourself in the photo, high angle, if possible sun light is facing you! then snap! Then you gonna be very pretty in the picture :)


Overall, this camera not bad la, fulfill my requirement. lol

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