Tuesday, August 29, 2017

5 Ideas to Decorate My Dream Home

I think almost everyone knows that I've bought a new house and just moved in May 2016. Until now it's still partially furnish especially my living room still empty LOL. Seriously, you all need to plan your financial properly before you purchase a house, super high commitment & you need a lot of $$ from in & out, out & in 😂😂😂

Now I better start planning my Living Room Decor now!

Check out my HOUSE here

1. Curtain Design

If you read my post, my condo design comes in grey and white, so my bf painted the whole house with light grey color, except for the room with warm light color. So for my curtain design, I will choose cold color series & Im looking for ash or grey, surveyed & found this! 

For me 2 layers curtain look nicer & most importantly you still get the light & privacy during day time!  😂😂😂 You know what I mean right? For my room, I was thinking to use the same color or just use a shade instead? 

I would like to use light chocolate or any wood color, as my room painted in warm color. You ask me why I pick this ah, I will tell you, you just need to clean the window shade & don't need to wash it every few months LOL

2. Art Draw
I like art, since when I'm kid. I can even draw sailormoon when I was primary 5, and I still remembered that my classmates laugh on me because they said I photostate one 😢😢 Is okay, I will draw my own art & hang on my house wall one day! This is the very simple design one, you will never go wrong with this.

For me, any art is precious, because they use their heart to draw it out. Or perhaps this one? 

For me simple design never get bored & it is always in fashion trend, isn't?

3. Wall decoration
Yes, my wall decoration for living room can be very simple like this. 

Keep your precious photo inside the frame, unique items you bought from overseas or etc. Pls to do on both left and right side with TV on the middle. Simple yet nice! Can't wait for the result ✌

4. Cubes shelves
Creative design always give you more feeling!

Okay, I want to get smth similar like this, but I will put books on it, as recently I start my readings back, to gain more knowledge & find myself as well as pathway!

Most importantly these cubes can hold the weight of my books! Instead of packing up the books inside a box, or even in the store room.

5. Fancy light
Forgive me, I like fancy light so much, as it gives really romantic feelings. Whenever you feel stress or sad, just on these white fancy light, your mood definitely get better!

You can use it as your bed, selfie or even your youtube channel background! Or perhaps just use yellow fancy light, it makes your room feel so much romantic. Red wine pls ❤

Enjoy the design you want with the loved one, definitely the most enjoy part in my whole life! Can't wait my dream come true! OMG, pls wish me luck, finger crossed! ❤

What about your Home Decoration
Let me know in the comment, I wish to get more feedback from you all! 

Friday, August 25, 2017

New Launching of Apple Fox Cider 2017 #WhatTheFox

Have you ever heard about Apple Fox Cider? Wish to try it out? 😍

Apple Fox is a brand NEW cider in Malaysia market! However, it is ZERO awareness of this product and gonna love by all of us! It got their own launch campaign with very own personality in order to establish the Brand Image! 

Which is Fox personality? Witty? With a cheeky wink? Spontaneous? Mischievous? Or maybe just What The Fox?!

For those who tried out & fall in love with Apple Fox Cider? You're definitely their new great-tasting cider! Before telling you all about the texture, let me tell how Apple Fox Cider come from ❤

It is New Zealand-inspired apple cider which ripples your senses with a refreshing taste, and it is made from only good & fresh orchard apples. By going into the heart of natural freshness – the orchard – Apple Fox Cider actually are capturing the purist essence from where the freshest apples are grown! Just like a fox hunting in the orchard, this alcoholic cider will steal the hearts of those seeking a brand that stands for straight-up, instant refreshment with a contemporary and bold edge.

BTW how's your night today?

Feel down? Bored? Stress?
Drink Apple Fox Cider to Fox whole night long, enjoy the FOX 👊👊👊
Inspired by New Zealand cider makers, Apple Fox uses the best-kept secrets of cider making in creating a distinct, refreshing smooth drinking experience, served over ice.


Where to get Apple Fox Cider?

- It launched on 11th August 2017 & it is available in hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience shop and even coffee shop in Penisula Malaysia.
- Apple Fox Cider will penetrate into East Malaysia in September 2017.
- Available in 2 formats: 320ml cans & 325ml bottles
- Introduction price from RM5.80 per can of Apple Fox Cider 💝

How I met Apple Fox Cider? How it taste?

This week was a super busy & stress day for me, and my bf drove me out yesterday just to look for the Apple Fox Cider. At first we couldn't find it, because it is very NEW 💢 But luckily with the help of KLANG PEOPLE, within 15 mins we found it! TQ so much❤

After tried it out yesterday, personally I like the texture of the Apple Fox Cider, not sweet as others, but you still can taste the alcohol, it's 4.5% ABV, which is quite OK for me. Because Apple Fox Cider used the best apples sourced from orchards all over the world to make the cider! Hence, naturally crisp texture & intense refreshing flavor that make the cider taste ever amazing!

Any question just comment below & I will do my best to answer you! Enjoy FOX 👌👌👌

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

[Review] Althea 2nd Birthday #Altheaturns2

OMG OMG time flies ❤ Althea turning 2 years old this month, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my favorite Korean Skincare Website!

Okay this is my skincare birthday cake for Althea! So happy for Althea, growing within Msia & now even going globally! I just can't wait to share the joy & goodness of Althea to my surrounding friends, because it is the only website you can get super cheap & worthy products, without travelling to Korea! Don't say BOJIO okay!

Okay, what I purchase during this Althea 2nd Birthday?

Yes yes, got 2 items I repurchase as I really like it so much, same as my bf!

1. Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam by Innisfree

Function: A scrub foam with Jeju volcanic clusters to purify pores & exfoliate dead skin cells
Direction: Gently massage on the wet hand & give circular massage, and rinse off (Use 1-2 times a week)
Comment: A great & gentle scrub that I ever use! And it does not trigger my sensitive skin too, love the feeling after scrub, not making my face tight but moist ❤

2. Rice Mask & Black Sugar Mask by Skin Food

Rice Mask - A wash off mask that transform skin into a pure and soft texture, and contains rice bran water
Black Sugar Mask - A mask that contains mineral-enriched brazillian black sugar, and promotes smooth and growing skin

Direction: After cleansing, gently massage with ample amount over dry face avoiding eyes and mouth area. Concentrate around nose area and repeat it using grains. Rinse with water after 15 mins application
Comment: You will get smooth skin after skin food mask application, and most importantly, the price really cheap! Just get urs one today!

Now gonna try out other First Time Althea products! Any product you want me to review? Just comment below & I will do my very best to review them 👌👌👌

1. Cacao Brightening Mask by WondeRuci

- Gives soft & smooth texture
- Hydrates & glowing skin
- Removing dead skin cells
- Gives beauty effects at HOME!

2. White Musk & Marry Me by Nine Point

Triple moisturizing - Refreshing, moist & highly moisturizing! 
Contain 5 different of perfume hand cream! I opened Marry Me & I like the smell, not so heavy yet moisturizing!

3. Second Skin Mask Brightening (Goat Milk) by Skinature

Function by Goat Milk:
- Moist skin by rich water supply
- Skin texture improvement by dead skin cell cleaning 
- Strong skin by strengthened barrier against external factors

4. Half Moon Eyes by Pink Fruity

8 in 1 mask included - Pore tightening, Texture care, Nourishment, Exfoliation, Sebum removal, Moisturization, Hydration & Cooling effect ✌

5. Neco Punch Point Pads by Pure Smile

Jasmine famous for calming down the skin, included acne & wound! You can place any specific of your body! Im gonna place for my face definitely! Can't wait to try it out ❤

6. Under Eye Brightener by Missha

It gives non creasing & watery! I tried on my hand, it really brighten up my skin up to 1 tone, but gonna try out on my panda eye, then only can see the different clearly!

7. Organic Flowers Toner by Whamisa

They used botanic water for the base, naturally fermented to minimize nutrients being destroyed. It also divides nutrients into small particles which ease the process of absorption - to keep our skin in long lasting moisturization.

8. White Effect Oled Cream by Aqua Blossom

It gives hydra smoothing & whitening effects!

9. Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige

Okay, this is my first time using lip sleeping mask, and seriously I like it so much. Since ever after I worked in Hospital, I need to put on lipstick everyday, and it save me from dry lip! It gives berry smell as it contain berry mix complextm. It also famous to keep our lip moist enough for the whole night, so that you will feel doik doik on the next day!

Direction: Just put a thick layer over your lip & let it be over night. Wipe of using tissue or towel on the next morning! Feels your lip 👄👄👄, you gonna like it so much!

Any question just drop in the comment box, I will try my best to answer you all ❤

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

[Travel] Krabi Review - 海边?Emerald?Hot Spring?Hilltop?夜市?



  • 飞机票 Air Asia - 来回 (一个人RM300) 
  • 居住在 Ananta Burin Resort,靠近 Ao Nang 海边 4天3夜的房间 (一个人RM280,包括早餐)
  • 我们下飞机时,买了住宿,Island Hoping,Hot Springs,Emerald Pool & Night Market的来回Taxi票,没记错给了Thai Bath 2000,大约马币RM250,两天的行程搞定
  • 带了Thai Bath 4000,还有2000,足够吃,喝还有买东西哦

下了飞机,多处角落都是购买住宿和旅游配套的柜台,非常方便哦!我们也在这里购买了住宿,第一天的Island Hoping,第二天的Hot Springs,Emerald Pool & Night Market的来回Taxi票哦!当时在柜台的服务人员还会说标准的马来语呢,非常方便哦!

话不多说,我们到的第一天是下午了,回去酒店休息一下,顺便到Ao Nang附近的夜市走走哦!

这就是 Ananta Burin Resort 啦!还不错的地方哟,等待时还有特别招待我们饮料呢!



来到这里当然是要吃他们的必吃食物,例如basil pork rice,凤梨炒饭,还有tomyam海鲜汤啦!那天晚上我们也点了烧鱼,不过个人还是觉得马来西亚的烧鱼比较好吃,哈哈,不要打我啊!


还有跟lady boy合照,可是多数的他们都是有收费哦!



昨天我们就不计算了,Island Hoping 我们算第一天吧!当天的7点多我们就必须醒来了,然后吃了早餐,等song tail来载我们去Ao Nang Jetty哦!



你们看看上图,有没有很像一只鸡?哈哈哈,对不起我只记得这个岛,因为它的名字是 Chicken Island,那时因为我们要去浅水的那个地方下雨,所以被安排来这里浅水。最不能忘记的是因为珊瑚离水面其实很近,我还被割伤了,还有很多海胆呢😌😌😌


不好意思,我的样子有点走样,原来去年的我还是那么胖,哈哈哈~ 晚上,还是一样,cheat cheat cheat meal 😍😍😍

好了,我们都把 第一天的 Island Hoping 拍成了影片哦,大家记得来观赏呢~❤


第二和第三天呢,我们就去了Hot Spring, Emerald, 夜市和Hilltop,我们来看看吧!吃完早餐,我们就去Hot Spring先啦!





再来,我们就去Emerald Pool了,为什么说是Emerald呢,因为它湖的颜色可是Emerald颜色的呢,当时我也不相信,可是这是真的哦!


其实当时我没有想要下水的,因为我的数码相机下不了水,只有sport cam可以,可是不下的话,几时才能下又不知道了,哈哈哈 所以不管了呢~




还有还有,我们也去了 Hilltop,是Krabi的一个山顶餐厅,可以看到Krabi的夜景呢,那晚呢,我们其实用了信用卡付钱,多少我真的不记得多少了~ 多贵都值得因为不懂几时还有机会再去了呢~!





最后最后,还有夜市,我们真的累到不行了,只拍了几张照片~ 他们的夜市比较多吃的,要买手信也可以到这里买哦!

那时他们说的必吃炒冰淇淋~ 还不错,而且都是使用水果和yogurt做的,我喜欢!❤

还有少不了mango sticky rice,如果有durian sticky rice更好呢!

人山人海,真的找了好久才找到位子坐下来呢~ 说真的,我那晚有那么累吗?没有其他夜市照片了呢~ 哈哈,不过给我再去,我一定去!



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