Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wedding Group Sister - 心。嫁衣

If you followed my blog since long long time ago, I'm pretty sure that you notice I took a lot of photo shooting! Shooting from friends, friend's friend, group, client or wedding saloons! I really have a lot of fun with them and you guys should not miss your GOLD TIME to capture down every precious moment when you're still young!

So TODAY I'm going to introduce you all - Wedding Group Sister ( 心。嫁衣), which located at Kelana Jaya, Selangor. Refer 'more information' corner for full address.

Let me throwback my fun selfie session with my BEST FRIEND - Christy on last Sister Wedding Photoshooting! Seriously I miss it so so much as it gives us a memorable and awesome experience!!

But before this, do you ever think who is your BEST FRIEND? If not, then let me define for you.

Yeap, BEST FRIENDs are the people that you don't need to talk every single day. You don't need to talk to each other for weeks, but when you do, it's as if you'd never stopped talking.

Thanks to for this great experience and I got myself a lot of nice selfie and gorgeous shooting for their professional photographer! Yeap, they also provide great professional make up artist which change u to your own perfect outlook!

Throwback my last sister shooting album! Because only 2 of us, so a lot of personal photos taken. But I really wish I can take more group photos as the theme already named WEDDING GROUP SISTER. LOL. Show you guys more later on ;)

Yeap! How is it? I love it a lot lah :)

Let me show you all RECENTLY - 2015, there are few big groups of sisters taking WEDDING GROUP SISTER theme! Seriously love all of them because their skills and professionalism improve a lot a lot since the first time I met them, and they established since 2011.

It will be definitely FUN if shooting with your WEDDING GROUP SISTER and all of them are your best friends! So that next time you can show your children, grandchildren or great grandchildren about your best friend, as well as how pretty you're when you're YOUNG. *hiak hiak* not only taking WEDDING GROUP SISTER shooting, but they also provide:

- Personal portrait 
- Pre-wedding portrait
- Family portrait 
- Queen portrait 
- Group sister wedding shoot

Whereby they're having more than 4 years of EXPERIENCE! 


Package: RM399 per person (5 people or above, each of them will get RM100 off, only with RM299). Package INCLUDED:

- Wedding gown 1 set
- own costume 1 set
- makeup and hair do 1 set
- indoor or outdoor shoot
- 10x15 poster 1set
- 8R Size photo with frame 1 set
- 10pcs softcopy in CD
- 4R size photo 10pcs
- Wallet Mini 2R Photo 4pcs

What are you waiting for? GRAB your SHOOTING NOW!
Promotion END on 31st August 2015!


More information:
Office: 心。嫁衣
Tel: 016-9717453, 016-4869610

Address: Block C5, 2nd floor, Parklane Commercial Hub, Jalan SS 7/26, Kelana Jaya, Selangor. (Located right beside Paradigm mall, nearby medical central)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

[Review] Energized II Sport Wear by Pierre Cardin

If you followed my Facebook or Instagram update, then I'm pretty sure you guys know that currently I'm workout to get back my abs! Since I gave up last few months (It is hard when you workout alone and partner them showing how nice is their food in front of you fml*)

Such a sad case. I am almost there actually, but because of DENGUE, the viruses make my hormone irregular and slow down my body metabolism. BUT to keep my mission on going, I have form a KEEP FIT group to inspire each other and reach our goal as soon as possible! And it's work! Anyone want to join me remember to FACEBOOK me your wechat ID ya!

Before this, during workout you need a real proper ATTIRE to keep yourself comfortable during exercises. Thanks to Pierre Cardin for finding back my OLD me, as well as my GOAL to get my sexy abs!

Okay, what so special about Pierre Cardin sport wear range? Let me tell you one by one.

I choose RED COLOR Wire Free X-Back Sport Bra because I love RED. LOL. Nah, just simply say la. Actually Sport Bra gives a lot of FUNCTION which benefit us a lot.

You will 
- Feel more comfortable during workout or exercise
- Motivated as you're FIT and FASHION in style (look young, energetic and trendy!*)
- Get lightest and flexible support during workout or playing games
- Minimize your breast movement and protect your body, indirectly improve your workout or games!
- MOST IMPORTANT: maintaining the integrity of the breast well and breast shape!

I choose BLACK COLOR Knee-Length Workout Tights Sport Pant because I'm kinda shy to show of my big big leg in front of so many people, and I felt that knee length or ankle length pants looks elegant as well! It is actually make you look slimmer ;)

- It made from nylon materials, and flexible enough for greatest movement
- It gives fashionable and trendy design
- Not hot at all, but keep you cool and dry after workout or games!
- Comfortable to wear for whole day long
- It comes with variety colors!

How cool is it, let's me show you other Energized II Sport Range by Pierre Cardin!

Love to workout using Pierre Cardin because it is so comfortable that actually I can't feel the bra! Just jump, plank, push up and stretch without the feel of sport bra existing!

Most of the exercises I'm following Kayla-Itsines as it is really effective to get our bikini body in very short period! Previous picture I get my flat tummy and firm body within 1 month ;)

Now you can get 7 days trials if you subscribe to their website at! Have fun girls ;)

After doing all these exercises, remember to stretch your body to prevent body sore on the next day itself ya! I'm stretching 1. my inner thigh muscles and back muscles 2. my hamstring and calf muscle!

Hopefully I can get back my sexy abs after few weeks or a month later? Stay tune for my Facebook and Instagram ya! Gonna work real hard for this ;)

Healthier lifestyle just need 3 important notes! Eat more fruits and vegetables + Stay hydrated + Exercise regularly = Healthy and Sexy Body :P

Last but not least, there is a GOOD NEWS for you all!

Pierre Cardin now is giving away 3 sets of sport bra + pant in Facebook!

1. LIKE Pierre Cardin Lingerie Malaysia Fan Page
2. LIKE & SHARE this album
3. TELL US which design you like the most in comment below of this album ;)


-Contest ends at 30th June 2015 (Tuesday), 23:59:59.
-THREE (3) Winners will be chosen randomly
-All decisions of judges are final
-Each winner will be given away one set of Energized II sport range included top and bottom.


More information:
Instragram account : pierrecardin_malaysia
Facebook fanpage :
Boutique Outlet(s) :
- Sunway Pyramid
- Sunway Giza (NEW OPENING SPECIAL, discount up to 50% from 1st-30th June 2015)
- Dataran Pahlawan Malacca
Hashtag : #pierrecardinmy , #pierrecardinlingeriemy, #energizedII

Friday, June 12, 2015

Fantasy Tour 2015 - WONDERLAND Party at KL LIVE

Last 2 weeks I had a date with my beloved one on Wonderland Party at KL LIVE! Thanks KL Live for the invites and I'm enjoying a lot of talented DJs and singers as well!

Let me throwback what's going on!

My bf loves MUSIC so much so I decided to bring him along to feel the AWESOME MUSICS! Woots woots! Can't wait!!

Fantasy Tour 2015, Wonderland Party!!! Here we come ;)

So on the day itself, it is kinda crowded and main sponsor are Hennessy VSOP and Asahi for the party night itself! It looks great but but I forgot to take my OOTD there T.T

Let's start our party with HOT and CRAZY musics!

Party begin with 24HERBS 廿四味 from Hong Kong. Progressive Hip Pop team, member of DorYuk, Drunk, Ghost Style, JBS, Kit and Phat! They start their music in the year of 2011 and now their musics everywhere included clubs, concerts, sponsored events and also festival! How cool is it ;)

Next coming up is Stephanie Cheng Yung 鄭融 from Hong Kong as well. Want to know more about her? Real singer and always sing and dance together with 24HERBS! Check her FB out as attached :D

Awesome music let us damn high! Pretty models everywhere on the night itself!

WHO's THE NEXT? Next coming up is DJ EVA T from Malaysia! Kinda impressed by her electronic dance music! Talented Malaysian do keep going ya!

Next 炙手可热的新晋歌手SINGER Hazel Tong from Hong Kong!

A very pretty girl which is damn damn high with people surrounding us! XD

Lastly is DJ MasterK @ DJ Ken from Malaysia! Wee wee! Well known DJ on Zouk Malaysia and he won Positive Rotation,KINGSPIN, Voyeur Records! Lots of hidden talented Malaysian!

Yeap! Enjoyed a really awesome night with DJ and singers from Malaysia and Hong Kong! But I only manage to record down a short short video! Hope you guys enjoy it ;)

Let me take a OOTD before I end this post XD

More information:
KL Live:
Fantasy Tour 2015:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

[Review] Cuppatea from UK

Hi everyone, today I'm gonna introducing you all - Cuppatea, which is originated from United Kingdom (UK). I'm kinda love with detox because our daily food intake mostly are dirty and not healthy? Perhaps? Unless you eat clean all the while LOL.

So it is important to make our colon clean and healthy, because colon is our biggest and most important factory that we can't miss any part of it! Why? Because if our bowel movements are not regular (constipation), the waste products will turn into toxins and accumulate and it can compromise your health!

Thanks Cuppatea for letting me to try out this awesome product! Received it happily on my doorstep!

What's so special about Cuppatea?
- Cuppatea is a UK based company that produce teatox mainly for detox, weight loss and promote healthy lifestyle for everyone. 

- 100% natural ingredients and helps in weight loss (burning fat) through balanced diet and regular exercise regime. (*Remember: Weight loss should not involve with extreme diet or starvation which might cause bad result of your plan)

How it taste like?
- Morningtime Detox taste more to chinese herbs with slight ginger smell.
- Bedtime Cleanse taste more flowery and slight chinese herbs.

- Just infused with boiling water for 3 MINS and you can drink! Personally think that it is not so hard to drink it, but I can't drink it during menstruation period, maybe during that time I'm so sensitive to HERBS. Lol wtf.

- After drinking Cuppatea, your bowel movement will increase, and don't worry because it is normal symptom for detox. Now I had no more constipation problem as well as won't feel bloated as everything that stuck inside had gone! *Remember to keep yourself hydrated because your body need water to clean your toxin inside your body!

--> WARNING <--

But if you feel that your body gonna have these symptoms, then you're advice to DETOX yourself. SYMPTOMS for detox are:

- Low energy / Easily get fatigued
- Constipation
- Brain frog / Unable to focus
- Feeling depressed
- Overweight / Hard to loss weight
- Sleeping problem
- Sexual dysfunction
- Unusual headache
- Unusual stiffness and soreness
- Skin problems
- Allergics

More information pls read - HERE.

So, start your balanced and healthy lifestyle today! As simple as below with Cuppatea Morningtime Detox and Bedtime Cleanse:

- Had your Morningtime Detox (Infuse teabag for 3 mins boiling water before you drink*)
- Wholemeal bread / Smoothie / Oatmeal / Sandwiches (Check out my blog link here for oatmeal and my Instagram to know more!)

- Normally I like to cook my own meal with 1/4 brown rice, 2/4 vegetables and 1/4 protein such as eggs, lean meat or fish! Yummy!
- Alternate choice like homemade salad, sandwiches, wraps etc etc.

- I will reduce my carbohydrates intake, and increase my fiber intake so that I can stay whole night long! My ratio still the same but brown rice replace with potato families.
- Had your Bedtime Cleanse for optimum detox effect!

Check out my prepost workout meal - HERE.

Important Notes:
- You can had your snacks in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. No harm/sins to have your healthy snacks, yet it might boost up your body metabolism!
- Snacks like dry fruits, fresh fruits, nuts, energy bar, yogurt and so on! But make sure no process food taken as it normally contain high calories, and they are pricey as well XD

You can download Cuppatea eating plan - HERE

Then you can maximise your weight loss and optimise detoxification throughout your Cuppatea detox. Have fun everyone!

Too expensive? Don't worry! Just key in my code: jacqueline15off and you will get 15% off! Happy Shopping my readers! ;)

More information: 

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