Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ladies Day!

wtf wtf wtf!!
I'm so tired with the lady day today!
Enjoy till the max! LOL, 1st time since final exam! Yahh, it is awesome and i never think that it is so amaze and superb ever! =D
Thanks to Joey, Jocelyn and Christy! sure, I myself. LOL

This is my look today! How is it? LOL, this cloth present by my love one. Love it so much, make me so mature in stead of pretty! wtf

Today I went to Nuffnang's Company! Damn happy! =D

I meet Xianxian to get the shopping voucher that i won previously. Hehe, at 1st im really wondering how nuffnang's company will look like, guess??xD

It design in ORANGE colour! the colour that will make every people happy! Hmmm.. Love it so much, all Nuffnang's stuffs are friendly and nice! <3 Hope to see them again! <3

LOL, this is the door to enter the Nuffnang office, hehehe! Christy, Joey and I busy taking photo of it. LOL

Thanks Nuffnang! Love it so much! Muahhhhh..going to TANGS at Pavilion after that!

Here is another free treatment! From Slim Fit.
After we went to nuffnang then i go Time square for free treatment! Gosh, it really works for bust enhancement! wtf 
but it really painful..><''
4 free treatment for us! But only me go for it. Sigh, coz no extra space for the rest!

 LOL, thanks Joey for UNIQLO's vouchers! =D
Love u so so much!
Hehe, guess the 2nd picha's stuffs is for who?

LOL, is for my dearest VINC! Christmas Present! Gosh! ---> 1st time i present underwear for him, and also hubby, wtf, damn paiseh!

Okay lah, wait for more update in photos shooting, we really shoot alot at Bukit Bintang area, fooling around like a mad but we did enjoy it! it is awesome! =D

Good Night lah, Muackssssss! <3

Friday, November 26, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Do you ever realize or notice that, the act of child abuse getting worse in Malaysia?? Nope! Should be over the WORLD! I'm concern about it! That's why I make the decision to blog about the action of those cruel, cold blood and non-humanities people!! 

Children are angels for all of parents, aren't? 
Not 100% of them are the action of parents, non-responsible maid, baby sitter, friends and teachers also contribute to this Child Abuse! 
Begin with my story..(Child abuse by maid)

During my practical at hospital KL on previous month, I was expose the real  life of a kid. Department that i always enter was Pediatric Section. Here is my previous post, 1st Clinical Placement. My tears drop cause most of the action done by maid, troubles happening then. What actually the house maid done to the baby?

I know a baby girl, she is born in last year, 2009, now she only 1 year++, she still unable to talk, walk independence, and even catch something firmly like other baby done. Parents are full time career, need to work more than 8-10 hours per day, so house maid take over the job to take care the baby. 

Child abuse always happen secretly behind there, MAID dunno how and when throw the baby from high place due to the non-stop crying ! Baby's head reach the floor 1st then followed by body! Blood clot occurring in the brain on the spot! However, the maid still try to hide the truth but parents of baby see the abnormalities behavior come after that. 

After in forceful asking the maid, then she just tell the truth! Baby undergo brain surgery and cause the nerve injury and nowadays baby is respond slower than normal. This is true story during my practical.

Following by crueler story, insane maid behavior! She responsible to take care 2 babies of the house owner. 1 is boy and another is girl baby, maid always take good care on the baby boy!  While baby girl is crying or fighting with baby boy, the maid will try whatever method (kick the baby, stand on her, throwing away) to let the baby boy happy! 

Imagine baby bone is soft due to not fully develop process! If a big adult standing on her??!!! Throwing away on the high place??!!! I cant think of it! Bone will turn in debris form!wth

Gosh, don't ever let maid to take care your baby nowadays, only you yourself can be believe!

These is CHILD ABUSE by maid!

For parents? - child abuse?

I cant really dare to share about it! It can turn in nightmare for me. Terrible and Shivering when i saw this photo! Full of blood! My goodness, I cannot believe that parents of the child dare to do those cruel act on them!! Child is born by YOU, you responsible to take care of them as well. BUT, why you HURT them? They are GOD's gift, non of us has the power and command to destroy them!

What i know is nearly same as below, heartless parents treat the baby like a doll, throwing here and there, using kettle, iron, cigarettes, use hard things to smash onto the kids.

I have no energy and no mood to repeat those stories, it really broke my heart! I wish we can stay in peace as in fairy tale, can i? may i? I don't want to see those angels get hurt again.

Truly disappointed on these parents and those who love to CHILD ABUSE! wtf

SERIOUSLY hurt and depress!

Let you see the child abuse's real face.

I cannot see the wonderful world

I'm only 3 years old

My eyes are swollen

Anyone can lend me your hand to help me?

I must born in wrong place 

This is not the home that i want to be

What else i can do? 

Why my daddy so mad?

I want a warm and lovely family

He slaps me and hits me from the back

Finally i try to run away from house

But unluckily

He's already locked it

And I start to bawl

He takes me and throws me against the hard wall.

I fall to the floor and cry

with my bones nearly broken,

And my Daddy continues

With more bad word spoken.

He treat me like a toy, seem like playing a horrible online game!

But dad, i'm your son, I wish we can happy as other family does, may i?


This is the story through online, tears drop everytime i saw this kind of picha, listen to horrible child abuse news increase day by day.

Wake up all of the world,

kids are our next generation's world builder!

 We still need them to complete our life,

our mission and bring hope to COUNTRY!

 Pls watch this video, it is meaningful =) 





I don't want to see any 
------CHILD ABUSE ANYMORE! --------

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ojibala.. ><''

Today I finish my theory paper! It seem like damn happy coz no need to memorize those weird name again, even when i enter the exam hall im still unable to remember most of them. Dunno how students nowadays can memorize things so well?! Salute them! 
Now I left my practical paper on next Monday, going to suffer soon. T.T

Previously study with Christy at Old Town, Jaya One there, actually quite noisy but at least we can concentrate a bit cos we pay for it! LOL

LOL, another emo photo, the notes behind there is done by Christy, heheh! Luckily got her help me to complete the notes!

Finally the theory notes can temporary put aside!=D

Nahhh, stop talking about exam, another practical waiting me to finish it. Sigh, wish i can do well then, Gambateh my dear Jacqueline. 


Today after exam I go directly to Mid Velley, LOL. With Christy and Jocelyn. =)
We having a wonderful dinner at Spaghetti's shop opposite The Garden. <3

1st time im enjoy the real taste of Italy food. It is awesome! Anyway, it really make me want to eat again! Gosh, undeniable that im increase in weight nowadays! My short pant is so tight! WTH. =(

Nahh, here is the menu of the shoppie. ><''

I order pizza, what pizza i cannot remember jor lea. How poor is my memory, short term one. Damn it!



Pasta i only get 1 picha, due to cannot stand for starving! ><

Look delicious?><''
Ya, enjoy my dinner so much, so sad i just left my resit behind. It is cheap and tasty. 
I bought jor hair dying stuff, so far I saw Joey's hair damn attract me lea, SO I DETERMINE TO BUY TODAY, LOL..=D

Joey!! I bought jor Liese! Now Waston offer lea, ONLY RM34.20!
But i just simply buy the colour lea. Dunno suitable or not. Cannot wait for 30 November! We shopping at Bukit Bintang area with CJJJ! I miss the moment we singing together.. =P

Yahh, last but not least, did you miss me? Hahah, such a long time i din appear my real face on my blog already, here is it, it was taken on last week if not mistaken! LOL, always laugh myself when i saw i wear empty spec glass, WTH. Anyway, it really make me looks better, isn't?

Anyway, my love said im look FAT wor, i dunno is real or not. ><''
Imagine what i will look like after dying the brown colour? Use photoshop to edit 1st, LOL. 

Time to bed, is super tired tonight! Thanks Christy and Jocelyn accompany me to watch Harry Potter without watching any episode of it. Weird is it? During screening, Christy keep on explain the character and past history of this story, Yahh.. Is a nice and exited movie! LOL, NO REGRETS! 

Good Night and Sweet Dream! =)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010




属蛇的人性格很奇怪,有时候超爱说话,有时候可以一天不说话,高兴的时候,会拼命的说话, 不高兴的时候,一句话也不说.         属蛇的人不爱记仇,但谁对他好谁对他不好,他还是记得很清楚的         属蛇的把真实的自己藏于半夜的寂静和午夜明朗的笑声中.         属蛇的最注重的就是安全感.希望被保护,却常常是一个人.         属蛇的不容易爱上一个人,但一旦爱上便很难自拔。一旦受伤,总是被伤的很深。只有几个贴心朋友

       属蛇的是个很爱撒娇的孩子、总是很依赖别人        属蛇的喜欢海,喜欢顾影自怜.喜欢自己舔伤口.        属蛇的性格很古怪而又孤僻,他们会突然在大笑中沉默,感觉悲伤.        属蛇的心里想什么从来不说.别人也猜不到.        属蛇的嘴上说不在乎、心里却早已悲凉、心里的那把火早已熄灭 .

       属蛇的选择了沉默、不在像以前那样挚热的去追求某样东西 .        属蛇的总是很爱回忆、回忆以前的点点滴滴、以前的大小事只是默默的想着.        属蛇的座的人天生敏锐,与生具备的第六感,对人的内心有超乎寻常的洞察力,但狮子座的人会把这些东西放在心里,狮子座的人可以把你的眼神、内心看得很清楚,但却不会告诉你,他用旁观的态度判定虚伪 .         属蛇的人不懂甜言蜜语,不屑拍马屁 .         属蛇的人本能的排斥虚伪和做作的人 .

        属蛇的人不会真的发火,就算生气,也很快忘记!         属蛇的人只对真正懂他的人,展示他的创造性,他的情绪他变得冷淡就证明他开始对你重新审视, 当他越是沉默,就代表他越是生气 .        属蛇的人可能看起来很凶,其实内心是最柔软的 .        属蛇的人看起来很冷淡,但那只是保护自己的方法 .        属蛇的人很重视友情,但被伤害后绝对不再友善 .

       属蛇的人很容易被感动,但感动中又保有理智 .        属蛇的人可能看起来很坚强,其实是最脆弱的 .        属蛇的人可能很爱哭,但他的哭并不代表认输 .        属蛇的人可能看起来很笨,其实大智若愚 .

       属蛇的人可能做事很毛躁,但内心很细心 .        属蛇的人天生敏感和细腻,却会用心鉴定 .

       属蛇的懦弱,受了伤之后,只知道躲在无人的地方独自哭泣 .



       属蛇的眼泪,从不轻易让人看见,他的泪,从来只有她知道,只是,谁又知道,在巨蟹的笑脸背后,埋藏的是深深的悲伤,笑的越开心,伤的越深 .

         属蛇的退缩, 属蛇的,永远不会轻易说爱或者喜欢,除非真的喜欢到了极点,否则,要巨蟹座表白几乎不可能,但是,一旦表白,巨蟹座就是不遗余力的付出,即使知道这样做换来的结果可能是深深的伤害…

         属蛇的,永远只可能做同一件事两次,表白也一样,同一个人,只可能听到巨蟹向你最深的表白两次,两次之后,就是绝对的安静了…即使仍然深爱着,巨蟹也没有勇气再说第三遍我爱你…巨蟹的退缩,不能重复一件事第三次 .


        受了伤的 属蛇的,只会在角落独自忍受锥心的痛.




Friday, November 12, 2010

Muscular Diagram =)

Today i went to Mid Velley. Alone, sigh. But only went for 2 hours.x)

Guess what im doing there? Erm..fill my empty stock at home! Is totally finish. Nothing can let me cook except white rice. T.T Damn pity. Want to fill my stomach also tough!
I buy a lot of food stuff but i dun take any photos! After exam im totally collapse. However, i dun think i able to pass in this mock exam. All question come out from books but impossible for me to memorize all, unless i read it everyday. Sigh. But Final Exam still got 2 weeks to go. Damn stress! ><''

Aza Aza Fighting! 

For Physiotherapy friends:

Hereby to share a muscular diagram.
Just click the photo and you will get the original size. And don't forget copy to put at ur lappie destop!

LOL, i capture it at Block C, E2 this evening. 
Make sure u remember where is the muscle located, originated and inserted. =D

Recently become botak already! ><''
Dunno is over stress? Eat too many instant mee? LOL. I dun, okay? I will take care myself as well. 

Enjoy after exam ya! Sing K sing K!
 Shopping! Honey Moon! LOL.

Have a nice day ya! =D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Final Exam! Good Luck!

Sigh, now i just able to concentrate on my book. wth. felt damn sleepy!
Hereby to share a comic!

Sigh, how good if i know what is the exam question! No need to screw my brain, make myself fall into deep depression! ><'' 

Stop playing blog, facebook, twitter, msn and hp! 

Concentrate! I dun want to re-sit the paper. Try my very best! Don't give up as long God haven't give up on me. 

LOL, share something here. I found that after i'm study, I'm getting older nowadays. I wish i look young as in this photo. Was taken at Mac 2010, just few months ago. Yahh, undeniable.

All The Best My friends!!=D
Let's add oil together! Gahh Yao...

By the way, this photo taken from my friend's blog. xD
Bye and see u soon!


Saturday, November 6, 2010


















Thursday, November 4, 2010

MIFW 2010

8th Malaysian-International Fashion Week (MIFW)!! 
Is launching from 2-6 November 2010. 


First and foremost, I would like to admit something here. I'm always the one outdated in my gangs! I'm always trying hard to follow the fashion style nowadays. 

Since i know what is fashion, around 8 years old that time, i was so admire the superb slim body figure of those models. I wish one day i could realize my dream that stand on the stage, wearing those fashion + stylish clothes! Of course with super nice posing and attractive cat walk. =P

Here is 2009's MIFW. My favorite fashion clothes! x)
Giving some feelings in writing form. 

Free style with extreme freedom and look glamor!

Yah, this give me some feelings of angle and fairy tales! I love it so much, how good the model in the picture is me. =D
*If compare with her, i think i consider obese!*

Gosh, this one look damn simple, and so fashionable even just a piece of cloth! ><''

Want to view more on MIFW 2009? click here.

Review done. 


View jor? Is her, Kinki blue Fairy, one of my fav blogger! Perfect right?
She let me know about what is fashion in simple way. =) 

Yah.. I'm so lucky that i got took picha with her in temptation party! 

Simple is one of the way to show that you are fashion. I love her style so much! Always unique and got her own style. No one can be compared with her. Even in this picha she is simple but extremely sexy! Grraww..

Aiks, too many choice for me to choose! ><''

Okay, non of them attract me. Sigh, which only make me more fashionable? Really have to screw my brain in order to extract all the good idea. Arrghh.

Yahh.. Finally I want to make myself turn into princess! 
Just don't laugh me if my makeup get zero mark. And already quite a long time im not expose to fashion world already. Hope after MIFW i able to become one of them. =P

Nice hair? I love it so much! XD

Yahh.. This is my most stylish outfit that i will wear to MIFW 2010.
* Small princess!*

By the way......

 Maxis is giving away shopping vouchers for you to splurge on, and exclusive, money-can’t-buy passes to the MIFW Gala on 6 November (Saturday)!
The MIFW Gala is all about glitz and glamour, where designers such as 
Tengku Syahmi, Jonathan Liang,
 Syaiful Baharim, Kavita,
 Radzuan Radziwill and Bernard Chandran
 will be showcased on the catwalk. Details of the Gala are as below:
Date: 6 November 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00 pm
Venue: Centre Court, Pavilion KL
Dress Code: Formal, Red Carpet Glamour
For more details pls click http://maxis.nuffnang.com.my/
For more information on MIFW, log on to http://mifa.com.my/index.php/mifw/mifw-2010/schedule.
Are you ready? Don't forget to check this out!
See you there!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life is complicated! ><''

My goodness! Sigh. 
Exam is coming soon but i still hanging around, without touching any books. I really out of my control, my mind keep on asking me escape from exam! Am i scare of it? Perhaps im phobia with E X A M! 

Now i start to miss the moment in clinical placement. Gain a lot of awesome experience there! Start to remember how fierce and strict are the staff  in the hospital. T^T
It really bring a lot of  memorable things. 

Undeniable that im so ugly without makeup. LOL, unacceptable!

Yahh.. Can you see me? Im the 1st from the left. =)

The pretty gal sitting there is Amy! damn cute right?
Ya.. I'm still standing from the left, 1st, then is Dodo, Lyn and Jasmine. =)

I'm the camera gal, the photo nice or not? ><''
Yah.. Extra gal standing there.. Winnie the pooh! 

After practical we need to finish an assignment, why we need to do this kind of stuff? Sobs, sometimes really felt that living in this world really meaningless! But i think i shouldn't having this kind of stupid and negative thinking. Life is full of challenges, im not dare to deal with it. Not enough confident.

So, all my friends who will having final exam soon, add more oil ( 75 super is kindly recommended here ) and don't give up easily. Due to God haven't give up on us! So keep ur faith always!
All the best ya! =)


Recently take jor few photos with Vinc. I'm so surprise that so many friends in Facebook L I K E it. Shy shy owh! Thanks a lot, appreciate it! Damn Happy! ><'' 

LOL, i also dunno why i take this kind of funny photo. But i love it so much! =P

Yah.. All these photos can see in my Facebook! =P
Today is 201 days with my beloved one. Hope my love never end, God bless!

That's all from today. 
Good night lah, sweet dream all my dear friends..

Pls: Even life is full of complication but nothing can beat us down, remember our enemy always ourselves, okay? Cheers! 


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