Saturday, January 26, 2013

Latest of mieee!

OMG i left my blog behind for months already!
How dare am I, gonna activate back my blog. I  got so many thing want to share out! :P

Show u guys smth. I was actually quarrel with bf months ago, and fate/God make us couple back together again. Am i not mature enough? Perhaps, my mum's advice is correct, I should think wisely before act. Shouldn't be so childish. T.T


This picture was taken while having company dinner with bf at Subang Saujana Hotel. The food was awesome but too bad i didn't take any pictures. LOL

After that followed by WE LOVE ASIA event at Sepang International Circuit. I won 8 tickets from Churp-Churp and bf won 2 tickets from Maxis. All together we have 10 tickets. But we dont have so much of friends to go so I give away to my WeChat friend! LOL, add me for news updated!

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Bf and I. My bf gain weight jor. Hehe
The event was awesome and crowded with human. LOL.So we just sit at the back after play games! :P


After We Love Asia, I was invited to Maxis Event at National Press Club at KL. 

Yeah, It's get together new year section with bloggers and national press club members. It was packed with many programme and i sign up a maxis package!!

For more details pls visit here.

Wee this is my wireless wifi that can let me carry to anywhere. And i can use for 3 phones and lappy as well. I took 8G for RM68 only. Grab free modem while stock last!!

Presentation session and 1 galaxy note and 2 iphone 5 was give away but too bad i din manage to get it. Maybe im not lucky enough lol.

Buffet!! LOL another side is few plates of SATE. Too bad i din manage to find a good position for picture.

I just bought few clothes through NILE. :)
Wait for more updates from me!! 

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