Friday, April 24, 2015

[Review] My TSUBAKI - Shining Series

Hey everyone! Today I'm gonna introduce you all ''TSUBAKI Shining Series Hair Care'', which I heard lots of good review on it long long time ago, so have you heard about it?

No idea with it? Nvm, let me tell you.

TSUBAKI is a 'premium hair care' brand centers on making hair beautiful and shinny!  TSUBAKI actually means Camellia Flower, as it can make our hair stay moist and shinny effectively. In Japan, Japanese Camellia oil has been responsible for the classic, legendary beauty of Japanese hair for centuries!

Received it with very pretty box! Specially THANKS to TSUBAKI Malaysia.

Let's start our hair care tutorial. Totally there're 3 steps! But before that I need to show you all how's my current hair looks like. Seriously frizzydry hair and dull at the end part of my hair T__________T RIP my hair, really plan to cut it off.

But don't first, because TSUBAKI may save my hair!

Or you can see through this picture, frizzy and dull enough (hidden red colour T____T turning brown soon!)


How TSUBAKI works?

In TSUBAKI, Melanin reparative ingredients-arginine that gives internal shininess, and camellia oil with shine sensor mechanism gives internal shininess.

- Arginine act to repair melanin hole, which allow light to be reflected evenly.
- Camellia oil with shine sensor mechanism protects and coats hair which helps to improve hair shininess and smoothness.


So now I'm gonna start my tutorial yay!

Love the design of this shampoo because it is so classic and it comes with my favorite colour together with the series that I wanted!

Once you pump out the shampoo, you can smell the *flower fragrant*.

Do you notice there're a [cat shape] on my hand?*

How to use: I pump 2 times because of my long and thick hair. Just massage over your hair until you feel all the bubbles surround your hair, if it is not, you should pump again and massage your hair with your finger tip (not your nails, because it might hurt your scalp!!) until bubbles come out. Then rinse it off.

Seriously it makes my hair smoother, and the texture feels lighter, and most importantly, smell so nice!

Milky milky liquid when you pump out from the Shinning Conditioner.

 Of cos you will feel the fragrant of Tsubaki sweet flower smell inside your shower room, that's all I want :D 

How to use: After wash your hair with shampoo, apply conditioner on end of your hair, avoid scalp because it might trigger your scalp to form dandruff. Leave it for 5 mins, then rinse it off.

You can feel the conditioner is like mixture of oil and serum inside which after application it makes your hair become smoother. Normally I will use XXX brand shampoo in the morning, and because it is make from herbs, so bf don't really like the smell and always complaint about this. 

So, after change my shampoo series to my TSUBAKI Shining Series, no more complain from him, and even my hair won't make him feel itchy (smoother and softer than before!)

Okay, last step is treatment. You must do at least once a month for your hair treatment at home and you can save your cost to SALOON! :D

Let's see how is the texture, really milky and flower smell surrounding you! ;)

How to use: After rinse off shampoo or conditioner, squeeze out excessive water before apply the treatment. Leave it for awhile and rinse it off.

Let's see the final result. You gonna see really smooth and shinning, no more dull and less dry already! YAY!

Opps, not this one, LOL, that one is my sexy hair after shower. Photo below is after dry up in the evening.

My hair getting smoother, now shining with it own colour as I dyed dark red purple during last CNY. No more frizzy and you can see it is smoother! No more keras like besi!

For other series you can refer this table ;)

Total of 3 series:

- For Shinning, which suitable for normal and dull hair. Refer up on top.

- For Damage Care suitable for dry to damage hair, as Tsubaki Amino helps in penetrating deeply to repair damaged hair, and Camellia Repair Butter help to lock and seals in moisture.

- For Head Spa (Silicone Free*) suitable for all type of hair, including oily scalp and dandruff condition. Natural essential oil useful for scalp detox, unwind mind and body, and Camellia Flower Extract help to prevents irritation and redness on scale.

I still love my Shining Series of TSUBAKI, how about you?

More information:

TSUBAKI Shinning Shampoo 550ml - RM38.90
TSUBAKI Shinning Conditioner 550ml - RM38.90
TSUBAKI Shinning Shampoo 220ml - RM18.90
TSUBAKI Shinning Conditioner 220ml - RM18.90
TSUBAKI Shinning Hair Mask - RM44.90

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Guinness Amplify - Supporting MORE Talented Malaysian Musicians!

On last Sunday 11th April 2015, GUINNESS ® Amplify, celebrating bold Malaysian musicians, which is main music platform, happening in The Bee, Publika.

Following on from last year's successful campaign, a new side-stream of Amplify - dubbed Amplify: Curates - see some of already-established musicians on stage and share the limelight!

Crowded with HUMAN thats' there to support Malaysian Musicians!

Taking up the mantle as Curator was Sabahan songstress Froya, whereby she just launched her eagerly anticipated new album 'Panic Bird' at the show. Each of these three supporting acts on the night was hand-picked by Froya herself, allowing her to 'Pay Forward' the opportunity in order to get on the stage as well as let the public see the performance!

And here they are!

Very FIRST performance done by Froya's fellow East-Malaysian Singer/Songwriter, Rozella, as there are no stranger to the scene in her hometown of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Rozella's dreamlike vocals and haunting melodies proved that it is really equally popular with the Kuala Lumpur crowd. She also invited to Award-Winning Songwriter to join her at Amplify: Curates to help showcase the incredible and amazing musical talent East Malaysia has to offer.

Secondly come to Hippie-Beach-Pop trio Jumero! Veterans of last year's Amplify campaign! Playing a lot of fan-favorites alongside a wealth of new material from their own upcoming album, as well as some refreshing takes on classic songs! Their infectious energy soon had the crowd on their feet and high songs with them!

Third performance by electronica duo + 2dB, which is the pair's dark, ethereal soundscapes has been awhile and it is well known in KL's music scene. In addition, new and old fans were treated to a set brimming with atmospheric in-cooperate with harmonies and evocative vocals!

In her introduction to the set, Froya noted her respect for +2dB's Jo Ann and Jeannie, paying tribute to the duo's creative bravery and unique sounds they own!

Lastly, Froya's performance!

Froya herself took the stage to officially launch her debut album 'Panic Bird'. A journey through the inspiration and meanings behind the new record. Froya's passion for her craft shone through as she always gave one of the most stunning performances of her career!

Froya featuring tracks written and perfected over the past 6 years, fans enjoy all their favorite songs including new single 'Dawn' together with new material performed live for the very first time at Amplify: Curates.

Thanking all of Froya's FANS for their continued support, as she urged the crowd to raise their glasses of GUINNESS® in the toast to the phenomenal talent of Malaysian musician. Whereby they also give creativity and bravery inspires to each other!

Let's enjoy 'Panic Bird' by Froya!

Froya’s debut album ‘Panic Bird’ is available now on CD and digital download, priced at RM25 only!
For more information pls log on to!

TQ Guinness® Amplify for giving me chance to know about so much about local talents in Malaysia! Start to love  Froya's 'Panic Bird', and you?

More information: 

Pictures credit to Guinness Malaysia.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

[Review] Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream

Hello everyone! I always ask around a lot of ppl about which BB cream or CC cream or primer nice and highly recommended.

Now I still haven't get a satisfy answer. Until Natta Cosme introduce me Klairs Iluminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB cream) to try it out, and cant wait to have a lot of fun with it! :D


It reached my doorstep safely together with lovely card and gifts! So...

What so special about Klairs BB cream? 
 Let me tell you, it is one of the best seller of Klairs, as it can be multi-functional skin care and as a make up product. This is because it gives:

- Effects of whitening
- Anti-wrinkle care
- Protecting skin from sunlight (SPF 40 PA++)

Other than that, it also upgraded by adding Hyaluronic Acid adds moisturising effectiveness as well as Sebum (oily secretion of the sebaceous glands) control powder keeps our skin soft. Most important it suits and fits all type of skin colour, no matter male or female ;)

I got all the problems with HD picture. T________T

How to use:
- Wash your face and apply your basic skincare routine
- Blend evenly with fingertips or sponge, and gently pat into your skin.

So today I'm gonna use Cerro Qreen (Natural Emulsion Power Puff), which is sponge application is most suitable for people with oily skin like me.

So just apply few drops on my skin (because it is very thick), and blend it with this lovely cutie sponge evenly ;)

If you're sensitive skin, you can apply this BB cream onto your hand, after few mins, if there're no itchiness or redness found, then you can continue to apply it onto your face! Yay!

Can see the different that my skin gets more shinning and fairer a bit, compared to before - little bit wrinkles, uneven spots T____T

Let's see after effect of my face!

- Right eye bag reduced
- Wrinkle over right nose area reduced
- Red spot reduced
- Uneven skin colour solved
- Lighter skin tone

Now I look younger on my right side! Yay, can selfie to the max! *Remember to apply skin moisturizer to prevent your skin excrete excessive oil from your face! And stay flawless all the time ;)*


Why Klairs BB cream so differ with others BB cream and CC cream? Now let me tell you the secrets! It will suits your skin accordingly.

And also not sticky as others!

Overall I kinda like it because it makes me look so naturally (like naked make up!) which is the type of make up everyone loves, and look like Korean girls perhaps?

Selfie to the max! Love my skin so much now, as it makes me fairer in my CAMERA! ;)

Before I end my post, I gonna tell you all a good news!

Mother Day is coming soon, so I'm gonna give out eveyone 
a Coupon Code: 105MD15 on and get RM6 discount off! Expired on: 15 May 2015.

Product information:

Size: 40ml
Skin: All types of skinPurchase with RM89.00 RM71.20 only

More information:

Monday, April 6, 2015

Personalized Name Card - BIG Creative Advertising

Finally I got my personalized BLOGGER name card in my 5th year of blogging! After thinking over and over, I decided to do my own name card :)

I fall in love on blogging since 5 years back, when my very first tempt to write blog is to jot down every single moment with my dear bf, Vinc, hence I named my blog as My Love Myself throughout My Whole Life! What an interesting title of my blog *isk isk :P*

I try to design my own name card but end up with TOO SIMPLE design T_______T

End up I give up my design cos I just use MEITUXIUXIU to edit LOL. Hence I ask Ah Wei, person in charge of the name card to design for me!

He sent me this, but with typo istagram *opps*, but he changed it to the correct one during printing. Thanks for helping me for what I want. Appreciate it so much!

- I put heart shape because this blog is about MY LOVE STORY, even favicon also in love shape!

- I put pink colour design because I love pink, it let me represent as LITTLE GIRL to my beloved Vinc, for now and forever.

- I let the design be simple because I just want a simple life with LOTS of HAPPINESS.

That's the design I want. Thanks Ah Wei! Get myself 2 boxes of name card! Weeee~ Before I end my post, I want to share the great news that just by mentioning my name - JACQUELINE, you can get a box of name card just with RM9.90! What you waiting for? Personalize your own name card today! Remember to tell him what you want ya ;)

More information:

Big Creative Advertising
Tel: +6016-3583979

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