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Sarawak- My Hometown

9th September 2010
Last week i was going back to my hometown, Sarawak. I miss my family so much! I dunno when i still got chance go back to Sarawak again, price of AirAsia's flight ticket really killing me.  The most expensive flight ticket i bought before is RM800++ ( Kuala Lumpur to Sibu, Sarawak ), include tax and luggage is nearly RM900! Gosh! I can buy another phone already.

However, MONEY can earn back and family's LOVE and CARES cannot be. Appreciate your family and go back home always ( Vinc always told me family's love cannot replace by others! ). Miss the feeling being at home. It is sweet and warm. DADDY MUMMY..I miss you! T-T

LOL.. I gain weight at home. Mum's cooking really nice what. Cannot blame me because of that. Who never try it before? From 57kg ( Chinese New Year 2010 ) and now my weight 1st digit no more 5 again! Arhhh! I want to diet! But why always end up with gain fat? Anyone can help me? Give me 2 months! I can show you all my pretty and slim body with smooth face. Now cannot. T.T ( Easy to say but tough to action! @.@) Am I right?

I was going back to Sarawak at 9 Sept, 7pm AirAsia Flight. It delay for 5-10 minutes, still acceptable. LOL. When i reach home, it was 10pm something already! Anyway, home never let me feel tired! Cause i miss my smelly bed so much! More than half year i didn't go back to Sarawak. Sometimes i really don't want to go back because HOME SICK will hunt me every time i came back to Kuala Lumpur (KL)! I miss my family. Wish that after studies i can extract more time for my family. 

10th September 2010

This is her wedding photo! The shooting was so nice! Love it*

This morning I only slept 4 hours this morning! I was rushing to my friend wedding at Sibu. But someone is over than me! Vinc, he don't sleep at all. He was rushing from Kuala Terengganu (KT) to Setiawan, Perak! It took him more than 8-9 hours to arrive. Sobs! Why Malaysia so huge? Driving too far some times not a good thing for us! It is dangerous! This make me remember back how my Vinc was chasing me last time at Johor Bahru (JB). He drive 8 hours from KT to JB just to meet me. 

BY THE WAY..Here is my love story!

Tell you all the story how he meet me! So many people ask how we meet up from a very far distance! LOL. We both knew each other from Facebook! That time i was approving anyone who add me. How silly i am. Didn't notice that how dangerous is Facebook. 

You know? He want to meet me up at JB, that time i was working in Clara Beauty Center, Pelangi, JB. He dunno anything here even the map of JB and yet he drive here! That time i was refuse to meet him up and does not believe any guys even him. His determination really touch me. I was only giving 15 minutes to let him find me at City Square, within that time if he don't arrived City Square, i will go back to my uncle's house at Skudai. It's really funny. I knew he work and think very hard just to meet me up.=)

*Now he still complaint to me that he was bek cek that time, and calling his friend for help!* 

Finally he found me. We meet up at City Square, and our love stories begin. He cares and loves me a lot. Thanks God for let me meet him up and i was giving him chance to protect and be his lover! Thanks HONEY.=)  For me, I have not much relative staying at West Malaysia, which also known as Penisula. He the one who always give me home feeling here. If not i can't think how serious is my home sick now. LOL. 

Gosh. Out of topic. Enjoy my love story! LOL
My friend wedding! She is my old friend when i was working as temporary teacher in my hometown. It was shock when i heard that she want to get married soon! Anyway, I was happy and proud of her. She was blissful in her marriage life! I wish one day is me. *Vinc still don't want to marry me*

This is the morning section which bridal go to bridegroom's house. This photo make me want married too!

This is her wedding hall. So nice!

Waw..Yummy! The cake so nice! It's tasty! Love it so much! Same to the meals there, delicious! 

LOL. Can you see me? 2nd from right. I'm so fat. Even Vinc said too. T-T


Some photos here! Paiseh!

With my youngest sister!

Ohya, 10th Sept was HARI RAYA! After lunch i was follow my parents to Bai Nian ( Visiting ). LOL. Again, gain fat. So many tasty food there! Rendang, Curry, Cookies, Cakes and many more! But i *only* take cakes! Seriously! T-T I know no matter how i say, Vinc sure said i ate a lot at Sarawak. 

Ohya, Sarawak no more outdated, okay? Our photo shooting here also can compete with Penisula one! LOL. Even Sibu now decorated with 10K++ Tang Lung due to the celebration of Mooncake Festival. A fun fair is launching too! Hiah. I wish i can see that 10K++ Tang Lung at night! Gorgeous! 
Any Sibu Blogger can capture for me? I only have day time shooting. With my poor phone. LOL.

This is the Tang Lung i mention just now! Imagine 10K++ apply in front of San Yan Building? Look so fancy!

Behind there is San Yan Building. It is a shopping mall. 

LOL. I took this photo on the spot when my friend is driving! 

I love pink!  Still got many colours left behind i don't capture! Wakaka.

11th September 2010
Time pass like light! Old friends come back from anywhere in Malaysia. I meet them up. But unfortunately i don't take any photos with them. Today i was meet up with my cousin, buddies and old classmate! I was having BBQ in Dav's house. I only responsible to prepare puding and sushi. Here is it.

Hey! Don't think i dunno how to cook or prepare any nice food! I did. LOL. So many people does not believe i can do it. It was tasty! But every time i prepare and i don't really eat much. Felt disgusting if facing it too long. But my siblings and buddies them enjoy it a lot. Vinc try a lot of my cooking, ask him. LOL

12th September 2010

I start to worry. Vinc's Birthday is coming. This small cow is for him. =) Cause he born in cow year. LOL

This is my ring. Present by Vinc. Thanks Baby!

12-15th September 2010
This few days i pass with my beloved family, and my smelly bed! LOL. Enjoy and relax a lot in my home. Even i didn't study i also don't mind! Replace when i am going back to KL.

16th September 2010
Ya! Before that day i was going to buy mooncake paste and it's flour. This is my mooncake. My mum don't allow me to use too many colours to decorate the mooncake, what to do? Admit only lah. LOL
All my mooncakes look alike, but got 3 flavors. Red bean, Pandan and another name i forgotten. But chinese is LIAN RONG. This paste is most expensive among each other! 

Total is 28 mooncakes! Goodness! My siblings can finish it within 2 days. Sobs! All are green in colour cause i use pandan's colour. LOL

Ohya, this few days i was annoying by spec! LOL. How idiot i was. They look alike wasn't? but both price is totally different! O.o Let you all guest the price. Got 2 spec, one i bought at Times Square and another i made and match it in Spec's shop. Paparazzi's brand. =P

It bring same effect when SS. LOL. It is nice! Love it so much. Thanks Mum for present it to me. I will study hard. Loves* Below i was wearing fake spec (without glass one) which bought at Times Square! 

This photos was captured at 17th September 2010! I was at KL. Bye Sarawak.  T-T Again. Flight delayed. =(  This time delay about 20 minutes, actually can reach KL at 11am one but end up with 12pm just arrived. BTW, i forgot to buy my favorite chocolate at LCCT, KL. Sobs. Too rush, make sure you always keep your heartbeat normal *Not so Gan Jeon*. LOL. Have a pleasant day and enjoy the reading! God bless.

Hate lah. Study life begin again. @.@ I don't want!! 


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