Monday, April 22, 2013

3rd Anniversary with Vinc Ong


I pakto with him for 3 years already. Couple - Break - Couple - Break - Couple --- Married?
Only God knows about it.
I will appreciate all the time with my dear dar dar - Vinc
I know, to maintain a relationship is so hard.
But he tried, he do everything, sacrifice everything just for me. Such a good MAN, where can i find in this world? :')
I should stop blaming him for the past.

Yeah, we didn't really celebrate it since we are pakto for so long already. And everyday is valentine day. :P

And u know what, HE GAIN WEIGHT WITH ME.
Feel so touch, no longer i felt myself very fat. T_______________________________T
Thanks, babe.

Thanks Vinc Ong for making my life so wonderful. All negative thing happen before let's all the past take it and let's see forward. :)

And we decided to celebrate it at Genting. I know he sayang me so much, but he never tell me. U know what? GUY really dunno how to express their loves to their lovers! :')


We went genting just for jalan-jalan. lol
Vinc said that such an expensive date. but he said worth it lah. :P

Let you all see this. This is different style taking by a guy and a girl.

Yeah, HIS style. :3

Tadaaaaa.. And this is my style. lol
We are still in learning process! Try to take all the pictures and put it in my blog. So that we can view it when we getting older. lol

Yeah, we went to casino as well. I like the new casino inside the indoor theme park. Since they said  the design almost same with the design of Singapore casino. Isn't?

*too bad im having food poisoning on 21 April.*
Really home Genting Highland can provide a healthier food for us!

 Look for the food shop give GRED A. 
Then you are pretty fine.

OK, end this short post with my boy boy - Vinc! <3 p="">

Happy Reading! 
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*the surprise that i wanna give him still in pending!*
Stay tune! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Launch of Hotlink Social Edition

Yeah, yesterday was the day of launch of Hotlink Social Edition.
Wondering what is it? READ this BLOG POST then u can check this out. lol

It was launched by yesterday, officially by Maxis Officers.
Here is the media registration counter! They are so nais and they remembered me as well *happy-XOXO*

OK, here is one of my picture taken before the event started. Hmm i din manage to wear my contact lens due to too rushing *so prepare earlier next time*

Yeah, before i start, the area is pretty empty, but after awhile, the @live Sunway is packed with medias. lol

Speaker stage. I love their musics, and they serve us soft drinks. BTW got ppl ask why not serving beers? LOL They said because of tea time wor, i also not very sure. But drink beer at day time really no feelings leh.

Here is some of the random pic i took during this launching event.

At first i really dunno why it got the picture of TWITTER, WHATAPPS, FACEBOOK. Actually this package of new Hotlink Social Edition offers FREE surfing on twitter whatapp and facebook, by using browser!
*Kindly remind: If using apps to open twitter and facebook, there are charges for it*

The welcome remarks by Chris Chua, Head of Central Region, Maxis Berhad.

Then followed speech by Suren J Amarasekera, Joint Chief Operating Officer, Maxis Berhad.

Then suddenly the event surprised me with so many traditional musics! There is them. At first i wondering where are the musics came from.

There they are. So creative by making music by using drum, and other things that can found surrounding us, included the dusbin. lol

Then the most important part was LAUNCH GAMBIT and PHOTO OPPORTUNITY by media.

Why i put two pic, because the first pic of this, they don't look at me. *sad*
But second pic they look towards me. *happy* lol they are so cool with the new package of Social Edition.

Then Jeff Chong, Head of Mobility Products and International Services give product briefing. Here i manage to capture all the slides, but i only show few important slides.

He explained that population nowadays use so much of internet, that's why this package was launched for the benefits the Malaysian.

Trends nowadays changed alot compared to previous years! Smartphone users are increasing sharply!

Special about Hotlink Social Edition? Unlimited access on Facebook, whatapp, and twitter! And it only COST for RM10!!

Now i only realise how great and awesome is HOT TICKET. Always i heard from radio and saw at newspaper only.

Conclusion of this maxis launching event is make our life EASIER!

After that, we proceed to Press Conference!

I think it is so cool, because live record from NTV7, and press from different newspaper was there! :)
They ask different questions! and the Hotlink officers answer so professionally! A great experience!

Food serve after the press conference.
*that's why i love my camera, even though it is not DSLR but still semi pro :P*

The food quite nais and variety of drinks are served as well.

Forgive me cos i still not pro enough to take food pic in a proper angle! *learning in process*

OK, here is the poster for Hotlink Social Edition that you might saw it on news paper today and onwards! Grabs one and try this out today! only RM10! For those who still want to keep your prepaid, you also can enjoy HOT ticket, RM10 also and u can enjoy the package up to RM20+

More details on  --- STAY TUNE there for more updates! :)


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

Iron Man 3

Here is the trailer! Is a must to watch this movie!! :)

How could i customize the IRON MAN suit to make it extra special and what would i name it? Well, i'm gonna screw my brain and check this out.



OK, after combine it. Im gonna named it FASCINATION of IRONULTRA-MAN.

Yeah, that's my FASCINATION.
I got the feelings of combining of IRON and ULTRA man because...

In my childhood memories, ULTRAMAN save a lot of ppl, especially saving residents during monsters attack, as well IRONMAN he save ppl from being hurt, kill and etc etc.
This are their similarity, and that's why the combination both of them give greater and extra strong of power to save the world effect, and they are RED.

*That's why i give LOVE flake effects to Fastination*

Yeah i was waiting this movie pretty long already. My bf and i cannot wait to see this movie!
Was waiting for super duper long. :P
More details for IRON MAN Contest pls click: HERE to win awesome price and premiere screening

Monday, April 8, 2013

WeChat Media Launch (PPP)

Have all of you heard about it?
Yeah, it is a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service created by Tencent in China, whereby use globally by smartphone users nowadays.

WeChat provides awesome and multiple functions that makes our life even more easy and perfect which is the apps that i loved the most in my smart phones!

Such as convenience with text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, video-chat, photo/video sharing, location sharing (if you lost yourself), and contact information exchange.

Other than that, it's provide ''shake'', ''drift bottle'', ''looks around'' to let you know people surrounding or people who got fate with you. How great is it! You can see your friend moments as well!
And, recently, WeChat recently had organised a TV commercial launch party with media and bloggers!

On the day itself, the entrance full of media and bloggers!

And i feel super exited that day because i can meet so many ppl as well as my old friends!

While i enter the Club, first i saw on the screen, was this! Organiser have such creative way to make a group chat for us to connect all media and bloggers!

Party started with our funny funky Emcee, followed by some mini games! Without him, party cannnot be so HIGH and EXITED!

Mr Pohsu Yeung giving a short speech on stage!
He is Vice President of Tencent International Business!

After Mr Pohsu's speech, nais food are served at the corner! As well as fruit juice, beers, desserts and fresh fruits serving all around by waitress.

I took some fresh fruits and vegetables for my healthy diet.

Cup cakes with some mini cakes. Sharing with other bloggers as well.

While enjoying our meal, performance by Vivian Chua started, accompanied by Henley Hii after few songs.

How sweet and pretty she is. She started with ''A thousand Year''.

While listening to these awesome songs! I don't miss the chance to take pictures with #bff and bloggers surrounding! :)

Meet Yin Yin which i met her during Vault, on previous CNY event.

Met my secondary classmate as well --- Ashley!

With bloggers --- Sandy and YeeIng :)
First game started, with asking social and media questions to 10 participants (5 Female, 5 Male)
And finally, female won. BTW all participants received present!

Congrats to all winners!

Other than that, Awi Rafael (Malaysia Featured & Talented Songwriter) on stage too, with the song ''Asalkan Aku OK'', which is his hit song! :)

After that, game 2 start. Congrats to all winners!

Yeah, second games participant can get an album / Hello Kitty speaker and the only winner get an IPAD.

Followed by DJ Sykogroove, which is the moment we enjoy a lot because of his awesome music!
How cool is he.

After that, the party end with great dance with colourful light*
*which is my camera also dunno what mode is the most suitable for these kind of light* lol

Yeah, party end with LUCKY DRAW :)

Enjoying the party soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

For those who still haven't install WeChat apps! INSTALL it now!
Have fun with it and use the awesome functions by WECHAT!!

Now it is available for iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone! And you can DOWNLOAD for FREE! Get it at play store now!

More information please visit


Im using as well! Search me - JacKhoo1989

See you there! :)

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