Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My New Year Clothes

CNY is coming soon. Cant wait for it!!!


Here is a website that can let you get cheap and good quality clothes.


And the fact is, the outlet just nearby my bf's house! Gonna go there shop for every month! Yes! I love shopping soooooooooooooooooou much!

Oops! All sponsor my bf :P
Thanks babe. Love you so much!! <3 p="">
Due to i dont have long mirror at bf house so i din manage to try it out and take picture to let you all see. BTW the clothes quality i really satisfy with it.

For this i bought for RM22.50 only. OMG really cheap right? Good quality as well. SATISFY!!

Oops! Gonna try it out and let you all DROOL or NOSE BLEED. Bf faint when i wear such sexy long dress! Show you all other clothes i bought at that website!

Another of my fav dress!

Other clothes i just touch and go la! :)
Going to CASSA today to help my friends to take stock.

All are my favorite!!  Btw i bought few polo t and singlet! OMG never bought so much before since 2009. Love my life so much. Gonna match with highheels. Bought few highheels and nice cover shoes. 

Match with them. IM PERFECT!!

Happy Advance Chinese New Year! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Yah, argument. It's wasn't about me and my boy.
My hometown ppl and my family complaint my sexy shoot have no different with pornography. Perhaps, they aren't from Kuala Lumpur.

This one only look like pornography but actually not! THIS IS ART.

#Source from Taiwan

I was leaving my hometown for almost 5 years already. Maybe my brainwash while i stayed at KL. Have to always behave myself. wtf
It's takes few days to make my anger gone. Yah, it's gone now. :)

Yeah, I love this awesome photographer - Vince. Lol, almost same name with bf, Vinc. But it is not.

My make up skill also getting improve as i keep practicing but i'm really salute those girls who do heavy make up everyday, I cant stand for it. >.<''

Another picture :)

Guess where am i? It's make me feel so different. :)

Ohya, CNY is coming! My hair still PENDING. OMG OMG OMG. What should i do? Gonna dye the black roots and plan to do curly hair. *again?

Oops! I really dunno want to curl it or just let it naturally straight?

Like this?

#Source from Chukei

I like this curl. Pray my friend can help me to make my dream come true! Wait for my new look :)

#Source from Nicholas Lee

Guess what? This is not a normal lion toy! THIS IS A CAKE @@
Happy Advance Chinese New Year!! I'm gonna busy after today. After tomorrow my time is totally PACKED. OMG OMG OMG

Thursday fly back Kuching, Sarawak.

Miss my bf and my friends here.
But i cant wait to have TUAN YUAN FAN 'gathering session' with my siblings and family :)

Confirm 100% FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT this Chinese New Year.

Valentine Day was away from KL..........

Vinc? Anything you wan from me? This one can?

Hugs baby! Gonna buy you smth. Or maybe i present myself for you :P

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See you there!!!

Again, Happy Advance Chinese New Year!!!

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